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Past Life Regression: Moving Forward By Looking Back

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“He said everything here is connected — people, earth, animals, trees and flowers, and that this is obvious when one gets to the place he’d seen. He had no fear and asked if it was alright if he went back there. He died peacefully a few hours later."
— Comment on the death of his partner by online personality renovatorbear

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Does the idea of reincarnation fascinate you? Do you think you may have lived before? Ever wonder who you used to be? It’s possible that you can get these questions answered. You may want to investigate past-life regression.

The belief that our souls are indestructible forms the basis for most religious doctrines. Modern science reinforces this idea. The laws of physics state that energy (and humans are made up of energy) is not lost; it can only be transformed.

It is estimated that one in four Americans believes in reincarnation. Worldwide, the numbers are much higher. There are many religions and spiritual traditions whose basic tenets include the belief.

Reincarnation can be defined as the evolution of a soul, born life after life, into new bodies without lucid memories of previous existences.

This soul evolution is governed by the law of karma. It includes the idea that people return to the physical world with karmic links in soul groups.

Déjà Vu?

Have you had a strange feeling that you knew someone, even though you have never met them before? Or maybe you walked into a new place, and you felt like you had been there before? That’s déjà vu!

Déjà vu is when the subconscious is knocking on the door of the conscious mind.

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Hypnotherapy Rooted in Karma

Past life regression is a holistic medicine modality that works using the mind-body-spirit dynamic. It uses hypnotherapy to reveal the karma principles of cause and effect.

The hypnotist takes the patient to an alpha brainwave state to tap into the unconscious mind. When the subconscious is accessed, it can open up memories from the current and previous lifetimes.

This knowledge is said to start soul level healing.  You can also connect with your soul's wisdom and the blueprint of who you are.

Most past life regressions are carried out by licensed specialists, usually psychiatrists, therapists, and hypnotherapists.  

Holistic medicine believes that the root causes of emotional problems and physical disease come from the past. Our patterns and emotional issues are created from actions and reactions.

Taken one step further, past experiences, trauma, and even thoughts or ideas impact who we are. In a larger picture, karma from past lifetimes can influence the present and future lives.

Past life regressions are a "shortcut" to connect our souls to get solutions.  

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From the Subconscious to the Conscious

It was because of some spontaneous regressions from the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s that past life regression was developed.

Psychiatrist and regression therapy expert Dr. Brian Weiss became convinced that reincarnation was a fact during the 1980’s when he hypnotized a patient, and she regressed to a life 4,000 years ago.

After more sessions, more lives were revealed. And through the process, Catherine, his patient, was cured of many phobias.

The soul is said to be an astral database known as the Akashic Records. This is housed in the subconscious mind. It has embedded in it a huge amount of information from past lives, as well as the resulting karma.

The knowledge housed in the Akashic Records can bubble up to the surface from time to time. But we rarely consciously access it.

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Children Remember

It is becoming more common for children to reveal spontaneously that they have lived before. Sometimes they can provide a great level of detail. Some of the details have been researched and confirmed.

Carol Bowman, author of "The Past Lives of Children," was interviewed on She is a pioneer in reincarnation and past life regression studies. Bowman has done hundreds of case studies of children who have some past life memories.

Bowman has studied children all over the world. She points out that children typically have the strongest memories before the age of 7.

She believes that past life experience will manifest itself in phobias, physical issues (including birthmarks) and especially the circumstances of the past life's death.

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” — Soren Kierkegaard

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Before he met this patient, Dr. Weiss was a confirmed agnostic.

“I needed more proof, more evidence. And I got that." He told Oprah during a “Super Soul Sunday” show that he now believes in reincarnation and soul survival.

He now believes that the soul is forever. And through his patients, he has seen that what happens in one life has a profound impact on the next one.


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  1. Hello Jackie,

    Very interesting article! Dreams – especially reoccurring ones – can help us discover a lot about our past lives. This is the reason why children should be encouraged to talk about their dreams since they can tap easier to previous lifetimes. It is also wise for us to get in touch with our inner child because by getting in touch with our innocence, we will be able to bring memories back from our childhood. It is when we used to say stories that sounded silly and funny to our parents but we were actually remembering our previous lifetimes.

    Overall, past life regression can be really intriguing as a concept but we need to keep in mind that healing and understanding of life should come first before curiosity or entertainment. I have met many students and clients who only wanted a glimpse of their previous lives, only to prove that reincarnation is real. Then they ended up having unwanted emotional baggage. Opening such gateway to past lives may be excited but remember that what is seen cannot be unseen.


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