Is Magic Real?

Is magic real

Here at Psychic Elements, we know that magic is real. But the kind of magic we believe in isn’t the Harry Potter ‘whoosh… sparks… and it’s gone’ kind of thing. We know that magic is usually much slower than that; a gradual unfolding of events or a coming together of the right circumstances to make something happen. Is magic real? Make up your own mind.

Is magic real

First a personal story. Many years ago when my partner’s son was seventeen years old, he left his mother’s home and disappeared. Everyone was pretty sure he’d gone off to a friend’s place after an argument with his mom. My partner was so anxious he asked me to light a candle for his boy. So I did. I put the boy’s name on a slip of paper, with a ‘command’ that he phone a member of the family to let them know he was okay. I placed the paper on my stove top and placed a fresh, anointed (rubbed with essential oil) candle on a saucer on top of the paper. I lit the candle focusing on an inner picture of the boy phoning home. I left the candle to burn safely where it was and went about my daily routine. Fifteen minutes later the phone rang. Yep, it was him. He didn’t ring his mom, his dad or any other member of his family. He rang me. We weren’t even close; I’d only been with his dad about a year at the time. At first, I completely forgot that I’d just done the spell – I couldn’t make the connection. But there it was – magic in action.

Since then, I have used this simple candle spell many times. I bring missing cats home. I help my dogs’ minor illnesses and injuries disappear overnight. I get my car fixed quickly and easily. Often I can get things to fix themselves. Is magic real? Absolutely.

What Can You Use Magic For?

You can try it on anything. I have had better success with such things as I mentioned above. I haven’t yet won the lottery, though I can’t actually recall trying to using magic to win – it feels a little icky to contemplate. I do remember being very poor a long time ago and desperate for a small amount of money to get me through the week. I think that was my very first spell. It was just a short money ritual using a green candle and a chant I found in a book. The next morning an envelope arrived in the mail. Inside was a check from my father for £25.00 (about $35 then). There was no note, only the check. That’s all I needed to get me to the end of the week. When I phoned him to thank him, I asked why he sent it. He replied that he didn’t know, he simply had the urge to write the check and post it. The funny thing was, he’d done it the previous afternoon. I didn’t do the spell until much later. Magic can fold time.

The Magic Behind Magic

If you’ve been reading the Psychic Element blog for a while, you’ll know that we often talk about energy. The whole universe is made of energy, including us. Magic is simply manipulating energy with thought, which is also energy, and emotions – again, also energy. If you begin to think of yourself and everything around you as a swirling vortex of vibrational energy, you will begin to know that you can control it – up to a point. 

Why ‘up to a point’? Because other people are also controlling their energy, or doing so inadvertently. You can sometimes manipulate the energy of another, as I did in the two examples above, but you cannot always do so. Neither should you try. In the case of the missing son, it was a direct manipulation. In the case of the money spell, it was slightly different. My dad was the one able to fulfill the ‘energetic obligation’ in the easiest and quickest way. In both cases, no harm was done.

Can Magic be Harmful?

Yes it can. That’s why you have to be careful of using it thoughtlessly. I did something once and it created havoc in my life for a while. I mentioned my partner earlier. Well, in the beginning, things were tough for us. Although we only lived 27 miles apart, it was a two-hour car journey to get to each other as we were divided by a large estuary. And neither of us owned a car. Every time we wanted to see each other, we had to hire a vehicle. After conducting this long distance relationship for a while, he decided to get a job near me and move in. My apartment was tiny and not conducive to a happy relationship. He missed his home. I hated the lack of space. We were on the verge of breaking up. In fact, I wanted to break up. I had to make him leave in order to get the space I craved. So I conducted a banishing ritual to make him leave of his own accord. Two days later he had packed and gone. 

But, we still loved each other. He was in turmoil, as was I. He wanted to be with me, but the spell was messing with him. He couldn’t return. Neither did I want him to at that point. We were stuck. I felt I couldn’t lift the spell, otherwise, we’d be back to where we started. So we muddled on for a few months, making do with visits. We began talking about buying a house together, which seemed like a much better idea, so I lifted the spell – a simple ritual of writing down the original spell, tearing up the paper, blowing out a candle and opening the windows. Within three months, I’d conceived our daughter and we found the house where we are living now. Oh… and I used magic to find the right home for us too.

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Magic Spell to Find a Home

  • Take a large piece of card, say 30 by 20 inches.
  • Cut out some photos of suitable homes and stick them on the card.
  • Write on the card some attributes that are important. We needed a safe garden for our family and lots of space.
  • Write down anything else that seems relevant. I put down the maximum we wanted to pay. The area. I also stuck in some real estate agents’ adverts of suitable properties.
  • Take as long as you need to create your magical home vision board.

One evening, during the period of the waxing (growing) moon, I placed the now heavily collaged card in front of me. Closed my eyes and visualized the home I wanted. Opened my eyes and placed a candle on a holder on top of the card. I lit the candle while holding the thought that I knew the Universe would deliver exactly what was best for us.

Three days later, I saw a new-on-the-market house advertised in the local newspaper. I knew right there, without seeing it, it was the right one. Four bedrooms, three reception rooms – plenty of space. My mother and I went to view, and with the blessing of my partner, I put an offer in there and then. And here we still are.

Is magic real. You bet it is.

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  1. I love this! Great article! I use magic all the time, and yes,if you do not know what you are doing, it can be dangerous. Magic can bring happiness and joy. It all depends on the person doing the magic.

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