Signs of Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening understanding

A spiritual awakening can be a wonderful experience – or it can be the most painful process you will ever undergo. Knowing you are undergoing an emotional and sometimes physical transformation helps, so it’s a good thing to recognize the signs of spiritual awakening. Firstly…

Signs of spiritual awakening

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

In simple terms, a spiritual awakening is ‘awareness’. It can be fairly low-level or it can be life changing. If you are lucky it proceeds in gentle stages. If you are not so lucky it may happen in a short space of time and be traumatic.

So awareness of what exactly? It’s about understanding who you are – and who you are may not be who you were before. It’s understanding your inherent goodness… and the parts of your psyche which don't serve you well. It’s to do with a realization that reality is not as it appears. And it’s about coming to terms with all that without causing extreme anxiety in your loved ones. In essence, spiritual awakening is a huge change in your very being. Your beliefs are challenged and your perception undergoes a 180 degree turn. There is confusion but at the same time, many things become clear.

Ultimately, when you come to terms with the change, you become accepting, serene and content. The world slows down and you discover many benefits of becoming spiritually aware.

Spiritual awakening can happen spontaneously, during or after a significant event, or you can embark on the process voluntarily using various techniques, such as meditation and yoga. If you decide to undergo this journey, we advise that you do so under the guidance of an experienced and wise teacher.

The Stages and Signs of Spiritual Awakening

  • The first stage is where you have been most of your life. Your way of being. You don’t even recognize this as a stage because it is what you are used to. You might be aware of the first stirrings of change, an intimation that something is going to happen.
  • The second stage can be a trigger event or simply a subtle shift. A trigger event might be anything that causes you to question your perception or is so emotional that you can never feel the same afterwords. A subtle shift is more difficult to spot. You might find that you have a growing interest in spiritual or psychic subjects, or you are drawn to certain information. You notice you feel a resonance with opinions and theories that you hadn't considered previously. Sometimes, the shft will occur because you have deliberately changed your mindset, perhaps to do with diet or exercise. You realize that your mind is more powerful than you ever thought it was.
  • The third stage is generally more difficult. You will find yourself asking questions, comparing your new insights with everything you have been taught and previously accepted as truth. Old layers are peeled away and the dawning of understanding can be quite shocking. This may mean sloughing off religious teaching, changing your view of government and politics, or even feeling that you want to leave your family and friends to find a new community. Many people remain at this stage as the turmoil of having got this far is overwhelming enough and they spend the remainder of their life coming to terms with the new ideas and understanding. This is the stage where people become campaigners, change their careers, go ‘off-grid’, sell everything they own, travel the world, write profound books and other activities that seem out of character compared to their life to date.
  • The fourth stage of spiritual awakening is when your energy transforms. Some call it ‘spontaneous opening of the chakras’ where the energy centers throughout the body and aura begin to open. Energetic information flows in and out. In eastern philosophy it’s described as ‘kundalini awakening’.  You may feel quite ill during this process. You feel you are not in control of your own thoughts. Symptoms include migraines, mood swings, insomnia, energy surges, loss of appetite, euphoria and a feeling of being consumed by love. At this stage it is wise to make sure that your mental, emotional and physical health is not compromised. It is difficult to know the difference between a physical and spiritual cause, so please do get yourself checked out by a medical professional.
  • The fifth and usually final stage is peaceful and accepting. Often a spiritually awakened person will feel ‘blissed out’. You will change your habits, your food choices, sleep patterns. You may discover your creative genius and your work will be based around it. You may find yourself wanting and needing to teach others. You become gentle and non-combative. You don’t argue because there’s nothing for you to change. You don’t need to convince anyone of anything.

spiritual awakening clarity

The Benefits of Spiritual Awakening

The benefits of being spiritually awakened are immense. You are super-human yet also microscopic. You feel as if you are an intrinsic part of the cosmos – you always have been and always will be, for infinity. You understand that religion is not where source is; you are where source is. It is not some disconnected deity, but in and around you, as you are part of it. You find clarity in the puzzle of human existence; the purpose of life, your life, becomes clear.

You reconcile the various aspects of your life. Nothing will ever be the same and you will never be the same, yet life will be beautiful as you understand there is no good and bad, only perception. You realize you don’t have to change the world – it is fine as it is. You will treat others as though they are your own babies because you know that we are all the same, part of the whole.

You also find you have certain gifts such as being able to slow down time, increased psychic awareness, and a special ‘knowing’. That last gift, ‘knowing’, is your intuition, your sub-conscious coming to take its place alongside your normal conscious state. In fact the whole awakening process is based on this happening. You are tuned-in, you know what is going on beneath the surface. Sub-text assumes clarity; nothing is hidden.

You feel as though you have been broken into small pieces, shaken up and put back together. You realize that death is not important because we never really die. Life becomes what it is meant to be – fulfilling, joyful and love-full.

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