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About Aida
Aida is a Native American Reiki Master and a life time student of traditional medicines. She has been having psychic experiences since the age of 5. You can tell right away, that she truly enjoys helping shed light onto any difficult situation you may be going through. A master at interpreting the Tarot Cards, she gives an abundance of information on how to expand on your spiritual journey or handle any difficult situations in your life.

Aida can also interpret your dreams, bringing clarity and calmness to your subconscious mind. Whether your question is regarding Love, Family or Career, Aida will guide you with honesty and sincerity!

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Customer Testimonials
"I had a reading with Aida last night. Although it was brief, I felt it was accurate. "
D F, mahwah NJ
"It was very refreshing taking to you today. I feel better about myself then I did before. We will be talking again soon. You opened my eyes so much; I'm still thinking about all the things we talked about. I wish you nothing but blessings and love! I have more questions for you but my time ran out. I will be contacting you soon."
Marc W, Manning SC
"Speaking with Aida was both pleasant and comfortable. Aida focused on the area of my interest and helped me to understand the possibilities and it would take further patience and understanding from my part. I have a high regard for Aida delivering a honest and realistic reading. Thank you Aida!"
Joan C, Baldwin NY
"Great reading. "
Tennesia C, Atlanta GA
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