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Learn How to Focus and Direct Your Psychic Energy

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There is a large body of research, including documented scientific studies, that provide evidence of psychic energy and our ability to manipulate it in order to develop and increase our psychic abilities.

Energy is surrounding you when you are awake or sleeping. This is not just the physical energy it takes to move around. This is the life source energy, or “chi”. In many ways, psychic energy is what keeps the soul evolving. If you had only physical energy you would be a zombie, operating on five basic senses and run by instinct. You need the energy that is vested in your sixth sense.

Image source: new 1lluminati on Flickr

“Psionic” is a new word and a new field of scientific study. Some people call your psychic energy the psi factor. Your “psi” is an umbrella for all skills and abilities that originate from your mind. In other words, it is all about psychic energy!

In order to develop any skill, you need practice. Learning to manipulate energy is easier than it sounds. When you focus and direct something, you are manipulating it. This is a positive, not a negative.

Most energy work techniques are based on visualization. You have to develop your total psi energy to enhance your psychic talent. There are many methods for focusing and projecting this energy.

Finding Your Energy Roots

 Image source: premasagar on Flickr

To get in touch with your energy roots, start with deep cleansing breaths. Meditate for 3 to 5 minutes. Get comfortable.  Close your eyes, and pay attention to your breathing.

Create your sacred place within your own mind. You are safe. You are gathering power, strength and grounding yourself to the earth.

You need to ground yourself before you proceed. A good way to do this is to imagine “roots” coming out of your feet and moving into the ground. Now try and visualize these as“energy roots”. You are balanced, centered and rooted to Mother Earth.

Another method of grounding yourself is sitting on the floor or ground and imagining the energy roots encircling you.

Visualization (Thought) Exercises

 Image source: qthomasbomber on Flickr

Everyone has an aura. This is a personal energy field that extends out from your body. Some people have the natural ability to see auras.  Other people may have to learn to see and read auras.

This brings us to an important question. What does psychic energy look like? The simple answer is that psychic energy can take on different properties, colors and density. The most commonly seen psychic energy is surrounding us, as auras. And auras are like mood rings. They can change in color and appearance.

Psychic energy may present itself as misty or glowing. It can be white, gold, green, blue or yellow. Think in terms of electricity, a burning fire, or even vapor. The point is if you can see it in your mind’s eye, it is easier to focus and direct it later.

Here are 2 visualization exercises that may help.

Hand-to-hand Visualization: Begin with this simple exercise. Visualize your own psychic energy gathering in the palm of your hand. It helps if you bring the energy from your chakras (energy power centers) through your body to your hand. If this visualization gets distracting, you can keep it simple. Look at the palm of your hand and envision a growing source of psychic energy.

 Image source: Bradley Davis on Flickr

This is like an “energy transfer” to the palm of your hand. It won’t deplete the psi energy that is in your body. Psi or “chi” energy is like oxygen. When you take deep cleansing breaths, you are distributing the psychic energy throughout your body. You won’t run out… just like you won’t run out of air from your lungs.

Now open up both hands. One hand is filled with your visualized energy. Pass it back and forth between your hands. Allow yourself to see the energy as it presents itself. Allow yourself to feel the weight and heat of the energy as you pass it from one hand to another.

Room Creation: Picture a room. This is your creation. Allow yourself to see the details. What size is the room? What colors? Is there furniture? Is it dark? Try to let the scene develop automatically. It’s as if the room is developing on its own. Let your mind take you wherever it wants to go. Get comfortable and observe.

 Image source: Boa-Franc on Flickr

Continue to completely decorate the room. As soon as you feel comfortable with one phase and you grasp the details, move to the next. Concentrate on objects and furniture you want in the room. Where are the windows located?

So visualization is step one to manipulating energies. Step two is using your thoughts to focus and direct where you want to send the energy.

For instance, when you are envisioning the energy in the palm of your hand, you are focusing on it then directing or moving it to your other hand. When you create your room and decorate it, you are controlling and moving energy through the room. Don’t just see in your mind's eye; understand that you are moving your energy with your mind.

Focus and Direct

 Image source: delevon acker on Flickr

When you put attention towards any part of your body (for example your hands), you will be able to feel the shift. As the energy moves to follow your perception, the temperature of where you focus will rise. It is not unusual when you are trying to focus, to feel vibrations and hear sounds or even utter silence. Objects or your hands may also heat up. The greater your focus, the stronger the reaction. Don’t be distracted. This is often a natural reaction to the movement and manipulation of psychic energies. Actually it’s a good sign that you are being successful.

Practice Being Intentional

 Image source: mendhak on Flickr

It has been said that visualization is nothing more than thinking. Don’t overcomplicate it! Remember that where your thoughts go, so do you! At the basic level all you need to do is think about something and it gives it power. That is why it becomes so important to focus and direct in a positive intentional way.

When you are trying to focus and direct your psychic energy, you may not get instant results. This is a process that is like exercise. If you exercise your body enough, you will be more fit and healthier. If you continue your efforts to focus and direct your energy, you will eventually see and feel the results.

Just remember that practice and persistence will create change.

Be patient. Be conscious of the direction that you are headed in. If you are willing to practice, you will get results. Remember that you are dealing with the essence of vitality.

The ancient Chinese had a saying to describe the phenomenon of energy movement. "Chi follows Yi." "Yi" is the mind, or your intention shown by the attention. So it can be translated to mean that energy follows wherever you may place your attention. Be intentional!

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    1. i've had alot of visions and dreams come true. bad ones.and sometimes when i think hard about something it happens what does this mean

      1. Hi Shelly, 

        We’re sorry to hear about the bad visions and dreams 🙁 About thinking hard about something and seeing it happen, that’s just our innate psychic abilities taking effect. Each one of us can do that to our environment, but you are more tuned in to it than most!
        For the meanings of your visions and dreams, we highly recommend that you consult a psychic so they can tune into your energy and clarify answers for you.

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