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Pendulum Readings

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Familiarity with pendulum readings

Pendulum Readings are a familiar one and one you've seen many times in movies. In a scene right out of an old vintage film, a hypnotist directs their subject to stare straight ahead at a small object hanging from a string. The hypnotist continues by reciting an oh so familiar line, "You are getting sleepy", the hypnotist comments and the eyes of the listener seated in front of the hypnotist simply follows the pendulum's swing trajectory from back to forth and so on… As you might remember, very soon the seated subject is soon under the spell of hypnosis.

Well, despite the memories of movie-house era stereotypes, the marketplace of pendulum readings are quickly becoming popular and sought after as psychic readings go for today. They do require some simple objects and they must be operated with consistency.

Exactly, what is a pendulum?

So what is a pendulum? A pendulum is quite simply, a small but weighted object that hangs from a wire or on a string. What the object is exactly is up to you; the object may or may not have any significance directly to you. It could be a rock or a pebble found on the street, or it can be a treasured family heirloom, like your great-grandmother's diamond ring that was passed down to you through your family.

Creating your very own pendulum

Whatever type of small item or object you select, it should be not much larger than one inch in diameter. Take this item and attach it to a string. Be sure to keep the string no longer than about a foot long and keep it thin but it should also be fairly strong. Consider using a wire of even a fishing line, both would be good. You should also be aware that the goal of the string is to be pretty much invisible and it should have absolutely no chance of breaking during mid-swing. Our psychics can guide you on how to assemble the pendulum for a Pendulum Reading with them.

Upon the completion of your assembly of your new pendulum, you'll want to practice the art of driving its motion of its swing on its string. The idea is for the pendulum to swing back and forth across your particular field of vision. You don't want it to ever swing out or away from your field of vision. You should hang it at a distance of your arm's length from your face, then rock the pendulum backwards and forwards several times until you discover a way that it arcs from one side to the other at a slow but steady pace.

Using your pendulum and performing a pendulum reading

Now that you have a nice and steady swing motion, your next step is to focus visually upon the space of the pendulum as it swings. It is the rhythm of your mind in a conscious state that will allow you to slowly release the distractions and tensions of your daily life, as it follows the object in time and space on a repeated basis.

The objective of the use of the pendulum is to heighten your intuitive nature. It is through the intuitive awakening that your psychic senses will become accurate and most sharp. This is an easy process that includes being immersed by the continual motion of a repetitive action that has relaxed your mind so that you can envision the unfolding of your future as if a complex puzzle is solving itself.

Commonplace pendulum rituals

There are five commonplace pendulum rituals, our psychics on Psychic Elements can assist and advise you with each of these steps:

1) Retreat

Consider conducting a pendulum ritual while on a vacation. It's a fantastic way to expand and make the maximum of psychic potency for a pendulum reading. As a matter of practice, it’s always easier to remain alone and undistracted in such a quiet and tranquil space. Whether it's in your private hotel room or out on the open beach. Perhaps make a special plan for being away and find a hotel that is advertised as a tranquilizing and quiet retreat, one that is known for its seclusion.

You might try doing a vacation pendulum reading several times in a day. This is a ritual that is great for the awakening of your psychic sensitivity than for the resolution of a specific question you might have. You may be more likely to have a psychic revelation after the conduction of this ritual and it will enhance and increase as you become more prone to having them.

2) Daily pendulum reading

The daily pendulum reading is a powerful ritual. What is needed is for you to organize your day so that you have the pendulum daily reading at exactly the same time and also in the same place every single day. This ritual will allow for a full investigation of a most pressing question. Once you perform this daily ritual in a most disciplined manner as far as the timing, you will get answers that are quick and clear as they will arise when you fixate of a focused and specific question at the very beginning of this ritual.

3) Doing a pendulum reading during a phone reading

Use one of our psychic's at Psychic Elements to do a reading and inform them that you're going to perform a pendulum reading while they do your phone reading. You can also perform this pendulum reading ritual especially if you are having a challenging time concentrating on your psychic reading that you are receiving over the phone or over the Internet. As a matter of practice and as you deliberately concentrate on your pendulum, the words you receive from your psychic reading will penetrate most deeply. You will see that the clarity of your message from your psychic will confound you especially after doing this several times. You see the visual preoccupation of the pendulum creates an area or a space of concentrated intensity.

4) Two-Person pendulum reading

As a matter of perspective, before technology became the norm and the practice for psychic readings over the phone or the Internet, common practice was to you're your psychic actually hold your pendulum as you moved into a state or a point of clear reception or clarity. This can be practiced still and is also popular as it still gives great results. A great psychic knows just how to instantly access the pendulum's power. All that's needed is to get into a state of relaxation and concentrate on your question while your advisor enters into a meditative state.

5) Mounted pendulum reading

Becoming familiar with the weight and the physical presence of your pendulum is how you will begin with your pendulum readings. You will tire of holding it with your hand; this is only normal and natural. The best part of the hand-held pendulum readings is that they will rarely last for more than even ten minutes. One's arm will naturally exhaust itself and this occurrence will cause the break of the pendulum's rhythm.

You see in this context, your state of fatigue is actually a good thing, this creates a finite amount psychic space and it draws a boundary around this type of psychic reading. It limits your psychic time and space which means that you will increase clarity and then you can move on to the next thing or question, later.

Thus, after you are on a regular and continuous schedule of pendulum readings, you can mount your pendulum over or on a doorway or even on a mantle or some sort, this action will gain you much longer and deeper attempts to expand the psychic space you have created. Take note, as your work with the pendulum increases, it is most likely your pendulum reading will suffer from a cloud of your own fatigue.

6) Swing your pendulum

Be sure to reach out to one of our psychics at Psychic Elements and advise them that you want to do a pendulum reading during their psychic time with you. Having your own pendulum reading with them will allow you to become more open to a psychic reading. This practice is also so great and will enhance your own psychic abilities that will unfold for your own personal narrative and guide for your intended life.













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