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Pet Psychics: Psychics Can Communicate With Your Pets!

People love their animal companions and often find the terms friend or family more appropriate than the term pet. Humans often feel they have a mutual understanding with their animal companions. However, pet owners often feel they can't communicate with the same articulate detail as they can with a fellow human. For people who feel frustration at not being able to fully comprehend their animal companion or read their mind, a Pet Psychic's gifts can be put to great use. Besides checking in with their beloved pet, people seek the counsel of an Animal Communicator for the following reasons:

*When searching for a lost pet
*When looking to resolve a pet’s odd or bad behavior
*When a pet is ill
*When a pet owner is debating euthanasia for an ailing pet
*When contacting a deceased pet
Animal Companions
Pet owners often feel a deep connection with their animal companions

Not all Pet Psychics will provide all of these services. Especially in the case of contacting a dead pet, mediumship is an ability only certain intuitives are fully versed in. Whatever services the psychic provides, they will be able to dig up unique and private information about an animal and their relationship with their human companion.

What is a Pet Psychic?
Pet Psychics are intuitives who can communicate with animals telepathically through their minds. These individuals serve as a bridge between pet and owner, working as a type of translator. Animal Intuitives claim all people communicate with animals in a similar fashion without even realizing it. The mutual understanding humans feel with their pets is due to telepathic communication. A Pet Psychic is simply a master of using this telepathic channel. Many Pet Psychics also talk to wild animals and other non-pet animals.
How do Psychics communicate with animals?

Pet Psychics clear their minds and may even meditate before a session. Visualizing the animal in their mind is a useful technique in beginning the reading. Using the pet's name is helpful in getting an animal's attention. The psychic will mentally transmit a combination of words and images to the pet, since animals communicate in this way to psychics. Often the psychic will begin to physically sense things as the pet does in their everyday existence, including smell and taste. The psychic doesn't need to be in the same room over even the same side of the world as the pet or owner. This is because true intuitives can pick up on the energy that binds all. Pet Mediums use similar techniques when contacting animals who have crossed over. Some psychics will use other techniques as well. Throughout the reading the Animal Communicator will be sharing their findings with the animal's human companion.

Pet Psychic Laura Stintchfield conducting readings on animal actors.
Other roles of a Pet Psychic
Since a Pet Psychic is acting as a communicative bridge between animal and human they often serve as a mediator as well. The psychic works to aid in resolving problematic pet behavior and presents how the human can better serve the needs of their pet. Some Pet Psychics are able to scan the body of a pet in order to figure out physical problems and medical issues the pet is having. Sometimes these psychics can transfer healing energy, similar to Reiki, to those areas as well.
Ensuring you get the best reading
The best psychics give precise detail without too much prompting. Psychics sometimes will ask questions based on intuitive information they're picking up. However, especially since a pet can't verbally confirm what a psychic is saying, details from the intuitive about the animal and their relationship with their human companion without prior information being revealed is vital in ensuring this is an accurate read. Vague statements or general phrases such as "your pet is quite curious", too many questions fishing for information, and no details are a sure sign the "psychic" is actually a cold reader.
Pet Psychics in Media

The desire to talk to animals has been well represented in the media. Eliza Thornberry, Tarzan, Aquaman, and Dr. Doolittle only name a few fictional characters who can talk to animals. For a long time, it was commonly thought this was an imaginary super power. Over the years, the media has been more open to presenting people who are real life Animal Communicators. Sonya Fitzpatrick is a famous Pet Psychic with a radio show called Animal Intuitive, countless television appearances, and more. Fitzpatrick describes animals as having a rainbow of emotions, deep complexities, and memories of events long passed. Scientific backing has yet to confirm this, but Fitzpatrick stresses animals are equal to humans and deserving of respect as well as love.

Fitzpatrick stresses that it’s vital to walk your dog based on experiences with previous clients
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