Seven Days of Magic

Will you have a really good week? Could you make this week be one of your best? Here at Psychic Elements we love that happiness is just a thought away. We love the idea that magic is everywhere and all we have to do is tap into it. It’s all about our mindset. This is a schedule of short, easy-to-do daily practices – we want you to have seven days of magic.

How to get the Most from Seven Days of Magic

You’ll need to bookmark this page so you can return to it each day. Alternatively, you can print it out and keep it with you. Focus on one practice each day. If you miss a day, simply repeat it. You don’t have to stop after the seven days are up, you can repeat the cycle as often as you like.

You won’t need any equipment or materials, no candles or crystals – just an open mind and the willingness to give it a try.

seven days of magic

Day 1. I Love Me

The first day is all about you. When you wake up, stay still for a moment and say to yourself, “I love you.”

Many people find this very hard to do. They believe that love should be given to everyone except themselves. They may be confident and sassy on the surface, but they have difficulty in actually addressing themselves and saying, “I love you,” and meaning it. 

If you are one of those people, start by loving your feet. Say, “I love you, feet.” After all, your feet work really hard for you, so telling them you love them is well overdue. Do the same for your legs, torso, arms and hands. Then your phenomenal brain. Then try a general, “I Love You.” To your inner being; your magnificent spirit. It feels great. 

Throughout the day, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, remember to tell yourself, “I love you.” Say it over and over as much as you can. And last thing at night… go to sleep with those words imprinted on your dreams. 

Day 2. Beam Love

Wake up, and like yesterday, say, “I love you.” Grab hold of the feeling of being love-filled and make the intention of beaming love outward. Today is for sharing the tank of love energy you collected yesterday. Remember that the tank can never be depleted as long as you acknowledge that it is there. “I love you,” will top it up endlessly.

As you go through your day, see yourself sending love to everyone, every thing and every situation. There is no-one and no-thing that cannot benefit from a little love beam. You don’t have to say a word to anyone.

Send love to your colleagues, your boss, your worst enemy. Just keep beaming that love energy.

At bedtime, send out a big wave of love to the universe.

seven days of magic love yourself

Day 3. Say Thank You

Today is thanks giving day (lower case). Awake and say, “I love you. I really really love you. Thank you for being me” You’re getting the idea of this now, aren’t you?

Carry on with your day, saying a mental thank you for everything. Your coffee maker, your shoes, your front door. Say thank you out loud as often as you can. If you can do it with a  smile, then all the better.

Day 4. Appreciation Day

Appreciation is similar to thank you, but is closer to love. Wake up and say, “I love you. I appreciate all that I am.” Hold the thought and bring it to your awareness as often as you can. 

Think about appreciation. Roll the word around – isn’t it good? 

Appreciate everyone today. There’s no need to say anything but if you can squeeze in a few, “I really appreciate it,” then all to the good. If there is a special someone, tell them that you appreciate them and why. They’ll love it.

seven days of magic abundance

Day 5. Abundance Day

The words, “I love you,” should be on your lips or in your mind every morning now. Today you will notice how much abundance surrounds you. When you begin to notice, and appreciate the wealth in your life, the universe will bring you more of it to appreciate. The more you acknowledge your abundance, the more abundance will be delivered to you. 

First, as you get out of bed, remember to breathe deeply of all that free air. There’s so much of it. And it’s free. Isn’t that wonderful?

Perhaps you’ll shower… all that lovely warm water. The shampoo at your fingertips. Then there’s coffee… oh… coffee. Or green tea or you preferred morning beverage. It’s all there for you. 

Look around. Your home, your possessions. So much of them. You have everything you need. Sure you might prefer new stuff, but meanwhile, notice how much wealth you have attracted.

As the day unfolds, take notice of all the abundance. If you hear of someone winning the lottery, beam love and appreciation. Be happy for them. Think about money – there’s so much of it in the world. There’s enough for everyone should they be of the mindset to reach for it. 

When you get into bed, revel in the comfort, the coziness, the prospect of the chance to rest in your nest. Don’t forget, “I love you,” as you drift off.

Day 6. Life is Easy Day

Wake up! I love you! This might be a weekend day, so relax, enjoy that feeling of not having to get up unless you want to. Today, every thing is easy. Even if you have to work. Just keep saying, “It’s easy, life is so easy for me.” Notice when things are easy. When problems resolve themselves, or someone else deals with it. 

“Everything is easy for me. I love that it is all so easy.” Even if your car breaks down or you get an unexpected bill in the mail. “It’ll get sorted. Life is always easy for me.”

Have a very easy day, and don’t forget to say, “I love you,” before you go to sleep.

seven days of magic coffee

Day 7. Feeling Good Day

Today you get to feel good all day. As you wake, say “I love you and I feel SO good.” Perhaps you will give yourself a treat for almost completing your seven days of magic? No guilt. You deserve it.

The exercises of the past six days all come together today. Reflect on how much love is in your life, how you appreciate self and others. All the abundance that surrounds you. How easy it is when you assume it will be easy. Think about how you can incorporate the seven days of magic thinking into every day. 

“I feel good,” is today’s mantra. Feel it.

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