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What is a Remote Viewing Psychic?

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A Psychic with remote viewing capability is trained to acquire accurate knowledge directly; this is not necessarily available to one's physical senses, ordinarily. It is the detection of these things and events or targeted components such as things that are distant in space and time or in the future, the present or the past that is verified by the method of remote viewing.

Remote Viewing was developed and used by The Department Of Defense (DOD) to collect intelligence such as noted results in the renown, "Stargate" project. This project and task has had a very long historical significance in fact, as an intelligence tool to gather important information.

A Remote View

Remote Viewing is just one form of psychic ability. This is an ability that one has to view with their mind's eye, something that is not presently in front of you in space or time. To use your psychic faculties simply means reaching beyond the level of the five defined scientific senses. Thus, there is far more to the reality than what the senses are revealing to you.

Anyone who has such knowledge of the electromagnetic spectrum surely realizes that one's eyes and ears can only perceive a very small and narrow margin of the defined frequencies that abound and interlace within our own environment. A sixth sense has long been labeled one’s ability to intuit extrasensory information.

In fact, there are many websites that describe the context of Remote Viewing, and there are many former US military agents that have come forward to testify about the United States government, as well as other governing bodies, that have also used similar training and tactics to heighten the psychic abilities of the gifted for over thirty years in said high level political arenas. Thus, SRI, formerly known as the Stanford Research Institute, has in fact been training Remote Viewers for over twenty years.




How is Remote Viewing different from the other psychic methodology?

Remote Viewing came into existence for the knowing from a "tried and tested formula of scientific protocols", which have stated goals and these include:


  • Keeping the viewer focused,
  • Keeping the data clean and
  • Keeping the viewer and the data along a track that tries to prove "psi" can be the only source for the information.


"Psi" is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet and it is also the first letter of the word "psyche". This is the very term that parapsychologists use as a general reference to all types of psychic experiences, events or phenomena that appear to be in correlation to the mind or psyche and that, which may not be explained by "tried and true", physical principles of science.

In concrete terms, remote viewers are classic psychics. The protocols of remote viewing do not affect one's psychic quality in a negative or a positive way. However, what does occur is the utilization of a filter and the cleaning out of determinant noise that is created by the remote viewer from and during a remote viewing collection process. This means that clean accurate results can be verified against real feedback.




Remote Viewing Protocols

Remote Viewing protocols are used for gifted practitioners whose clairvoyance can be verified. So Remote Viewing is just all about psychic verification tactics.

Remote Viewing is anything psychic, or any kind of intuitive impression this includes a clairvoyant, or from tools like tarot cards, even channelled and acquired information, but most often its handwritten words, sketches and impressions onto sheets of paper.

Thus the act of Remote Viewing is actually defined by how it's done. SRI (Stanford Research Institute) was required to conduct and create a set of rules or protocols to both clearly define and determine exactly what remote viewing was and to also make sure it was scientifically testable.

These defined protocols that comprise Remote Viewing are as follows:


  • Aimed and Planned: this psychic session is planned and completed with a purpose. If the result is a spontaneous insight or the psychic has a dream, then that is not defined as Remote Viewing. RV is done with the intention to collect determinant information on a specific target.
  • Double-Blind: in this scientific experiment, the person who gives the answers should not know the question, thus, it is called blind or in fact single-blind. However, Remote Viewing's requirement is the condition of being double-blind. This means there are two – double – layers of being blind. It also means the psychic does not know the target, and neither does anybody else who is presently with the psychic during the session – not even by remote means, like with a webcam or a phone – can know the specified target either. This is the case because even pheromones or voice-frequencies, and many other invisible types of physiological senses can transmit such information below the human, conscious level.
  • Feedback is explained as follows: although one can most certainly be psychic about anything, such as the future, for example, but in order to validate or confirm the data is indeed psychic and not just a wild guess, it must be at least in part correct. In order to verify what is actually correct, what is needed is the real verifiable information to compare it to the data in a remote viewing session. This information is considered feedback.





Joe McMoneagle and SRI (Stanford Research Institute)

Joseph McMoneagle was one of several original officers in fact recruited for the "Stargate Project", which was top-secret. He was heavily involved in the remote viewing experiments as conducted by the U.S. Army Intelligence and the Stanford Research Institute.

Joe McMonegale explains as follows: "Remote viewing is the ability to produce information that is correct about a place, event, person, object or concept, which is located somewhere else in time and space, and which is completely blind to the remote viewer and others taking part in the process of collecting the information."

The defining Remote Viewing requirements are as follows:


  1. All persons involved and present during a remote viewing session should be essentially blind to the target. There should also be some form or definite means of validating the material acquired during the session after the remote viewing has been completed. So there should be feedback of some kind as a verification method.
  2. Thus Remote Viewing requirements set remote viewing apart from other forms of the collection of paranormal information, and there is a reason for this. It is because of the 60 or so scientists involved in the years of work, sweat and thought of the SRI Remote Viewing studies in addition to the considerable amount of money at the time used to establish the veracity of the remote viewing study. Also, during this time, the governance of SRI clearly defined the aforementioned protocols and ground rules that were classifying these measuring tactics of psychic ability as verifiable remote viewing.





Why Remote Viewing Psychic Study?

The SRI scientists didn't create remote viewing to separate it from other forms of the paranormal. It was done so that remote viewing wouldn't be viewed like any other form of paranormal. SRI created this psychic technique, so that this research technique could bring credibility and validity into the field and study of paranormal functioning.

So regardless as to how a gifted psychic might work or be trained for remote viewing, once this procedure of remote viewing is applied for study or verification, the resultant target should be blinded to all involved in the study and in the room of paranormal remote viewing.

SRI states very clearly that those who might throw something together and classify it as remote viewing are doing a disservice to SRI labs and people and they are diluting the determinant value and significance that was brought by these field respected studies and all that was accomplished as verified data to the field of the paranormal. Thus, Remote Viewing Psychics are verified as to their intuit ability of the sixth sense.




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