Visions that Foretell the Future

Visions that Foretell the Future dream

Do you experience visions that foretell the future? Many people tell us that they dream of future occurrences with devastating accuracy. Others report frequent feelings of deja vu, feeling as if they have lived these moments previously. Some tell us they know what other people are going to say before they speak. These visions and knowing what the future holds are called clairvoyance (seeing) and claircognizance (knowing). 

A Glitch in Time

Joanna has the disconcerting sensation of seeing what is about to happen seconds before it does. It’s as if time folds back on itself so she has moments where life doubles up. She sees the next few seconds in her mind and then she lives it. She says that it only lasts momentarily and the only time it has been useful is when she caught a glass that slipped off a counter top. She’d already ‘seen’ it fall and instinctively reached to catch it.

Visions that Foretell the Future

She Saw Aaliyah’s Fatal Plane Crash

Madison was cycling along an empty road. It was late summer, 2001. She says she was feeling happy. The sky was azure, the birds singing. She wasn’t thinking of anything at all. Then, for a split second, she was overwhelmed by a feeling of confusion. She stopped cycling, put her feet on the ground as a sensation of dizziness took over. In her mind she saw or felt a small plane pass close overhead. The fields surrounding Madison disappeared. Instead she had the impression of the sky coming down, almost to where she stood. Later she realized it was water; it was the ocean. She said, it was over in a flash. There was no plane and no ocean. Everything was as it should be. She put it down to a momentary dizzy spell and carried on. Later saw on the news reports of the fatal plane crash that killed singer Aaliyah. The plane had taken off from Marsh Harbour airport in the Bahamas and crashed 200 yards from the end of the runway. Madison knew instantly her vision was connected to the accident.

Why Do Premonitions Occur?

It’s difficult to say why these visions of the future happen. If they hold sufficient information then perhaps it will help someone avoid an accident. But when they happen seconds before an event, then apart from saving the odd glass from hitting the floor, there’s no rhyme or reason. Usually the person experiencing the vision or glitch in time is confused and doesn’t understand what’s happening until they think about it later.

Many parents will tell you that they prevented their child falling over or having an accident almost by instinct as if they knew something was about to happen. Myra says one day when her now grown son was a toddler, something made her move to the large glass door in her kitchen and open it. Sure enough, as she did so, her young son comes racing from the yard towards the house with his eyes down, holding a large firetruck on his head. Myra was there to catch him, but she says, if the door had been shut, he would have crashed into it. She still doesn’t know what made her stop what she was doing and go to the door.

When Visions that Foretell the Future Save a Life

Dorothy was shopping in a busy precinct and paused to sit on a bench and drink the coffee she’d just bought. Workmen were working on a nearby empty building so she was idly watching their activity. One of the men came over to her and told her that they would be moving steel girders with a crane, so would she mind moving a little further away? So she moved a few yards to the next bench. 

As she was sipping her coffee, a picture of crashing chaos flashed in front of her eyes. She stood up. She has no idea why. She doesn’t remember the thought to get up and move even entering her head. It was though her body knew something her mind didn’t. She walked away into the nearest store. Moments later a loud crash reached her and she turned to the doorway. Just outside, the bench she’d been sitting on was smashed to smithereens by a large steel girder.

Visions that Foretell the Future glass spill

Do Premonitions Mean You Are Psychic?

If they happen more than once, it’s possible that your psychic abilities have been kick-started into action. What you do with them is up to you. If you think that your visions or dreams could be useful in preventing an accident, you should definitely consider developing them. Some people hate them and wish to shut down their visions. 

There are several ways to increase your psychic visions:

  • Keep a journal of your dreams. Write down your dreams in as much detail possible, but try to avoid filling in the gaps. Simply record what you remember, including any sounds, feelings and words. Simply by keeping a dream journal means that you are paying more attention to your dreams and they will become more detailed as your subconscious will know, even while you are dreaming, to save the memories.
  • Meditation is always a good way to improve psychic skills. By emptying your mind, you allow messages from spirit to enter. Don’t try to understand or analyze while in a meditative state or you will return from theta (your brainwaves while in deep meditation) to beta (normal day-to-day brain activity). Guided meditation can help you learn to meditate.
  • Ask to be shown helpful visions. Often, by merely verbalizing our wish to be connected to our psychic powers is all we need to do. Whether you believe in spirit, angels, guardians, or whatever, it’s a well-known trick: all you have to do is ask.

Should You Talk About Premonitions?

That depends. If you think what you know might help someone, then do it. Otherwise you will feel guilty if something does happen. Don’t worry about appearing a bit ‘away with the fairies’. Just tell the person you had a weird dream and let them use the information as they will.

If you are intent on developing your psychic skills, it might be better to keep your mind experiences to yourself until you are confident about sharing them. 

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  1. I've had a few instances  where I have either had dreams that I remembered and told the person I was with everything that was going to happen before it happened exactly as I told it. I have also had my wife and her friend who was into wicca want to.test me and hide something  in a room and tell me that I could only look in one spot and if I find it then they would owe me $20. But if I didn't then I owe them. I looked at my exwifes friends eyes for a sec and then gave them what they hid by being able to read her thoughts. I've also noticed that I've been able to tell when their are spirits around. As well as being able to see them sometimes. I have noticed that since my near death experience that I tend to astro travel ever since I died on my 15 birthday from my appendix rupturing and remembering the whole experience to this day.

  2. About a couple months ago I had a really strong vision that I was going to be a teen dad (I'm only 16 and my girlfriend is 15). It wasnt so much as seeing it but it was like my body went into a trance state and someone was telling me. I felt kinda happy and warm yet completely terrified but I knew that it was fine and it will work out. At the time me and my girlfriend weren't planning to have sex at all and then about a month ago it all just happened somehow and of course the condom broke. Now she's just missed her period and I'm starting to think that the vision may have been true. This isnt the first time this has happened by far and it's starting to concern me. I'm just trying to understand this please help

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