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Have you heard of Switchwords? They’ve been around for a while now, ever since a businessman called James T. Mangan developed a theory that certain words carry vibrations which connect with our subconscious.

Mangan wrote a book, “The Secret of Perfect Living”, about his ideas, but it attracted little attention and swiftly went out of print. The world wasn’t ready for Switchwords at that time. Then a gentleman called Shunyam Nirav found an old copy of Mangan’s book in a bookstore and was entranced by the idea that certain words have the power to influence our thoughts, attitudes and even bend reality favorably. He created a website and wrote a more up-to-date reference guide. Sadly Nirav passed away in 2008. Luckily his work has been taken up by others, eager to share his legacy with the world.

These Switchwords, repeated silently or out loud, have a powerful resonance that can help us in our daily lives. Switchwords are similar to, but not the same as, affirmations. Whereas affirmations are repeated to create a new habit of thought, or change in behavior, Switchwords focus on changing our vibration. Many Switchwords don’t appear to have anything to do with the effect they have.

switchwords writing

For example, the Switchword to help one write is ‘Giggle’. So I spoke the word around ten times just before starting this piece, to help the writing flow. I discovered Switchwords over a decade ago, when contacted by Shunyam Nirav. I tried them for a while and then forgot about them, apart from one or two. They certainly worked and I have no idea why I let my practice slip. However, after rediscovering them a few weeks ago I’ve had some major improvements in my life.

So how might Switchwords help you in your psychic practice? There are many ways that they can enable you to work more efficiently, to increase your psychic capabilities, to ‘flip a switch’ and turn your abilities off, to grow your business and to make your business more attractive.

Of course Switchwords aren’t limited to psychics; they can help anyone to improve their daily lives by incorporating these magical words.

Use Switchwords to:

  • Deepen psychic connections
  • Help you to ‘see’ the future
  • Develop clarity
  • Increase your understanding
  • Put people at their ease
  • Attract new clients

switchwords meeting

How to Use Switchwords

Switchwords have been brought right into the 21st century by Liz Deane. She has written several books, including “Switchwords: How to Use One Word to Get What You Want”. She suggests you get started by using one of the three powerful manifesting words:

Together – the Master Switchword. Together can be spoken  as a single word or before any other Switchwords. It magnifies your desire and makes it happen.

Divine – instructs the universe to deliver a miracle. Use it on its own or with other Switchwords.

Bring – brings what you wish for. Again use it on its own or with other Switchwords.

You can recite Switchwords as you would a mantra. You can gently sing them or think them silently. You can use a word once or many times. The important thing is to focus on the result you are seeking. Mentally see the result having happened already and then begin speaking, whispering or silently saying your Switchword.

switchwords crystal

Switchwords for Improving Psychic Clarity

I’ve put Together a group of Switchwords for you to use before or during a psychic session.

Attention: to enable yourself to pay attention to the smallest detail. Sometimes these barely noticeable things are the key to the whole consultation
Between: enhances psychic abilities and telepathy
Care: to retain information
Clear: to get rid of negativity
Crystal: for clarity, improve clairvoyance, to access the psychic realm and to purify
Divine: to enhance your strengths; to bring about a miracle
Light: to enable healing
Love: to attune the heart Chara and bring emotional well-being
Mask: to protect and shield
Off: to turn off your psychic abilities, and to aid sleep
On: to switch on your psychic abilities
Open: to connect and comprehend
Pure: for spiritual connection
Reach: to find the right words, to find a solution, to locate lost possessions
Sage: to clear a room, or a person, of negative energy
Shine: to bless, lift the level of vibration, lift someone’s mood and to clear negativity
Sweet: to calm
Together: aligns the conscious and subconscious
Wait: to learn a secret
Zen: to get into a meditative state of mind.

You only need one or two at any one time. Feel free to combine words as necessary. For example, using Together Shine after a session will dispel all dark energy and revitalize the atmosphere. At the same time, you will be able to process the information and influences that arose during the reading.

Switchwords business 1

Switchwords for Increasing Business

Attention: to focus on necessary details
Be: to be the best you can be
Bluff: to avoid anxiety
Bring: to manifest your desire
Bubble: to raise energy and excitement. To exceed your limitations
Chlorine: to network successfully, to mingle and socialize
Conduit: to negotiate a pathway; to deal with obstacles
Count: to make money
Divine: to manifest miracles
Do: to vanquish procrastination
Elate: to turn a setback into a positive
Find: to make a lot of money
For: to promote
Give: to sell (an appointment, time slot) encourage people to use your services
Hole/Whole: to increase your charisma
Judge: to study, improve skills and understanding
Move: for a burst of physical energy
Personal: to create a website, newsletter or other form of business promotion (also ‘Sophisticate’ will have similar results)
Phase: to set goals and find a routine that works for you
Plenty: for abundance and generosity
Put: to develop and build
Reach: to solve business problems, to find a solution
Ridiculous: to receive publicity
Scheme: to advertise, promote and produce
Stretch: to continue a rewarding period of business
Tap: to persuade someone
Together: Master Switch word to get what you need and want
Transform: to make positive change
Up: to gain confidence and positive energy
Watch: to learn a new skill
With: to be compatible with other people
Yes! To eliminate procrastination and to self-motivate.

Use these words in the day-to-day running of your psychic business. Or indeed, any other kind of business. The Master Switchword, ‘Together’ is your best helper here. Put it before any other Switchword to improve, develop and increase your business and clientele.

Together Open Pure

 BevTroi is a writer, blogger and researcher with a strong interest in tarot, psychic phenomena, relationships and art journals. She has a partner, three children, six dogs and four cats. They all live in a small Welsh village. She spends most days writing, walking and cleaning 🙂 Read more articles by Troi at her website:Tarot Study.
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