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About Cassie
Cassie became aware of her gifts when she was 17 years old and has been giving professional readings for the past 10 years. She realized that she was meant to help others with her intuitive answers and psychic advice. You can tell that Cassie genuinely cares and loves bringing something positive into your life to show you that you can find the happiness that surrounds you.

Cassie uses her clairvoyant abilities to show you the bright side of things in a professional and non-judgmental manner. A reading with her reveals the truth of your situation and opens the door to a less negative perspective and overall outlook on life!
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Customer Testimonials
"She was great! She tuned in to my POI right away. She gave me a lot of insight into our relationship and explained everything to the T. "
Anonymous, Glenolden , PA
"She’s good gives lots of details!"
Sharon C, Cottage Grove MN
"Cassie was great. Her reading got into elements of my life that she could not have known. It was clear she had a gift and wa snot reading a script. She confirmed things I had been told by other psychics. I am a tough critic but I can honestly say Cassie is the real deal. "
Bernard P, Evanston IL
"Cassie was great -- she gave me some vital information and appreciate that she does not use tools, which is why I chose her. Very sweet, caring and I felt she really connected with me and my situation.

Thank you Cassie!"
Sue T, Muncie IN
"She was absolutely amazing and accurate!!! You gotta get a reading with her. It was like talking to a warm, honest, and compassionate friend!!! Her style is open, caring, yet honest straight to the point."
Anita K, Dekalb IL
"She takes the words right out of my mouth!!!

Love her and her accuracy! "
Anonymous, Stafford, TX
"I think Cassie was great and I spoke to her about 3-4 times. She is sweet, honest, and straight to the point. She will not sugar coat to make you feel better. "
Anonymous, Corona, NY
"cassie had such a calming voice and was able to pinpoint the issues. I really pray her predictions do come true. Thanks!"
"Very good!"
Anonymous, Houston, TX
"Cassie is amazing! I talked to her several months back a couple times and then I talked to her twice yesterday to discuss the same person and my relationship dilemma. She even agreed to log back in so I can speak to her a second time yesterday evening. She's straightforward, she's a natural empath and clairvoyant. She's always very kind to speak with."
Kristen W, Independence MO
"Very sweet and picked up quickly on things. She knew things right away. She also was not way out in comparison with readings I have received from some of my other faves/go to's on this site. I will be confident to choose her again. Thank you Cassie. Lots of love."
Anonymous, Newport, VT
"Cassie was professional and reassured me that I was making the right decision concerning a business matter. She was positive in her approach and made me feel at ease. I am excited at my new business venture and she was supportive in our conversation. I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone who is caring and positive."
Heather B, Phoenixville PA
"I love my reading with Cassie!

She is awesome & was right about everything that I’ve asked her. She didn’t over talk. I could stop her at any time & ask her anything. The reading with her was helpful. It gave me a more outlook on my situation. ;) "
S B, Leavenworth KS
"It was a good reading. My first reading so far. Will repeat "
Patrick C, Bolingbrook IL
"Very intuitive!"
Anonymous, el paso, TX
"Hello Cassie! Thank you again for making feel better for the holidays!!!"
Sodartha S, Oxsonhill MD
"She was very helpful and right on the money! Can’t wait to see everything unfold."
Nicole S, Atlanta GA
"Cassie is awesome, very sweet, accurate!"
Anonymous, Chicago, IL
"Cassie is very accurate, very honest and told me nothing but the truth and reality about my situation. I definitely will call her again so she was very helpful."
Anonymous, Chicago, IL
"Very encouraging and positive. Your awesome. Thank u"
P S, sacramento CA
"Everything you said was so right on. You are amazing. It was such a blessing receiving a reading from you. Will call back."
Anonymous, Albuquerque, NM
"My reading with Cassie was great. I am very satisfied with the responses I had received."
N S, ocala FL
"My reading was very good! She was very sweet and considerate. I liked how she worded things. I would recommend her to just about anyone. "
Anonymous, Oklahoma City, OK
"She was nice and accurate!"
Lashae F, Hampton GA
"I like her tone of voice and the way she speaks is really genuine as if she has known you for a while and that made me feel really comfortable "
Alleen Ashley E, Woodbury MN
"It was interesting! So time will tell if the reality she disclosed comes true."
Frances L, TUCSON AZ
"Extremely accurate!"
Anonymous, Windermere, FL
"She was really sweet and seemed in tune with the situation and with the person in question. Fingers crossed for the time frame! I know timing can be hard but I'm staying hopeful. "
A C, Valencia CA
"Nice connection! I would choose her again. "
Anonymous, Middleton, WI
"I rate Cassie 5 stars!"
Evelyn R, Atlantic City NJ
"She was very nice and caring. She was in tune with what all the other psychics said and she seemed accurate so far. She was able to describe my dreams that I was having and also told me some things about the future, which seemed possible. She listened when you needed to speak and her reading just flowed with the question I was going to ask next. "
Anonymous, Tucson, AZ
"Contact happened before predicted time-frame. So awesome! :)"
S H, Jersey City NJ
"Very easy to talk to and always on point. I would highly recommend. "
Vladimir J, brooklyn NY
"She was awesome . Head on before I could even say anything . I have a lot on my plate and I have to let go of the negative and bring in the positivity. Thanks again . God Bless"
Kendesh J, Houston TX
"This was my first reading on this site. Cassie was very nice and friendly. She seemed to pick up on the person in question very well. I hope the predictions come true! I will read with Cassie again."
Anonymous, Sutersville , PA
" I was blown away by Cassie. She was very inviting and quickly put me at ease. Her reading came fast and was very accurate. I was blown away within the first two sentences how on point she was. All she asked was the subject matter I wanted to know about and then she gave me so much insight to my situation I was amazed. I have had over the phone psychic readings before but nothing would compare to the call I had with her."
"Hello the reading was great and I thank u!"
Frances D, DELMAR MD
"5 star!"
Anonymous, Tacoma, WA
"Prediction passed!! Cassie had said that I would hear from him any moment now but gave it a 1-2 week time frame. Well, he texted me today! So happy :)"
Anonymous, Jersey City, NJ
"The reading was really accurate didn't have to say a thing at all. She gave good advice "
Tulisha T, Orleans LA
"Accurate, Warm, Sincerely interested. Epiphanies continued to hit me after the reading. Gave some great practical advice that was in syncronicity with current events in my life. :) "
K W, Atlanta GA
"Very sweet and kind, I would recommend others to speak with Cassie. :)

Anonymous, shakopee, MN
"She gave me great advice as well as answers to things in which I questioned. I'm looking forward to speaking with her again soon. "
Anonymous, Ridgeland, MS
"Cassie got right on the ball and knew NY situation before I even could explain much. She is the real deal. Call her! Now!!!"
Justin M, Dix Hills NY
"My reading went very well. I would rate her 4 stars!"
Bernadine H, Baltimore MD
"It was an excellent reading! I'm going to contact her again."
L M, Saskatoon S7M2H3 CA
"One of the best. She picked up on the problems in my relationship quickly. She also gave me guidance on in things that would be good for to do to make things better. Every time I have called her she's been very accurate."
A T, Henderson NC
"Speaking with Cassie really assured me about my situation. She also made me feel comfortable speaking to her. Her readings are really accurate. I'm glad that I spoke to her."
Carmen C, Brooklyn NY
"Thank you Cassie! Your reading was very helpful and comforted me, helping me to know I am on the right track. Your reading brought me clarity and I felt supported. Thank you so much! "
Anonymous, Granite Bay, CA

I had an excellent reading .

Cassie did help me with the questions I had .

See what happens with my second question .

I can't wait . I will call again.

Thank you Cassie !"
Anonymous, East Taunton, MA
"Cassie is amazingly accurate and has helped my relationship tremendously. She has indicated things that happened in the very same day. She has amazing gifts!!!"
Anonymous, fairlawn, OH
"She was fantastic! She did not sugar quote anything, simple and straight up forward. Very honest and sweet. I have a new best friend. I do recommend anyone to get your reading with Cassie. You will not be disappointed."
Elizabeth A, Brooklyn NY
"Enjoyed speaking with Cassie she was detailed and gave information consistently with what I have been told by other top advisors. I will definitely be calling her again."
Anonymous, Jacksonville, FL
"She was dead in. She gave me all of the information I needed in detail. The best reading Ive had, hands down. I highly recommend her. She is one of the few psychics worth 3+ dollars a minute."
Anonymous, Jacksonville, NC
"Thank you Cassie for the accuracy in my reading. I opened to the possibility we could actually overcome our issues and that is exactly what happened. "
R M, fairlawn OH
"Cassie was great, direct and to the point. She didn't skirt around the truth. Loved her!"
Anonymous, lakewood ranch, FL
"Great Reading. She saw things that I have not thought about. Was very informative. Quick read with me giving very little information.Can't wait to see what happens"
Jan M, Summerville SC
"Fantastic reading! It was very detailed and clear. Cassie tuned into my love interest very quickly and gave me some valuable insights. I'm looking forward to seeing how things unfold in the near future. I'll definitely call again."
V K, Sacramento CA
"She was amazing! She hit description right on point. Just sitting back and waiting for the rest to come... will keep you updated."
Anonymous, Conway, AR
"Very accurate reading!"
Anonymous, Wake Forest, NC
"Cassie reading gave me peace of mind, with my love life. I will be calling Cassie back in the near future! !God bless! !"
D B, naperville IL
"She was on point with everything. Hope to see her predictions come to pass."
Anonymous, Bethpage , NY
"Cassie is amazing! She can tune into the situation very fast and gives very sound advice. I will definitely be following up with her. "
P C, Orlando FL
"I highly recommend Cassie. She is kind, non-judgemental, realistic, and very helpful."
Anonymous, Granite Bay, CA
"Cassie was very insightful to my situation. She was extremely detailed and I look forward to the next month to see if everything that was said comes true."
Anonymous, Washington , DC
"She is great! I felt like everything she said was genuine and honest. She was right on point with my thoughts and feelings and she was very patient. I feel like she is definitely the real deal and would recommend her to anyone."
Mary A, La Mesa CA
"Cassie helped me with so many issues in my life, she helped me with issues in my family and friends, and helped me realize things that I've been experiencing in my life and brought a positive view into my life."
J B, Thornton IL
"Cassie has been spot on time and time again she's very compassionate and intuitive she's definitely my go to psychic for all things. She's the real deal! Thank you so much Cassie! You're the best!!!"
Justin M, Dix Hills NY
"Amazing !! She flowed with information in regards to my situation , I can speak to her all night . Cassie , you are truly special . God bless you :)

Anonymous, Watervliet, NY
"Cassie was great, she was on point with everything and knew exactly what was going on. Her time frame was exact. I will definitely read with her again."
Anonymous, Bethpage , NY
"Cassie really helped me out she gave me peace when talking about my situation. She's a diamond in the rough. I'm thankful that I spoke with her and I will be calling her back she helped me so much. Thank you for your advice and I really appreciate you."
"So compassionate and accurate. By far the best reader I've ever had. Amazing! Thank you so much."
Anonymous, Oakland, CA
"Cassie is outstanding! A great listener with deep insights and guidance."
Anonymous, Washington, DC
"Cassie was wonderful! One of a kind :)"
Laurie R, Walnut Creek CA
"Cassie is so on point, I asked her a bunch of different questions and she was able to give me answers right away on each of my topics. She was very detailed in explaining my situation and giving me direction."
Anita N, Saint Albans NY
"Cassie was great very easy to talk too. Had great insight. She picked up on a lot of things..I loved the reading...thumbs up!"
T L, St. Paul MN
"Cassie was awesome! She took time and explained things to me. I will be calling her again."
Anonymous, chicago, IL
"I love speaking with Cassie. She's nice and is really knowledgeable of the situation ."
A W, Fairburn GA
"Thank you Cassie! I highly recommend her. She is very compassionate and intelligent."
Anonymous, Granite Bay, CA
"Cassie is absolutely amazing! I see why she's a Featured Psychic. She's one of the best!"
E M, Brooklyn NY
"I can honestly say that Cassie gave me the answers that I was looking for in my reading. Thanks "
"Patience.... ok I'll give it a try lol.... thank you! I felt you were good reading the situation "
Kathy M, Kings Park NY
"Cassie was amazing! As soon as I told her the name of the person I'm interested with and the date of birth she took off like a rocket! I didn't have to say much she tuned in to the situation and I was very pleased with the reading. She even picked up on things other psychics have confirmed from different hotlines."
E M, Brooklyn NY
"Great ready very accurate "
Anonymous, Valley Stream, NY
"this lady rocks!! "
Carrie A, Newport Beach CA
"Not only did the man I inquired about ALREADY contacted me EXACTLY as she said and I found out he was trying to get my attention too. I am glad she told me to open my shell when I felt right about it because now me and this guy are talking!!! The other things she has said was very positive as well. At first I thought she was sugar coating until I saw it for myself. She was right. :) "
Anonymous, anchorage, AK
" Cassie she was nice. Very much accurate even though I had some difficulty hearing her I had to repeat my self once she did give me good advice. She told me what she see taken place."
Laquawndra S, Prattville AL
"Wonderful. Accurate. Very sweet and honest. Looking forward to her predictions. Thank you"
Anonymous, Foxboro, MA
"Amazing. I didn't want it to end."
K W, Mineapolis MN
"Great reading. Great connection!"
Maureen R, Frankfort IL
"She is very caring and understanding. She brought clarity to what's going on in my life at the moment. Thanks Cassie!!!"
"My reading with Cassie was very good. She picked up on everything quickly and was very accurate with her reading. "
R C, Baton Rouge LA
"She was excellent!. I believed she can understand my circumstance and feelings. I am looking forward for her prediction to pass. "
Anonymous, houston, TX
"Hello...she was very sweet and accurate. I pray the things she told me does come to pass for me."
L , las vegas NV
"Cassie picked up on the energy of the situation and the people involved right away. She validated information that I have experienced and what I have been told by other readers. She was direct and it was comforting to have her tell me what she was seeing and picking up on which felt right. While I have to be patient and wait for the right time to see what will happen, I feel confident what she said will come to pass. Thank you, Cassie!"
S S, Coeur d Alene ID
"I love my reading with Cassie , she made me feel at peace . I really connected with her . And was right with most of the things she picked up. I will talk to her again! "
Anonymous, Syracuse, NY
"Cassie is an excellent reader! I was edgy and skeptic but she turned it into a really positive attitude and really gets in the depths of things!!! She's very excellent I will be calling again ."
Anonymous, Florence, SC
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