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Dispel Negative Energy After an Unhappy Break-up

clean out negative energy after a break-up

An unhappy break-up causes a lot of negative energy to accumulate around you and your home. There’s the drama and trauma of the actual break-up, and all the emotions around it, including anger, hurt and blame. After the initial split, reality begins to sink in and even more lower energy emotion swirls around you. 

Once a few days have passed, you may feel ready to make a change. You know you have to move forward and the first step is to dispel all that negativity inhabiting your home. You’ll know it needs to be done by the feeling you get when you re-enter your home after being outside. If it feels welcoming and enveloping, you’re fine. If, however, you walk through the door and immediately sigh and sense sadness or anger seeping over you, then the place is full of negativity. And, even if it doesn’t feel that bad, cleansing is still a good idea.

Why Cleanse Negative Energy?

This first practical action of cleansing the energy is your first step to healing. It will give you closure, and also the feeling of opening a portal to your new life. Cleansing your home and lightening the atmosphere will give you a sense of palpable relief—out with the old and in with the new. If there’s a chance you will get back together with your ex partner, it’s even more reason to clean up in preparation for a fresh beginning.

It's a good idea to plan an energy cleanse over a whole weekend. You could start with the self-cleanse on a Friday evening, follow with the physical clear-out on Saturday, then go on to the home energy cleanse on Sunday. 

Dispelling Negative Energy From Yourself

Start by focusing on your own energy. You will be the catalyst for cleansing your surroundings so you need to begin with yourself. Imagine the energy swirling through you and around you, permeating your aura. What does it feel like? If it feels heavy and strength-sapping, you need to carry out a self-energy cleanse. 

Plan your food intake for the day. Stick to light food, such as fruits, nuts and vegetables. Drink herbal tea or pure water. Avoid processed foods, meat and dairy. Eggs are fine. There's no need to starve yourself, and it’s only for this one day.

In the evening, run a bath and add a small handful of sea salt or Epsom salts to the water. If you have any fresh herbs to hand, throw in a sprig or two. Before entering the water, move your hand just above the surface with the mental intention that, by the time you get out of the bath, your body and aura will be cleansed. Soak as long as you like and then, if possible, take a refreshing shower. If you haven't got a bathtub, you can simply express the intention to energy cleanse when you take a shower. Sprinkle the salt and herbs around the shower basin.

You can adapt the salty, herby bath anytime by taking a footbath. It's surprising how much better you feel afterward. When you pour the water away… and down the toilet is always good… imagine that dirty, negative energy swishing away with the water. It's a good idea to change your bed linen, so that when you eventually get into bed, you can snuggle down in a sweet-scented, clean nest.

clean out negative energy

When you are dry and dressed, make a herbal tea. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is pure. If you have no herbal tea, simply pour boiling water over a slice of lemon. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Imagine that you have roots growing from your toes. They wiggle their way down through the walls and foundations of your home, down, down, into the dark earth below. 

Now imagine a bright light pouring down all over you and into your crown chakra. As it fills your physical body and aura, it forces the negative energy down through your body and those roots. Imagine the earth absorbing the negative energy and transforming it into positive. When your body feels light and peaceful, allow the mental image to fade away. Place your hand on the top of your head to close off the crown chakra. and 'see' your roots retreating back into your toes. Remain seated and drink your tea. Feel cleansed and ready to take the next step. 

Clean Out Negativity From the Physical Plane

Clear out of any of your ex’s belongings. Take them to a mutual friend’s; somewhere where you are not likely to bump into your ex. Don’t use it as an excuse to see him or her. Don’t forget to check places like bedside tables and the bathroom cabinet. The last thing you need is to come across any reminders that take you by surprise. It’s hard, but you can do it.

Do the same with any gifts that your ex gave to you. If you can’t bear to part with them, place them in a box. Label it, so you know what’s in there. If the gift is something you use all the time, simply include it in your cleaning rituals.

Clean your home, room-by-room, especially where you spent the most time. Pay special attention to where your last encounter took place. If you were both in an emotional state, that’s where the most negative energy will be swirling around. It’s metaphorically sticky, clinging to items in the room, so really give it a thorough clean. Launder everything that can be laundered. Vacuum everything else and mop the floor, if appropriate.

House Cleaning on the Energetic Plane

When your home is clean and shiny, it’s time to work on the energetic plane. Think of energy on two levels: the physical dimension and the energetic dimension. Cleaning the physical will do a lot to dispel negative energy, but to be thorough, you should address the higher, energetic plane. This kind of cleansing uses such techniques as visualization and meditation. You can also make use of crystals and smudging with incense. As you work, hold the intention to fill your home with neutral and positive energy. 

cleansing negative energy incense

You can adapt the earlier visualization to include the whole room, and even the whole house. Follow the directions as given, then as you feel the white light come down through your crown chakra, imagine it emanating from you and filling your home. Don’t try to do the personal and house cleansing in one go though. Do your personal cleanse first and the whole house visualization the next day or even a few days later. 

If you have crystals, hold them under cold running water and place them strategically around the house. If you have upsetting memories of any particular location, that’s where to put them.

Light white candles and leave them to burn safely. Smudging with sage and/or incense is also helpful. Make sure to waft the smoke into every corner, high and low.

Rinse and Repeat

It’s very likely that you will need to repeat some of these procedures occasionally over the next few weeks. It’s natural for your emotions to surface and attract a little negativity, so do what you need to do to clear your heart, soul and home. 

Pretty soon, you’ll notice that the unhappy break-up becomes less important as you remember the good times. Use the lessons learned from this relationship to improve the outlook for your next. All is well.

Images via Pixabay

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