Psychic Gifts: Control the Weather with Your Mind

Psychic Gifts Control the Weather with Your Mind rain

For thousands of years human beings have believed they can influence and manipulate the weather to their advantage. From dancing for rain, to praying for sunshine to dry the crops, we’ve been gazing at the sky and doing our utmost to influence weather conditions. Maybe you have a psychic talent for changing the weather? Have you ever tried using your psychic gifts to banish rain and bring the sunshine?

Psychic Gifts Control the Weather with Your Mind clouds
Ideal cloudbusting conditions. Photo by Adriel Kloppenburg on Unsplash

Psychic Powers: Cloudbusting

Next time there’s a dry, slightly breezy day, with small fluffy clouds sailing above you, try a little cloudbusting. Lie on your back, relax and pick a small cloud. Stare hard at it and in your mind’s eye, see it fade to blue. In your mind, or out loud if no-one’s near, say, “Cloud, be gone.” Keep looking at it and watch the edges begin to turn lacy and disappear. Pretty soon the whole cloud will have gone. You did that. Once you have tried cloudbusting, you’ll want to keep doing it.

As well as practicing disappearing clouds, try to make two join up. Or try disappearing thicker clouds. Or perhaps make a sky-hole in one so the blue sky peeks through. 

So what’s happening here? Cloudbusting is a form of telekinesis; mind over matter. Most people find that’s about as far as they can go with telekinetic weather control. Anything more testing is too difficult.

You might enjoy this video of a psychic changing the shape of a cloud from irregular to square. It’s impressive, especially as two clouds change their shape. It’s also very, very funny.

Psychic Weather Control

It’s possible that a group of people with the same goal in mind can alter weather patterns. Native Americans and Australian tribes, even today, perform dances in order to bring rain to their parched land. In the past, there were specialist rainmakers who could be persuaded to come visit and bring their weather controlling skills with them, in order to save herders’ cattle from thirst and starvation. 

In Africa tribes looked to their kings to produce rain. According to custom it was the king’s responsibility to make the land fertile, and the people and animals thrive. Should the king not be able to fulfill his brief, he was usually killed. During the dust bowl drought in the 1930s, traveling showmen gleaned a living by performing rainmaking rituals. Most were fraudulent.

Praying for Rain. Or Not

Many farmers turn to religion when faced with losing their livelihoods to drought. However, if you are aware of law of attraction, you will understand that praying or pleading makes you focus on lack. The best way to attract the conditions that you want is to picture and assume it’s already happened. To demonstrate you have complete confidence you will get the ideal conditions.

A personal story: I woke up on my wedding day a long time ago and it was a dull, damp and drizzly day. It really affected my feelings about the wedding itself. I had my hair done and my mother helped me dress. I got into the wedding car with my grandfather who was giving me away. As we drove through the rain, I decided to change my perspective. I knew without doubt that this would be a good day. It didn’t matter what the weather was like, it would be a good day. I felt it with every fiber of my being. As we drove up the hill toward the church, the sun came out. By the time we got to the church it was a brilliant sunny day and turned out to be the hottest September day for years. I don’t take credit for changing the weather, but it seems that changing your attitude might make a difference.

Karin and her young son visited a play park. The sun was shining pleasantly, but it made the metal structure of the jungle gym too hot for the little boy to touch. He encouraged his mom to ‘pray for some clouds.’ Karin duly sat and wished for clouds. She was quite impressed when a few small ones appeared, but they weren’t sufficient to cool down the playground, so she continued focusing on bringing more. Within a few minutes there was an odd little stream of clouds floating across the sun. Not enough to spoil the sunny day, but just enough to allow the metal of the jungle gym to cool down.

Daylle ran a playgroup for children. They had outings most Wednesdays. Daylle hated having to cancel or postpone trips the children looked forward to, so she used affirmations to ensure their days out weren’t spoiled by rain. She says it was uncanny how it always worked. And, even when there was rain in nearby areas, her group of children always had dry weather. She says that over the years she has perfected her weather-controlling techniques and has realized that she has more success when she has a good reason to change the weather than if her desire is merely based on her personal preference. In other words, there has to be a specific event that benefits by certain weather conditions.

Her tips for controlling the weather include:

  • Have a specific and important reason for wanting rain or sunshine.
  • Put your whole desire onto getting the weather you want.
  • Cultivate a certain KNOWING that it will be exactly how you want it to be.
  • Keep affirming, keep knowing.

Getting the Weather You Desire

Psychic Gifts Control the Weather with Your Mind umbrella
Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

Use Your Own Psychic Gifts to Control the Weather

Changing the weather with your mind is one of the easiest and most accessible areas to practice your psychic gifts. People who are not sure how to channel their psychic energy may practice on the weather. 

Perhaps you could focus on using your psychic powers for the good of others? What conditions would help farmers in your area? Maybe you have had torrential rain that everybody wishes would stop? Or not enough rain? How about you try to stir up a little breeze on a hot day?

Remember that the key to controlling the weather by telekinesis is by:

  • Setting your intention
  • Having no doubt
  • Seeing the outcome as a given
  • Knowing.

Wikipedia: Rainmaking

Featured image: Sarah Diniz Outeiro on Unsplash


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  1. Am Not like you.when am not happy the sky is not happy.and when am happy the sky is also happy.but when it raining i can just use my eyes and my mind to control the rain. And it will stop.but not emdetly if you tell the rain to stop in the nest 1mins i just give it 60sec and it all over but most at time it drawn a lot of energy and i get hungry and it makes me eat a lot

  2. I moved a small winter storm south of me last year because if it had iced like they said it was going to, there would have been a very good chance that I would have slid off a road. I was traveling to Eureka Springs, AR and those roads are ridiculous on a dry, sunny day. Ice later in the evening? No thank you. I thought it was a fluke and didn't pay a lot of attention to it until this past week. My sister lives in Pompano Beach, FL and for many days the forecast models showed her talking a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian. I was terrified and determined. I moved the storm on two occasions over a few days and sent it just north enough, early enough, to miss her and much of her state entirely. I checked the forecasts, models, updates etc. and the storm moved specifically when I was telling it to and it went back to it's regular course when I finished. I've saved the screenshots of the course deviations. I guess this is something I can do. I don't plan on messing with weather as a habit, but it's crazy to think I can if I need to.

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