Three Easy Love Spells

easy love spells

You don’t have to have special skills or powers to cast spells. Anyone can do it. A spell is nothing more than focused intent. You can use certain tools and rituals to increase your focus, but with practice, they aren’t necessary. And, as Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, we thought we’d offer up three easy love spells. They can be used any time of the year.

Our easy love spells require minimum equipment. They can also be adapted in any way. You can increase your chances of success if you carry out your love spell during a waxing (growing) moon. 

We've also included a spell breaker in case you change your mind.

easy love spells pink candle

Candle Love Spell #1: Find New Love


  • One new pink candle. You’ll only be using it once, so a small votive candle will be fine. Place it on a safe candle holder.
  • Matches or lighter.
  • Pen and paper.

Sit quietly at a table with the items near you. Close your eyes and think about the relationship you’d like to attract. Visualize yourself hand-in-hand with your perfect partner. How does it feel? 

See yourself in various situations – having dinner, cozying up on the sofa, driving to a movie. Really feel the love and pride of being with the one you love. Feel yourself loved in return, knowing that you are both one hundred percent committed to each other. 

Don’t worry if you can’t visualize your lover’s face. That doesn’t matter. It’s the emotion that is important here. It increases your intent exponentially. Really get into the feeling space of unconditional love. 

Let love flow through your whole body as you light the candle. Keep hold of the feeling and focus on the candle, not the flame or you could hurt your eyes. Imagine that the candle is a symbol of the love you are feeling right now.

On the paper, write “I attract love easily. I call my perfect lover to me.“ Fold the paper in half, slide it under the candle holder. Take a few moments to focus your attention on your wish. Say aloud, “Thank you, Universe.” 

Allow the candle to burn out fully, if you can. If it will take too long, simply blow it out and dispose of it. Hide the paper, or bury it. Now let it go. Don’t think about the spell. Don’t worry that it isn’t working. Just let the Universe do its thing. Your love will show up when the time is right.

easy love spells red rose

Candle Love Spell #2: Rejuvenate Love


  • One new red candle, safe candle holder, matches or lighter.
  • One red flower – a rose is ideal, but any will be fine.
  • Pen and paper.

This spell is to breathe new life into a long-term relationship. Read through the instructions for the new love spell above. This one is similar in that you will be visualizing and focusing your feelings.

Sit quietly, holding the flower. Imagine your loved one’s face smiling gently. Feel the love coming from them to you through the flower. In turn, feel love flowing toward them. See it as golden light. Don’t think of anything else about the relationship apart from this flow of love between you.

See the flow of love grow until you are both wrapped in the beautiful golden light, a bubble of love if you like. Nothing can tear you apart. You are as one.

Reach out and light the candle. See the candle as containing the distilled essence of your love. As the candle burns your love is cemented, clarified and strengthened.

Write on the paper, “Our love is everlasting. It grows stronger and stronger.” Slide the paper under the candle holder and allow the candle to burn out. If it will take too long, then you can relight the candle over the next few days. Each time see your love growing stronger. 

You should notice a change, a shift in your relationship. Your bonds are deepening and love has returned stronger than before. Use this spell any time you feel your relationship needs a boost.

Easy love spells walk

Outdoors Love Spell: To Bring Your Life Partner

No equipment necessary as you will be using found items along the way.

Go for a walk in natural surroundings. A park, woodland, the beach, anywhere where things grow.

As you walk collect a pocket full of pebbles, twigs, leaves – anything that catches your eye. These items should be lying around – don’t pick flowers or pull leaves off trees. You might spot a coin or other lost ‘treasure’. Pick it up.

Find a quiet spot – a park bench or a rock to sit on. Don’t worry, you’re not performing obvious magic here – you are simply someone out on a walk taking a breather.

Begin to arrange your found items in a small circle next to you. As you do so, imagine your life partner walking toward you. Feel the certain knowledge that this is the person for you. The One. They keep walking toward you as you continue making the circle. 

When the circle is complete, your life partner is right beside you in your imagination. The sit beside you, or crouch down next to you. They reach forward and place their right hand palm down in the circle. You do the same with your left hand. Actually place your left hand in the circle. Feel the love as your hands touch. Feel a bond forming between you. “Say, “I pledge my life to you, my love.” Keep your hand there for a minute or two. 

Take your hand away and say, “We will meet soon.” Then walk away, leaving your circle intact, apart from one item, which you will take with you and keep somewhere safe. You only need to perform this spell once. Your true love will come to you when the time is right.

easy love spells breaking chain

How to to Break a Love Spell

We couldn’t leave you without including a short spell to break an existing one that no longer serves you. People change and what you want also changes. If you'd like to break an existing love spell or end a relationship, then perform this simple ritual.


  • Blue candle, holder, matches or lighter.
  • Paper and pen.

Before you begin write both your first names on the paper next to each other, but with a gap between them.

Take a moment to visualize your ex lover. Mentally project love and good intent to them. Wish them well. Light the candle, imagining that the bond between you is like a chain beginning to crack and break. See your ex walk away from you. 

Take the paper and tear it in half through the gap between your names. If it is safe to do so, burn the paper in the candle flame. Let the candle burn out, if you can. Now you are free. Your ex will leave you in peace and friendship.

Happy Valentines.

Images via Pixabay and Pexels

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2 Responses

  1. I am looking fir an easy soell to jeep someobe from moving away. And while I am at it an easy spekk to get soneone to pop the question we have taljed bout it but no question has been poped no ring yet calked dragging obes feet.

    1. Hi Cheri, you can’t prevent someone from moving away. It would be very wrong to interfere with another person’s free will. All you can do is make them want to stay with you. So it’s best to work on yourself, rather than them. Use Spell #2 above.

      As far as proposing, why don’t you ask them? There’s no reason these days why the woman can’t pop the question. Otherwise, you could try #1 above using a visualization of engagement as the outcome. Cheers.

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