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Finding Your Mojo: It’s Never Too Late

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We are all spiritual beings.  At our core, we have a longing to re-connect with the energy of a larger spirit in humanity. Everyone has mojo.  Mojo is the passion, creative energy and joy in every life.  When you are on the right path in life, your mojo is flowing unobstructed. 

Mojo is your life’s purpose and when it flows, you feel that things are on the right track.  It is this soul magic that we all must learn to appreciate. A joy-filled passionate life is so important.  Your mojo is that powerful, inner source of soul energy and peace.

Where Are You Now?

 Image credit: Russ Seldel on Flickr

So many people that find us here at Psychic Elements may be feeling lost, lonely, frustrated or overwhelmed with their present circumstances.  We endeavor to point you in the right direction.  Sometimes it is easier to find your path when you truly see what the future looks like.  Often the right focus and best direction may come to you through a reading with one of our gifted readers.

Personal transformation or soul evolution is not as complicated as it sounds. Each person is on a karmic journey to unravel the past and open up the future. Re-connecting with your own life’s purpose is a powerful experience.

In order to continue on the right path and manifest your own happiness, we recommend you find your mojo.  Either way, from time to time we should all take a look at what we really want and how we really feel.

What are your dreams?  What are fears?  What is the most important wish you have that stays in your heart and mind?

Everyone wants to be loved and to truly love someone else.  No one wants to be impoverished and we all long for financial security. We all want to enjoy our work, our families and our friends. 

What Happens When You Lose Your Mojo?

When you let mojo guide you, every experience takes on a more meaningful and enhanced quality.  When you follow your mojo, doors begin to open to opportunities.  A strong sense of possibility and purpose will draw people to you. Living in your mojo will energize and nurture you in every area of your life.

The problems in life can slowly wear your mojo down.  Both real crisis and unnecessary drama can be compelling.  Sometimes we get wrapped up in negative living and thinking.

When your mojo is missing, nothing seems right.  Addictions, depression, fear and flat out boredom are all symptoms that something is wrong.  You may feel like things aren’t going your way.  Perhaps you have become a follower of someone else’s passion.  

When you feel cut off from passion, energy, optimism, and happiness, you have lost your mojo.

3 Ways to Re-Discover Your Mojo

Once you discover that your mojo is missing… you really, need to take action. Re-discovering your vitality and passion requires a commitment.  You can use the simple steps that follow to create the spark that can grow into a fire. You want to feel alive again.  You want to rejoin your life in progress.

1. Get a Reading

Here at Psychic Elements we are dedicated to helping and healing those that reach out to us for clarity.  We believe that the universe, in a myriad of ways, provides each person a “parting of the curtains” to provide insight into the future. That insight can empower you and keep your mojo flowing.

You must be open-minded.  We want to help point you in the right direction.  But this is your path and we can only meet at various points along the way. 

We cannot solve all your problems.  We are dedicated to helping the “seeker” find the answers in a reading.

2. Prioritize One Step at a Time

Choose the area of your life that is most important to you, and start there. Deepen your understanding and thoughts to focus in on the most vital priority. 

Make a specific list to help you prioritize.  Then visualize what you want.  And make sure you words, thoughts and actions are focused towards your number one issue.

For instance if you are searching for a job, pour all your efforts and energy into the search.  Actually, this is a way to build positive energy towards your goal.  As the energy flows into your first priority, repeat the process with your number 2 priority. 

For instance, if you lost your job, getting a new job may be your first step.  It may take days or it may take weeks, but you need to focus on that priority.

It may sound simple, because it is.  Direct your energy towards success. 

Not surprisingly, the focus and flow of energy (or chi) unlocks the door to your mojo.

3. Create a Meditation Center to Re-ignite Your Soul Energy 

Whatever your relationship, job or attitude is at the moment…you are attempting to “hook” back into life and find what makes you happy.

It’s better to take one thing at a time to maintain your focus.  Journaling and meditation help.  

Meditation and visualization are powerful tools.  Meditation (even in its simplest forms) can help reduce your stress and your blood pressure.  When something is missing, you must determine exactly what it is….then re-direct your energies in the form of meditation.

If you are lonely or have issues in a relationship, create a meditation center that is in the far right corner of your home.  Use pink, burgundy or reds on this center. Candles, fabric, beads, crystals, such as rose quartz, and any red stones help focus the heart chakra.

If you are revitalizing and focusing on abundance, follow the principles of Feng Shui when you set up your meditation center.  Create it in the left corner of your home. Use gold and green candles, fabric and stones.  Beads, crystals and jade are always good.

When you light your candles say a positive affirmation or a prayer.  Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Hold the vision of what you need as you start to meditate.  Meditation will help you to manifest your needs. 

A meditation center can aid in manifesting your wants and desires. Even if you don’t create a meditation center… meditate.

 Image source: Izalas Buson on Flickr

If you meditate even five minutes, twice a day (mornings and evenings) you will be surprised at how much better you will feel.

We all get distracted by life, overcome by fears, and confused about what we want.  It’s time to find your mojo… or maybe to rediscover it again.

In Good Health, Francoise Rapp, Melusine-Arom'Alchemy, 2007

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