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Low Energy Levels?

Low energy levels

Try These Energy Boosting Techniques

Anyone who works in the psychic field knows what it’s like to suffer from low energy levels. While some work can leave us uplifted, often psychic workers feel depleted and washed-out. Psychics give their energy freely when carrying out readings or healing work. It isn’t until afterward they realize how drained they are.

Low energy levels can lead us into a cycle of endless coffees, sugary food and low-quality sleep. Here are some suggestions of how to boost your energy – naturally, quickly and easily.

Low energy levels tired

Psychic Protection

The first method aims to strengthen and protect your energy before you begin any psychic session. Prior to meeting your client, wash your hands and lower arms in lukewarm water, adding two tablespoons of sea or rock salt. As you do so, visualize negativity washing away from your body. When you're finished dry your hands and imagine them pulsating with white light. Close your eyes, feel the light work its way up your arms and through your body. Let it enclose you in a sphere of light and fill you with energy. Allow the light to reduce to a shimmering bubble of protection that remains throughout your interaction with the client.

Always cleanse and release negative energy before surrounding yourself with protective white light. You don’t want to trap the negative energy inside.

Crystals to Dispel Negativity

Clear quartz crystals worn as jewelry, placed around the room, or on your desk will absorb negative and boost positive energy. Black tourmaline is an excellent negative energy absorber. The Magical Power of Crystals has more suggestions of using crystals for psychic protection.

After a Psychic Reading

Once your client has left, visualize your bubble of shimmering light dissolving. Wash your hands and arms with sea salt as described before. Cleanse the room by walking round with a lighted candle or smudge with sage if possible. 

Go outside, or open a window, and pull the fresh air into your lungs. Shake your hands and wrists, and stamp your feet. Turn your face to the sun (or the moon, if it is visible) and close your eyes. Vizualize the cleansing rays washing over you. 

If you are a tarot reader or have used other tools in your work, cleanse them as you usually do. Some readers shuffle their cards thoroughly, pass the deck through the smoke of a candle, or spend a few minutes re-ordering the deck.

Thinking Energetically

Often the way we think causes low energy levels. Thinking leads to feeling and to either increased or decreased body functions. The better you feel mentally, the better you feel physically. And, while this seems obvious, it is often forgotten when dealing with illness. 

Boost your thoughts by recognizing the connection. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, ask yourself what it is you are manifesting in your body. It’s often all you need to give yourself a mental shake and bring you back to a feeling of wellbeing. 

Mentally connect to the source of energy. Imagine there’s a place that you can’t see, an extra dimension from which energy pours into all. Make that mental connection and fill your being with source energy.

How To Strengthen Your Connection to Source Energy

Low energy levels

Switchwords to Combat Low Energy Levels

Switchwords are marvelous little energy lifters. Speak, think or write them down as necessary. They are like mini-spells that work in an instant. Think of them as energy-boosting mind snacks.

  • Blessed increases your vibration and brings peace.
  • Bubble to awaken and make you eager for the day ahead.
  • Cancel to dispel negativity.
  • Clear sweeps away negative energy.
  • Continue will help you get through a hard day’s work.
  • Crisp to dispel tiredness.
  • Crystal boosts your psychic abilities and purifies at the same time.
  • Mask will protect you – speak it after your cleansing salt wash and while placing your crystals around the room. Or before the client enters the room.
  • Move increases physical energy.
  • Sage will cleanse the area just like using actual sage.
  • Steady to maintain your physical and inner balance, to move freely and increase endurance.
  • Sweet calms runaway thoughts.
  • Up boosts positive energy
  • Yes! An aid to self-motivation.

You can combine any of the above to create enhanced meanings. “Crystal-clear,” is perfect for any psychic who wants to cleanse their space, clear their mind and promote psychic connections.“Steady-up,” calms yet energizes. “Move-up!” will get you moving and increase your positive energy. Use before and during housework, or any physical task.

Switchwords for Psychics

Physical Energy Boosters

Take notice of which foods cause you to feel sloth-like and generally depleted. Wheat is the usual culprit. Potatoes are another. Sugar, while giving a quick lift can make you feel worse. Avoid these, and any others that you know make you feel short-term good but long-term bad. Replace with energy boosters including good grains like oats and quinoa.

Lose five pounds. It will make you feel good about yourself, ease the stress on your joints and boost your energy levels. Even if you don’t need to lose weight, think about adopting a carb-cycling eating plan. It will temporarily boost your metabolism and counteract low energy levels. Try the Fast Metabolism Diet (DMD) to start with. You won’t feel deprived or hungry as you get to eat most of the foods you enjoy over a seven-day cycle.

Drink plenty of water but don’t go too crazy. People who drink too much water suffer from hyponatremia. Salt levels in the body become over-diluted. Hyponatremia can kill. It’s better to sip water throughout the day than to glug down glassfuls in one go.

Sleep and Rest

Getting a good night’s sleep is imperative for psychic workers. Usually they have developed their own techniques to drop off easily. Some imagine that their spirit guides are near and keeping them safe. Others call on the angels to bless them and help them drift off. You can use Switchwords too, to enable you to close down circling thoughts. Say ‘off’ quietly several times; imagine your body preparing for sleep. It closes down unnecessary functions while entering maintenance mode, allowing you to sleep.

Know your own cycles. If you are the sort of person who benefits from a short daytime nap, then go for it.  However, if you fall asleep during the day, but then lie awake at night, do your best to curb that napping habit. Try sitting upright on a hard chair or floor and meditating for a few minutes instead.

Choose Love

Love is the real energy booster. Whatever situation you find yourself in, fill your mind and being with pure love. Choose love and feel good.

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