What is Psychic Energy and How To Use It?

psychic energy

Everyone is familiar with their own physical energy levels. You know when you are full of physical energy because you feel as though you can tackle anything. You also know when you are tired and don’t have much stamina. As you grow older, you learn how to pace yourself in order to conserve energy. But wait, there also is another kind of energy: psychic energy. You are using it all the time, but you might not be aware of it. You might not be using it in the best way either. So what is psychic energy and how can you make the most of it?

Some might call the energy that flows through you ‘spiritual energy’, which is also known as ‘chi’ or ‘prana’. It’s the spark of life within you, the furnace which provides the source of your power. Some of this flows through your physical body to provide the energy you need to move. The rest is psychic energy, and is the source of your thoughts, visualizations and emotions. It comes from within. Like physical energy, you can direct psychic energy toward a specific outcome or manifestation. And just like physical energy, you can waste it on not achieving very much.

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What Is Psychic Energy?

Are you thinking thoughts right now? That’s psychic energy. Close your eyes and visualize the ocean: hear the sound of the waves crashing on pebbles, smell the sea air. In your mind you can almost make it real. That’s psychic energy. Can you think about something sad and feel the emotion attached to it? That’s psychic energy.

The energy of the mind is the essence of life.

~ Aristotle

One thing to know, and this is important, wherever you place your attention, psychic energy will flow. This is the basis of all creativity, manifestation, ideas, psychic abilities, intuition, and even magical work. This has been proved scientifically, when in particle physics, a wave-form will collapse under observation. Particles behave differently when they are the subject of attention. Just like you subtly change your behavior or thoughts if you think someone is watching you.

How To Misuse Psychic Energy

Knowing how we waste psychic energy, can help us to refocus and redirect it into a positive force that works for our benefit. We misuse psychic energy in many ways:

  • Over-thinking
  • Fussing over a decision
  • Feeling guilt
  • Second guessing 
  • Worrying about, and visualizing negative outcomes
  • Feeling fear
  • Blaming self and others
  • Letting small inconveniences irritate us or spoil our day
  • Allowing other people to influence our feelings
  • Repeating untrue stories to ourselves
  • Living life too fast
  • Not appreciating the perfection of the present moment.

How To Make Psychic Energy Work For You

You can make a huge change in the way you use psychic energy simply by recognizing how you misuse it. Once you realize that any and all of the above mental and emotional activities are ways in which people dilute, waste and misdirect their psychic energy, you can begin to change how you use it. Always remember that the energy flows to where you place your attention. Do you want your energy to flow for your good, or to your detriment?

Focused intention is capable of making changes in your external world. It takes a little practice, but nevertheless, it works. Try this:

Imagine seeing a small white feather on the ground and picking it up. Imagine holding it between your thumb and forefinger. In your mind’s eyes see the tiny filaments moving in an almost indiscernible breeze. See how the light catches some parts of the feather. Feel the slim shaft of it rolling between your finger and thumb. Spend a few minutes completely focused on this imaginary feather. Imagine having this feather become real, placing it on your desk or in your wallet. Do this exercise with a hundred percent intention and we’ll bet our pixels on you finding a small white feather in real life within the next few days.

Now think about how directing your focused psychic energy toward people will enable them to respond to you in improved ways. Next time your child wants to talk to you, give him your full attention. Same with your partner, coworker or friend. Instead of being lost in your own thoughts, or scrolling through your phone, give them the benefit of your psychic energy. 

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How To Increase Your Psychic Energy

The best way of increasing your psychic energy is to give it a rest now and then. Check the misuse list above to see if you are engaging in any of those useless and draining activities. Take a mental break, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Concentrate on a long slow exhale, and feel anxiety and tension leave your body and mind. 

Slow things down. Strangely, if you slow down, you’ll achieve more. It might take a little longer but the results will be better. So whether you are studying or working, preparing for an event, or anything else, slow down, take your time. Breathe, relax and take a moment to visualize the positive outcome you desire.

Other methods include:

  • Placing your hand on a tree or shrub, imagine stale, depleted psychic energy leaving via your feet on the ground and higher, energized energy flowing in from the tree via your hand.
  • Sit or lie on the ground for at least ten to fifteen minutes. This is known as ‘earthing’ and is a good way to replenish both physical and psychic energy.
  • Have a bath infused with Himalayan or Epsom salt.
  • Spend time walking in nature. Get out of your head and observe what’s around you. Feel the ground under your feet, breathe in the air, experience the scent of the season.
  • Run the cold faucet and hold your hands and wrists beneath the water for as long as you can. 
  • Make a hot drink, nurse the cup in your hands and feel the core of peace inside your being. Smile.
  • Get a massage, an energy treatment, or just take a restorative nap.

Being Aware of Your Psychic Energy is Being Aware of Yourself

You psychic energy is a product of  your inner being; your inner guidance. Psychic energy is intuition, sixth sense and your amazing ideas factory. When your psychic energy is at its peak it feels like joy and happiness. It’s unlimited yet it is also precious – use it wisely.

Psychic Energy

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