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How to Develop Your Psychic Powers

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Image Source: Jared Zimmerman on Flickr

Have you ever known who was on the other end of the call before the phone rang? Do you know what someone is about to say before they speak? Ever walk into a building and know the layout even though you have never been there before? Do your dreams reveal the future? Is your “sixth sense” tickling you like an itch that you can’t scratch? If you are confused by the uncanny accuracy of your hunches, don’t be alarmed. You may just be a promising psychic.

We have noticed that many who visit Psychic Elements or read our blog are interested in awakening their psychic abilities. Many people experience powerful flashes of psychic awareness. There are also people that are amazed after they have had an accurate reading. Your sixth sense may be active or you might just be wondering if you have psychic powers of your own.

“The Sixth Sense is a general feeling of"awareness" of surrounding powers and entities, acknowledge which is not dependent on any of the five senses.” In his 1920 book, “Your Psychic Powers and How To Develop Them,” a brilliant metaphysician, Hereward Carrington, indicated that everyone had psychic powers and they were a part of the “sixth sense” that we so often ignore.

Hereward Carrington, October 1903. Image Source: James Morley on Flickr

Like Carrington, most of the metaphysical world believes that we are all born with varying degrees of intuition. Sadly, most of the time, we educate children to develop the rational left part of the brain at the expense of the more spiritual, intuitive and creative right side of the brain.

Some people are afraid when they experience ESP (extra-sensory perception). It can be scary when you know what is going to happen before it happens. Out of fear, most people suppress their psychic inclinations. They bury this gift under a layer of denial, where it may remain dormant for a lifetime.

There really is nothing to fear. Actually, there is a lot to gain through enhanced intuition. Psychic abilities can and should be used to help people. We are all spiritual beings who continue to evolve in positive ways.

“It all depends into which channel we direct the energy of our will. The soul must learn to find and experience itself fully before it can consider itself thoroughly alive and a fully developed entity. After this realization has been accomplished, then, and then only, should we direct our attention to cultivating and directing the latent energies which we possess.” — Hereward Carrington

Your psychic powers can be developed and fine-tuned if you are willing. Here are six ways that most psychics have used to develop their psychic abilities.

1. Meditate

Image Source: RelaxingMusic on Flickr

Any form of meditation is beneficial to your physical, emotional and spiritual health. It has been proven to lower the blood pressure, stress levels and help obtain peace of mind. Many times the people that say they have trouble meditating are over-complicating it.

It is easiest to grasp and learn meditation if you master it in its simplest forms first. It has been said that prayer is a way to talk to God and meditation is a way to listen to God. Don’t get meditation confused with religion. Although meditation has played a role in most religions since ancient times, it is not a doctrine or belief system.

If you establish a regular time to meditate and stay consistent, you are directing your energy to your higher self. The practice of meditation over time melds the spiritual mind to the conscious mind. It will change you. As your energy clears and your senses are heightened, you slowly may gain awareness in the psychic realm.

Simple transcendental meditation, also known as TM, is a good way to focus your spiritual energy and clear the clutter of the mind. You can start to meditate on a daily basis. You only need to begin with 7 to 10 minutes per day. After a week or so, you can meditate for 15 minutes a day.

Sit down. Get comfortable. Try to be still, calm and quiet. Pay attention to your breathing.

2. Remember to Breathe

Image Source: urbanizr 77 on Flickr

Breathing deeply is crucial to slowing down the mind in order to nurture psychic skills. It is impossible to achieve a psychic connection in an ordinary state of consciousness. Scientists have confirmed that when we are awake our brain waves typically operate at 14 to 20 cycle waves every minute. Most psychic consciousness occurs when our brainwaves are only 7 to 14 cycles (the alpha frequency).

It is through mastering the art of breathing that we slow the body to reach this state of mind.

The secret to meditating is that if you are paying attention to your breathing and taking cleansing breaths it automatically clears the mind. When the mind is slowed down, you can experience a more personal spiritual effect.

As you breathe, you will automatically notice things that usually pass you by unnoticed. You will hear and feel yourself breathe. At this point, you are living directly in the moment.

3. Be Aware

Image Source: Live Life Happy on Flickr

When we are meditating, we become very aware of the sounds and patterns in nature, the physical environment and emotions. In this elevated awareness, insight and understanding often break through.

If you maintain the attitude of a “seeker” (someone who wants to understand), you will begin to perceive life in a whole new way. This attitude is not just during meditation. It begins to be how you walk through your day.

When you are expanding your awareness, you have developed the intention to notice the information received by your mind, body, and emotions. All things in the universe are connected. As your psychic awareness grows, you will start to see, hear and feel these connections.

4. Practice/ Be Consistent

Image Source: Mirko on Flickr

Be patient with yourself. Don’t get frustrated. Psychic powers and intuition are developed skills. It is like learning to play a musical instrument or learning how to swim. It takes time and effort. Practice is required.

We all develop at a different rate. If you are consistent, your “sixth sense” will grow. Daily meditation and awareness is vital to your progress.

Practice directing your energy towards solutions and answers. Before you answer the phone or check the caller ID, try and guess who is calling. Focus on the day before it starts. Let faces of people you will see and events that will happen appear.

5. Be Open-Minded

Image Source: N i c o l a on Flickr

The old saying is that “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” When you are open to learning and growing, all sorts of opportunities will present themselves, like magic.

You may want to get connected with the local metaphysical community. Attend seminars, lectures or guided meditations. If you are still having trouble with meditation, there are plenty of tapes, books and other resources to help.

There is also a large knowledge base on-line. Having access to forums, blogs, articles and educational sites is invaluable to your progress.

But most important of all is that you need to find people that have experience using their hard-won psychic abilities. The most well-informed and knowledgeable will no doubt be readers, psychics, and like-minded people. Ask questions. Reach out to find your answers. Your teachers will be everywhere once you are open-minded and ready to learn.

6. Pay Attention to Your Progress

Image Source: Refracted Moments™ on Flickr

It’s a good idea to keep a journal of your progress. Try to write down your dreams and impressions in as much detail as possible. You may want to keep a notebook or an iPad close to you even when you are sleeping.

Repeating symbols and details you see in your mind’s eye have importance. As you grow in your newfound knowledge and insights, write them down. Keep them in a journal for future reference.

Developing psychic intuition is a personal decision. Spiritual growth is always the result.You are opening doors and windows that you may not have understood, or even known were there. Be gentle with yourself and others. Do not be afraid or impatient.

In this journey, allow yourself to be guided by your higher self. If you are able to get in touch with the most basic gifts of your soul, use them wisely and they will never let you down.


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  1. This article is very helpful. It gave me a better insight in how to meditate so as to  understand myself better. Thank you so much. Josephine

    1. We’re glad, Josephine! Let us know if you can think of other things we can blog about to help enlighten you on your journey. 🙂

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