Signs of Awakening Awareness: Your Life is About to Change

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You are already feeling it, aren’t you? You are beginning to notice small, or not-so-small, changes in yourself and in your life. These are the signs of awakening awareness. These are the signs that you and your life is about to undergo a radical and profound change. Welcome to the new you.

It generally starts with niggling feeling of mild dissatisfaction. You feel there’s more out there, or that you have such a huge potential that your current life can’t contain it, let alone sustain and nurture it. You are being called. But to what? The question is like a thorn, insistent and irritating. So what's it all this about? How do you translate the signs of awakening awareness into real, positive change?

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The good news is that you can experience and undergo the awakening of awareness without dramatically changing anything about your current life. Of course, that’s not to say you won’t make a complete change, just that you don’t need to.

Your Life Purpose

We all wonder if we are here to fulfill some specific life purpose. That there is some task or job we must do in order to be complete. It’s true that many people seem to find a purpose without trying. Something jolts them into action, or an accidental meeting will set them off in a new direction. That, however, is the result of their vibration, their emotional state. They were already asking for change. Meanwhile, the rest of us are pondering; wondering when and how we’ll discover our life purpose. 

Firstly, know that your life purpose is already in place. Everyone’s life purpose is to experience. In order to expand and grow humanity—think of it as a big ephemeral cloud, pulsing with energy—humans need to experience. Whether that is pushing the boundaries of endurance or walking the dog. We are constantly sending feedback of our experience back into the cloud. You are already fulfilling the purpose of life. So this feeling of awakening isn’t that. Not really.

Inner Change

It might start as an external event, but you feel it within. A change in your perception. Perhaps your heart and soul have opened a little? Perhaps you are becoming aware of new possibilities? It’s not a huge tsunami of change, but a slight shift. That’s the very first sign that you are awakening. You have to recognize it, hold onto it and use it. Most people probably don’t notice it at all, and if they do, they thrust it aside because their boss just offered them some extra hours.

Try to catch hold of the feeling of inner change. Don’t try to analyze it intellectually; instead feel it fully. Question it. What is it telling you? Ask for more signs and clues. It’s important to understand that this feeling is as true and honest as it gets. It’s exciting.

Outer Signs of Awakening Awareness

External signs have been with you all your life, it’s only when you begin to notice them and assign them meaning, do they become significant. For example, you notice a beautiful bird, or a leaf changing color, or the texture of bark on a tree. As you look at it, you realize that this moment, this focus of your attention is so much more important than events on the news, or what you are cooking later for dinner, or the report you are supposed to write. That profound, almost heartbreaking, moment can never be repeated. It will never occur in that same way again. That’s why it is important. You noticed it, and you felt it. It was unique to you—no-one else saw it. You really EXPERIENCED. That’s an awakening. 

Those moments of truth, beauty, awareness, and awakening can happen at any time. You might be cooking dinner and notice the perfection of a bell pepper, or the incredible patterns on a portion of romanesco broccoli. Once you begin to see beauty and perfection all around you, you will keep seeing it. Fill your soul with these moments. They mean you are living fully in the present.

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Acting on Your New Awareness

There aren’t any requirements for you to act on your awakened awareness. It’s perfectly possible to carry on, loving the increasing joy that begins to seep into your life as you appreciate the changes in your perception. However, you may well  feel you have to do something. But what? Perhaps it’s time to pick up a paintbrush, or to adopt a puppy, or start that novel? Maybe it’s the right time for a career change? Or to give up work, sell all your possessions, buy a camper van and just go?

You could change how you live right where you are. Go minimalist. Stop buying stuff you don’t need. Change your diet. Sell your TV. There are many inspiring people who have done those things, or similar, and feel a whole lot better for it.

Purge Those Complexities

Are there people and commitments in your life that no longer serve you? Do you do things for the sake of appearances or out of duty, even though inside you are screaming in protest? Think about it. This is your life. For all you know it is the only life you will ever have. The most precious thing about it is not what you own or what you earn, it is your time. Time is currency. Do you spend your currency well? 

Undertake an assessment of all the ways you spend your time and energy. Keep what is important to you, what repays you in satisfaction and love—get rid of everything else. That ‘friend’ who is only using you to do favors for her… drop her, she’ll find someone else. What about the possessions you hang on to because they belonged to your granny? Do you really want them? They are only things, taking up space and asking to be dusted. Sell them, your granny won’t mind.

Be Patient

If you are beginning to feel frustrated that your path is not clear, don’t worry about it. The time isn’t right. Continue to experience the beauty and wonder in life. Look for the best in every moment. Meditate, nap, or just be.

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