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Online Psychic Test: Are You The Real Deal?

Being psychic can be a challenge, especially when you aren’t sure what’s going on. If you struggle with “seeing” things that aren’t there and “knowing” things before they happen, you may be tempted to avoid taking this online psychic test. It's time to stop being afraid.

Strange things may have happened to you. End the confusion. Stop worrying about what other people think.  Worried that other people might think you are a little weird?  Don’t you ever believe it.

Is there someone

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In fact, psychic (psi) abilities are a gift. You need to discover if you have been blessed by the universe. It’s important that you understand that you have unique talents that should be focused and developed.

If you have a certain set of intuitive abilities, you may be able to help other people. Developing your psi skills can open up your life. So don’t be afraid to embrace this knowledge. We use our other five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) to navigate through life. Learning about and using your “sixth sense” will only make life better.

Here are 25 questions designed to detect evidence of psychic abilities. Try to be honest as you answer each question. Then take a look at the test results.

  • Are you visually oriented? (You see images and colors even when your eyes are closed.)
  • Have you had more than one deja vu experience? (The feeling that you have been someplace before when you haven't)
  • Are you extremely uncomfortable when you are in crowded places?
  • Have you had a dream that later came true?
  • Do you believe that the soul survives after the body dies?
  • Can you sometimes predict what people will do or say next?
  • Have you noticed that phones, lights, and electrical equipment behave oddly in your presence? (Flickering, turning on and off, etc...)
  • Are you sensitive to bright lights?
  • When you focus and concentrate on someone, do you feel like they can “feel” your attention? (Tapping on someone else’s consciousness)
  • Have you ever experienced a premonition, vision or dream of the future?
  • Do you feel more comfortable being alone?
  • Do you believe that life exists on other planets or in other dimensions?
  • Have you ever seen someone's aura? (the colored energy light that surrounds a person)
  • Do you feel an overwhelming need to help people? (empathy)
  • Do you sometimes feel that you are reading someone’s mind?
  • Do you leave an object or possession in one place only to discover it has been moved?
  • Does it seem like you recognize someone you just met, but you are not sure where from?
  • Do you believe that you can “feel” someone else’s pain?
  • When the phone rings, do you sometimes know in advance who's calling?
  • Do you have pets and/or love animals?
  • Do you usually feel strong emotions during the full moon?
  • Are you good at finding lost objects?
  • Have you ever seen a ghost or spirit? (this includes the unusual appearance of unexplained lights)
  • Are you drawn to the paranormal?
  • Do you sometimes have a strong emotional reaction when you touch or hold old objects?

There are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Psychics have a combination of experiences and beliefs that are easily detected by this test. But keep in mind everyone has some intuition. Even the bare minimum of psi skills and abilities can be developed over time and fine-tuned.

Mt Sofan - A Psychic's view

Image source: MTSOfan on Flickr

If you answered YES to:

0-4 questions -

You are not in touch with your intuition. This can mean that in the past you have not been open to the possibility that you may be psychic. You still have the choice of developing your psi capabilities in the future if you are interested.

5-15 questions -

You are psychic. From time to time, you may have been surprised at the things that you have seen and felt. If you acknowledge your abilities rather than deny them, you will be more comfortable. If you were afraid of these experiences in the past, it is because you did not understand the value that intuition can add to your life. It’s not too late.

16-25 questions -

You are a powerful psychic. You probably use these skills on a daily basis. You may have already had some psychic awakening. Either way, you are gifted!

If you haven’t always been comfortable with your psychic abilities, here are four simple suggestions that will tell you where to start.

4 Ways to Develop Psychic Talent

Sunset Meditation Ransomtech

Image source: ransomtech on Flickr

  • Meditate: It sounds too simple, but meditation is the most powerful tool that you have to develop your sixth sense. Even the simplest forms of meditation will begin to help you focus your intuition. In the energy realm, meditation opens up spiritual development and joy. It can reduce the stress in your life and allow you to sense things without fear.
  • Educate: As you learn and understand your abilities, you will no longer fear them. With knowledge comes power, confidence, and security. Find out about your psychic abilities. Read, take a class, find a teacher, or just ask questions. Educate yourself to understand your intuitive nature and how you can use it to make life easier.
  • Congregate: Find like-minded people. This means open minded people just like you. Join a group, a metaphysical church or online community. Make friends with people that think like you think and share your interests.
  • Exercise: Now that you have discovered that you have psi talent, it’s time to try and use it. If you think about it, your intuition has always been there. Take a look at all those "yes" answers in the psychic test you just took.

But like any human aptitude, it needs to be exercised and developed. Your psychic gifts may have been dormant for awhile. Start using them. There are a lot of potential growths waiting for you. Meditation is the foundational exercise in psychic development.

You also need to try simple experiments, like guessing the time without a clock and waking up without an alarm. Just set your intention that you will be aware of the time today and then experiment. Decide what time you want to wake up and give yourself the suggestion to do so.

There are a variety of other exercises that you can find online or in your metaphysical group.

Practice makes perfect. The more you flex your intuition, the stronger it becomes. You will begin to live more intuitively. Being psychic is a blessing, not a  curse. Enjoy yourself. You have a gift. Now it’s time to unwrap it.

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