The Power of Thought

the power of thought

What are Thoughts?

Define 'a thought'. It’s difficult, isn’t it? Are thoughts a thing? Dictionaries present thought as abstract concepts: ideas, notions, memories, reason, intention, mental pictures etc. But none of those tell us what a thought actually is, or explain the power of thought.

Despite all the research taking place, no scientist is able to explain the substance of a thought. They can tell us how they occur: by neurons firing in the brain. Yet they can’t tell us where they come from.

We're thinking all day, our minds babbling away in the background, mostly repetitive self-talk. This could mean that thoughts are pretty much worthless, except we know that isn’t true, otherwise we’d still be surviving on the edge of existence or very likely, extinct. Indeed, we are where we are today because of conscious thought. No amount of undirected activity could produce a world as complex and diverse as the one we inhabit.

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Thoughts as an Expression of Energy

Philosophers, writers and scientists have posited the theory that thoughts are made of energy, and each single thought has its own vibrational frequency. As yet this theory is untested and unproven. However, it is an attractive one and makes sense in the context of ‘you create your own reality’. And, as everything in the universe is made of energy, then it follows that thought probably is energy as well.

Most people’s thoughts have a particular range of frequencies. A generally happy person’s thoughts follow a certain pattern while a less happy person will have lower frequency thoughts. 

The Power of Thought

We live our lives along with a continual soundtrack of internal chatter. We move through our days blissfully (or not so blissfully) unaware of the reality our thoughts are creating for us. If you want to know how this happens, just look around you. Look at your home, your friends and family, your job, and your state of being. Wherever you are, however happy you are, it is a true reflection of your thinking habits. If all is exactly as you dreamed of, then read no further. You’ve made it. Congratulations.

If you feel there is room for improvement, and there usually is, then read on for some suggestions of how to become more mindful and thus, more contented with life.

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Don’t Forget – It’s a Journey

While fulfillment and contentment are worthy goals, the whole point of aiming for them is to experience the process. If we reached 100 percent contentment at the age of 30, wouldn’t that be boring? All humans need challenges to enable them to feel alive and worthwhile. Even if you are happy with life, it can always get better. 

Positive vs Negative Thinking

A recent study by Soul Analyse of 1,000 people discovered that 95% of self-described positive thinkers felt themselves happy and satisfied with their lives. Naturally, the majority (77%) of those persecuted by negative thinking said that they are unhappy and unsatisfied. 

While these results may appear to be obvious, what is not obvious is that thoughts are extremely powerful. They have the ability to determine how fulfilled we are. It follows that, if you can change your thinking, you can make a vast improvement in your life.

Attempting to transform a generally negative perspective into a positive one works for… um, about five minutes. It simply isn’t possible to change thought habits overnight.

One problem is that, as your thoughts return to their ‘normal’ frequency and you catch yourself back in the ‘thought groove’, you instantly feel guilty and therefore even more negative.

Tap into the Power of Thought

The power of thought lies in the realm of subconscious rather than in the constant mind-chatter that fills every waking moment. The key to connecting to the subconscious is mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of soothing the chatter and becoming aware of your inner being; this being is the observer of thought.

There are many methods of achieving mindfulness and to deliberately tap into the power of thought. They include:

  • Meditation – emptying the mind of thought and filling it with a deep stillness. Observing what arises in consciousness and letting it go.
  • Contemplation – focusing on a single thought, exploring it, developing it.
  • Visualization – deliberately conjuring mental pictures. Directed daydreaming.
  • Journaling – writing down whatever thoughts come into your mind.
  • Mantras – repeating a word or combination of words over and over, so that thought chatter can’t make it through.
  • Affirmations – repeating meaningful sentences to motivate and inspire.
  • Relaxation – simply chilling out, doing whatever activity relaxes you.
  • Yoga – a prescriptive discipline which involves holding certain postures, gentle movement and breathing exercises.
  • Movement – from dancing to walking the dog. The movement should be rhythmic and absorbing.
  • Music – spiritual, drumming, bells, whatever you prefer.
  • Surrender – the practice of letting go.
  • Creativity – any absorbing, creative activity.
  • Prayer – religious prayer or communing with source energy, whatever appeals to you. Mentally communicating with a higher intelligence can soothe and clarify your thoughts.

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Fast Life Improvement

In a previous post, How to Improve Your Life – Instantly, we focus on the triple aspects of awareness, appreciation and alignment. Developing these concepts and making them be the focus of your thoughts as much as possible will bring huge benefits and vast improvements. Once your thoughts change on the inside, your outer vistas will also change to match them.

Harnessing the Power of Thought

All the reading in the world won’t help you improve your life unless you understand and harness the power of thought. Setting an intention once a day is less powerful than making a tiny general improvement in your thought frequency. With each raised notch of thinking you will see a corresponding rise in your happiness, well-being and surroundings. 

Make the power of thought be your focus in the coming year.

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