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I Get Not Only The What, But The WHY
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About April

April’s commitment is to pick up on and delineate truth in detail and bring you all the data you really need to be the architect of your own destiny.

What is really going on in your life as a unique human? Who is populating it and why? Everything happens for a positive reason, April’s gift is to nail the specifics; she’s been doing it all her life, and professionally, with a great sense of joy and privilege, for many years. She is high energy, fully present.

Her favorite quote is from Proust: “The object of the journey is not to visit new horizons, but to see the existing ones with new eyes.”

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Customer Testimonials
"Wow!!!!!!! I really enjoyed my reading. Excellent!!!!!!!! April was right on the money. Thank you April. Love it."
K L, elgin IL
"Did not finish reading with her since I ran out of funds. She told me the truth I would love to call back soon! thanks!"
Anonymous, Houston, TX
"She was inspirational! She knew what to say and the manner it was needed to help me understand the issues going on. I don't think I'll look anywhere else for the real deal other than her!"
M M, Waldorf MD
"April was fantastic!"
Anonymous, hanover, MD
"It was real good!"
Francisco P, Flint MI
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