Repeating Numbers – What do they Mean?

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Do you see repeating numbers? Perhaps you awake at 4:44 every morning, or maybe you just happen to look at your computer clock at 11:11? How about license plate numbers, phone numbers, house and store street numbers? Have you glanced at your car’s odometer and see it roll over to 55,555 or 66,666? Some people feel as though they are haunted by a certain repeating number or combination of numbers. Repeated numbers may come in singles, doubles, trebles or quads.

A similar phenomenon occurs with tarot cards – the same card seems to turn up time after time until the message is absorbed or a lesson learned. Tarot readers know to take note of that card and act or respond accordingly. The same applies to repeated digits.

Pay attention to those repeating numbers and find out what message the universe is trying to tell you.


One is an active number. It is associated with the Magician in the tarot. It is the male force, the first prime number. When you see repeated 1s be prepared to take the lead, to act on your hunches, and to demonstrate courage. You might be faced with a situation where you have to take one side or another. There’s no need to hesitate – seeing repeated 1s means you know exactly which is right and which is wrong.


Two is feminine and associated with the High Priestess. It is the number of attraction and partnerships. Two is balance and harmony. When you see repeating 2s, you might have to make a decision between two equal options. If you are single, it could mean that you won’t be on your own for much longer. While 2 is a number of peace, it doesn’t mean it isn’t strong. The number 2 has hidden strength and determination. However, its real strength is in its ability to be flexible.

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Three is the combination of 2+1; the masculine and the feminine. Hence, it is associated with the Empress of the tarot, the representation of fertility, birth, growth and abundance. Many 3s indicate teamwork, cooperation and coming together for a common cause. Seeing 3s around you might mean you become involved in a joint project or facilitate the birthing of a creative dream.


Four is the number of stability. The Emperor is the fourth Major Arcana of the tarot deck. He represents order and authority. Repeating 4s can indicate the influence of a father-figure or perhaps the need for you to exert some self-discipline. Or it could be that you should let go of your desire to control an outcome or even a person. Examine your life to see if you need more or less control.


Five is unbalanced and, therefore, presents challenges. Five in tarot is the Hierophant, the wise voice of reason. It is the voice that whispers ‘hold back, wait and see’. 5s could be indicating that you are taking unnecessary risks and stirring up trouble – or that someone is doing that to you. Five is unsettled, always searching, never satisfied. When you become aware of many 5s, you should pay attention and exercise caution.  Look to creating balance in your life.


Six is harmonious and balanced. It is a healing number. In tarot, it is the Lovers card. However, it doesn’t mean it is all lovely in the garden. Sometimes repeating 6s indicate a life-changing choice or an alternate pathway. If you are waiting for results, then seeing sixes confirm that you will achieve the desired outcome. 6 is also the number of play and childhood so allow your inner child to express itself when six appears regularly.

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Seven is the number of spirituality. The Chariot is the seventh Major in the tarot, where it represents individuality and will. Several 7s indicate the urge to explore, to question, to upset the balance to discover truth. Seven can be uncomfortable, but also the feeling that you are doing the right thing for yourself, that your feet are, at last, on the right path. Repeating 7s mean you will be embarking on a personal quest; you are in the process of learning about yourself.


Eight is a bridge between the material and spiritual world. In tarot, 8 can be both Strength and Justice; modern decks tend to assign it to quiet Strength. 8s mean movement or the lack of it. Seeing 8s repeatedly can mean you must keep moving, or that you must break away from a situation. Eight tells you to draw on your inner strength. Sometimes 8s can show the need for group organization to get a project off the ground. Each person in the group must take equal responsibility and play their part.


Nine is a magical number. Its unique mathematical properties are renowned. Nine is sophisticated and experienced. It is nearing completion. In the tarot, nine is the Hermit – the archetype of wisdom, study and teaching. It is apart, but integrated. 9 knows where it's at. 9s encompass the higher realms of consciousness. It is instinctive and intuitive, and it also values logic and facts. When you see 9s, then understand that all is working in your favor, that your  life is on the up. Improvements permeate everything – your relationships, finances, health, and knowledge.


Zero is nothing. And it is everything. 0 is The Fool, who represents potential. He sees no evil or risk – he has complete trust that he is taken care of by the universe. He steps into an abyss with faith that all is well. There is no thinking in 0 because there is no thought. When you see 0s, let the power of the universe flow through you. Many 0s are a sign to relax, meditate, empty your mind, release your worries, wait and go with the flow – you have no choice, there’s nothing else you can do. Think of zero as a landing stage – pretty soon, the passing of time will open the door to the next life cycle.

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