Would You Live in a Haunted Home?

haunted home

Have you ever walked into a potential home – whether you’re buying or renting – and known that it was the right place for you? Perhaps you walk past a building every day and feel compelled to look at it? Or maybe the opposite – you walk into a building and are immediately repelled by its atmosphere? Do you think it’s true that buildings have a soul, or a personality? And if so, can they be benevolent or malevolent? Can one person live in a home where another is unable to settle? Could you live in a haunted home?

Then there are those ghostly residents who seem to be attached to a certain place. Or they might be connected to an object or living person in the home.

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The House Whisperer

Christian Kyriacou calls himself a ‘house whisperer’. Trained and working as an architect, he was introduced to Feng Shui and realized that it resonated deeply with him. He began to pay attention to the buildings he worked in and found he could communicate with them and their ghostly occupants. He picks up messages as if by radio signal, by tuning into the particular resonance of the building and the land it stands on.

He is convinced we don’t always choose our homes, but that they choose us. Which is why sometimes you can enter a potential home and immediately know that you belong there. The house wants you and life there is usually harmonious and peaceful. 

However, he also talks about unfriendly homes, mentioning one couple who had bought a home in England. They completed the purchase, picked up the keys, got to the front door and found that they couldn’t physically open the door. There was no impediment, no stuck lock or anything, they simply couldn’t, or didn’t want to, turn the key and open the door They spent three nights in a hotel and put the house back up for sale.

Another aspect of a building’s energy that occupies Christian, is when a former single family home is divided up into apartments. He says that unless it is done with sympathy and takes into account the ‘wishes’ of the building, it can cause discomfort so that people find their apartments feel unfriendly. Often a building that has been converted into luxury units can, over time, become run down and seedy, only attracting tenants who have negative energies of their own.

Buildings which have been converted from, or stand on the site of, schools, churches, hospitals, psychiatric clinics, factories, or anywhere where a number of people passed through and where traumatic events happened, are often found to be 'unsettling' to their new occupants. 

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A Haunted Home

Sam lived in his home for a year before he met his partner and invited her to move in with him. He arranged to move her belongings from her previous home with the help of a friend, Jack, while she was away for a few days. When Jack drove away with Sam’s girlfriend’s belongings, Sam noticed that a bag had been left in the hallway. Thinking nothing of it he put the bag in his own car and drove home to meet Jack at his own home.

He arrived there before Jack so went in, put the bag, which contained a cardboard puzzle, in the bedroom. He noticed a noise from outside, a neighbor’s new garden pond pump. It was really loud so Sam thought he’d record the sound on his cell phone. When he played it back, he almost dropped the phone in fright as a deep, creepy female voice spoke a series of unintelligible words. He spent the night at Jack’s.

Over the next few months, Sam and his girlfriend experienced many odd disturbances. Shoes would be moved so that they were placed at a ninety degree angle. They’d hear knocking sounds coming from under their second floor bedroom window. Doors would be open that were definitely shut – the bedroom door in particular was very stiff when opened fully because it didn’t clear the carpet properly. Sam would regularly find the door pushed open to its limit. It wasn’t possible that the door could be moved by a draft because it took so much effort to push it fully open.

At first Sam and his girlfriend were creeped out by the various occurrences but over time they have become used to them and he says that the house or the spirit in it, doesn’t feel unfriendly. They’ve learned to live with it.

Oh, that cardboard puzzle? It belonged to Sam’s partner’s husband who passed away several years earlier.

Are Your Dreams Your Own?

Christian Kyriacou says that a person can experience weird dreams when sleeping in certain places. He holds that the dreams are not those of the individual but belong to previous occupants or to the house itself. “Whenever you go to stay at a friend’s home, in a bed and breakfast, or a hotel, You are not dreaming your dreams but dreaming the dreams of that house.” He also says that there is often a resonance between the building’s energy and the person drawn to stay or live in it. This causes an exchange of emotions, dreams and thoughts.

Healing the Energy of a Building

Christian now helps people to come to terms with the energy of their homes. He carries out space clearing and advises home owners on how to work with spirits in a way that both house and inhabitants can live together happily.

Often, as mentioned previously, the home and the occupants are drawn to each other, usually for harmonious reasons but sometimes because they are on a common wavelength. Someone might have a trauma in their past or have experienced a horrible childhood so they are attracted to a home where similar things happened. Christian works with the people and the house itself – when the building is healed, a corresponding healing takes place in its occupants.

Share Your Haunted Home Story

If you think you could be affected by negative energy in your home, one of our experienced psychics will be able to help you. Give them a call. The solution may be a simple one and you’ll find peace both waking and sleeping.

We’d also love to hear your stories of weird happenings in any building you have lived or stayed in. Are there any rooms you avoid? Do you see fleeting shadows and you move through your home? Or maybe your home feels like a person, there to welcome you and envelop you in warmth and happiness – tell us in the comments below.


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