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Psychic Medium: Psychic Mediums are Able to Convey Messages to Our Past Loved Ones.

You may have seen a psychic medium on the television, such as John Edwards. Or you may have watched the popular television show Medium that features a fictionalized version of actual psychic medium Allison Dubois. Perhaps the most famous psychic medium was in movies was young Cole Sear who chillingly told his ghostly therapist, "I see dead people", in the movie The Sixth Sense. Do these media representations accurately depict psychic mediums? Yes and no.

Psychic mediums have an ability to sense and interpret the messages of people who have passed on. But unlike some media representations, psychic mediums receive their messages in a variety of different ways. Some mediums "hear" the information, others, like John Edwards, see symbols that correspond to the messages from loved ones. Other mediums draw pictures that come to them from beyond. The real life Allison DuBois scribbles during her readings to help facilitate the messages she receives. Psychic mediums may smell scents that aren't actually present in a room. In one strange incidence this writer was sitting in a non-smoking restaurant with some colleagues and picked up the strong odor of cigars. A colleague remarked, "Do you smell that"? The restaurant in times past had been a bar. However, it is not the method, but the message that is important. The psychic medium does his or her best to pass it along to the intended recipient.

Psychic Mediums in History
Priestess of Delphi

As long as humans walked the earth, there were those who walked along side and spoke with spirit. The Greeks were especially fond of their psychic mediums. Apollo, being the god of prophecy had shrines featuring psychic mediums. The most famous of these was the Oracle of Delphi. The oracle wasn’t just one woman. It was an office held by a single woman at any one time. It was an older woman chosen from the local populace who was deemed as living a blameless life. Under the influence of the sacred vapors she would receive messages directly from the god Apollo. Kings and would be conquerors would travel many miles to see her. In 630 BC, the king of the island of Thera consulted the oracle. She told him to colonize Libya. Because he did not know where Libya was he did nothing. Thera suffered a drought and again the king consulted her, who once again pointed him to Libya. Again he did nothing. When the drought did not get better, he consulted her a third time. At this time she indicated he should find some natives of Libya to get the location. He found two in his own city, got the location, and founded foothold in Libya, that became prosperous and helped Thera until the drought broke.

But the Greeks weren't the only ones who used psychic mediums. In the Old Testament, the witch of Endor contacted the spirit of the deceased prophet Samuel at the behest of King Saul. Saul wanted to consult Samuel about an upcoming battle.

In the modern era, Spiritualism became a popular at the middle of the nineteenth century. During this time séances were held in the homes of the rich and famous, or in the medium's homes. Several types of communication were popular. One was "spirit rapping" where the spirit would tap out yes or no in response to the medium's questions. Another was automatic writing. One automatic writing technique, called slate writing, employed two slates with a piece of chalk between them, were tied and put on the séance table. The medium would ask questions, and the sound of chalk on slate would be heard. After the medium was done asking questions, the slate would be untied and the answers to the questions would be on the slates. Finally, another popular technique was that of the spirit trumpet. During the séance, the ghostly voices of the dead came through the trumpet.

During the chaos and pain of the Civil War, Spiritualism surged in popularity. Mary Todd Lincoln had séances, attended also by President Lincoln, in the White House to communicate with her deceased son. The spiritualist movement continued into the years of the First World War.

Harry Houdini and Bess

Harry Houdini spent a portion of his career debunking mediums that were frauds. Yet, he left a prearranged code with his wife, in the event of his death, for his wife to receive if communication from beyond the grave was possible. His wife held séances for ten years after his death on the anniversary of his death, Halloween. But three years after Houdini’s death, the then famous medium Arthur Ford, successfully passed the pre-arranged message to Mrs. Houdini. She was satisfied that the message came from her deceased husband and signed an affidavit to that effect. The idea that this message was found later fraudulent was apparently the work of "debunkers" who did not want the truth to be known. However, the work of the "debunkers" continued unabated, and mediumistic work began to be tainted by the frauds of unscrupulous charlatans.

In the United States, spiritualist-training camps sprung up. One of the best known is Camp Chesterfield established in 1886 in Illinois that is still in existence. At Camp Chesterfield rigorous training and testing of mediums is done to ensure the validity of the mediums gifts. Upon satisfactory completion of testing a medium certificate is granted. In the 1970's and 80's, with the growth of the New Age movement, mediums became popular again, though channeling the messages directly became the message of choice. Shirley McLaine authored her book "Out on a Limb", later turned into a movie, which describes, in part, her experiences with a medium. Since then mediumship has retained its popularity as a means to gain messages from beyond this life.

How Do Psychic Mediums Work

Psychic mediums either have their gift as a child or develop it later as adults. It is said that everyone has the ability to reach spirit to receive messages. Many people report strange things happening after the death of loved ones, such a favorite song suddenly playing on the radio when the thinking of the loved one, or finding coins laying in places that weren't there before. Other people report dreams of their loved ones giving words of comfort as a final goodbye. This shows all our native ability to reach out, especially in times of grief or sorrow. But it is also true that some of us are more gifted than others.

The psychic medium that has gifts from childhood often talk about imaginary friends in great detail. Allison Dubois is one such individual who received many visits and messages throughout her childhood and teenage years from beyond. Despite the skeptical view of the society in which we live, Allison made mediumship her life’s work. Others either have experiences as adults that they cannot explain that lead them to this avocation. No matter how one reaches the path, psychic mediums develop and expand upon an ability to pick up information from extrasensory sources.

For a psychic medium that has developed his or her gifts making the connection is nearly automatic. The medium may start with a prayer for guidance and some light meditation. Many have "guides", spirits that work in tandem with the psychic medium to facilitate the passing of messages.

A psychic medium will start with a short explanation of what he or she does and the type of messages received. He or she will also let you know that sometimes it is not always possible to get a message from the loved one the client is seeking.

The second part of the reading is verification. The medium will offer information given by spirit to indicate that the loved one is present and trying to communicate. Sometimes a spirit of relative that the client doesn’t know personally will arrive. This sometimes creates confusion, as the client is unfamiliar with that person. Later, however, another relative may confirm the name of the person that came through.

As the reading progresses more information comes through that is passed to the client. These types of messages can relay things the deceased person liked to do, or discuss the manner of his or her passing. Many times the message is comforting, giving the client an opportunity to lay their fears at rest regarding the passing of their loved ones.

Psychic Medium readings by John Edwards
Is A Psychic Medium Reading for You?
Many times, when a loved one passes we have questions that we can't answer. Or we simply miss being able to communicate with someone that meant so much to us. Those that reside in spirit are often happy to some contact with us left on earth. Our loved ones want to relate their continuing love for us, and help us put aside our grief. It is important to remember, however, that spirit is not infallible. They cannot relate what they did not know in life. But if you want to know if your loved one is happy and still loves you, a psychic medium reading is for you.
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