How To Protect Yourself Against Evil

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There is a great wave of negative energy engulfing the world at this time, and it really appears that evil is gaining ground, both globally and on an individual level. Many are wondering how to protect their families and themselves from becoming caught up in this negative energy. We have gathered a mix of practical and psychic methods to help protect yourself against evil.

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Practical Ways To Protect Yourself and Your Family

We’re not suggesting for one second that you wrap your children in cotton wool or prevent them enjoying a normal childhood. However, it makes sense to always have an idea where they are, where they are going, and who they are with. Make sure they get into the routine of charging their cell phones and perhaps writing on a family calendar where they are intending to be each day. On the same tack, also let your children know where you’ll be and how you can be contacted.

Ensure your home has a security system, that the doors and windows can be secured and you have an emergency kit on hand. This should include a first-aid kit, basic supplies like bottled water, food, blankets, and candles. Ensure your home is equipped with basic precautionary measures, such as fire/smoke alarms and carbon monoxide meters. Family members should know where to to congregate in any emergency, how to escape the home in case of fire and who to call for help.

CDC: 3 Simple Steps to Protect Your Family

Reduce Your Exposure to Evil

One way to ease your mind and spirit is to go on a media diet. It’s so hard these days to escape the constant bombardment of media negativity. It is a contributing factor to anxiety, depression and fear. After all the news media see it as their job to keep people fearful – it’s the way they  get you clicking on their sites, watching their TV output, and buying their newspapers. The more sensationalist and terrifying a story, the better.

If you are a believer in keeping your vibration high and maintaining a positive outlook, you’ll find that it is impossible to do so if you are in tune with national and world news. Remember that the more you think about negative stuff, the more evil you will attract. Another thing to be aware of is that around three-quarters of the ‘news’ consists of other people’s opinions and commentary. Do you really want to be told how to think and respond?

So why not reduce your exposure to the evil happening in the world and shutting the news feed out for a few weeks? Discover that your anxiety levels decrease, while feelings of well-being become more apparent. We’re not suggesting you cut yourself off from the world, only that you prune your diet of news aggregates and current affair feeds. The less you know about evil events, the less you will be personally affected by them.

Five Things You'll Notice When You Quit the News

Grounding and Earthing

Cleaning your energy by grounding and earthing helps to protect yourself against evil. Both are simple processes. Grounding entails a short meditation, while earthing means you have to have direct contact with the earth. The two are interconnected and can be combined for extra psychic protection. If you can persuade your partner, parents and children to do the same, then all the better. If not, then encourage them to remove their shoes and walk barefoot as often as you can.

Spiritual Grounding

The Benefits of Earthing

Ask Your Angels for Protection

So this might sound a little woo-woo, but many people swear by the protection of angels. It can’t be explained but there is definitely a lot of comfort in doing this and often the angels come through for you and save a sticky situation. So you have nothing to lose by simply asking. Remember you have to do this out loud, so either keep it private or have a personal code, “Oh my, I could do with some heavenly help right now,” would work without causing others to view you as having lost your senses.

Guardian Angels

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Cleansing and Crystals

We’re not talking about housecleaning here, although it does help to physically clear out negative energy by a good spring clean. You can prevent negative, evil energy from entering your home by a few simple psychic precautions. 

Use sage smudging and powerful words to drive bad energy from your home. Sage smudge sticks are easy to obtain these days and if you aren’t sure, then just use an incense wand. Carry the smoking sage or incense into every room and every corner of the room and say, “Cleanse my home, my sacred space. Bring in love, light, peace and grace.”

Place protective crystals near each entrance and on windowsills. The best crystals for home protection are black tourmaline, black obsidian and amethysts are a wonderful combination to protect and enhance well-being and increase positivity.

The Magical Power of Crystals

Protective Visualization Spell

Visualization is one of our favorite ways to raise energy vibration and protect ourselves and our space against negativity and evil intentions. For added protection, combine a short meditation with a simple spell to ward off unwanted influences.

You will need a white candle or tea light. Light your candle and sit quietly. Allow anxiety and tension to leave your body. Relax and breathe steadily. Imagine a beautiful bubble descending from the sky to envelop your home and all within. Feel the warmth of the light contained in this bubble to permeate your body and fill your home with positive energy. Take as long as you need to build up the picture in your mind. 

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When you feel ready, say the words:

“I ask East and the Element of Air to protect this home and all within.”

Pause, breathe and imagine your home bathed in clean, positively energized air.

“I ask West and the Element of Water to protect this home and all within.”

Pause, breathe and imagine that all the water that comes into your home via faucets and pipes be magically imbibed with positive energy. Imagine that the very rain that falls on the roof also be charged with pure, positive energy.

“I ask South and the Element of Fire to protect this home and all within.”

Pause, breathe and visualize the sun bringing light and warmth to your home. Imagine your home surrounded by a protective barrier of golden heat and light that nothing uninvited can pierce.

“I ask North and the Element of Earth to protect this home and all within.”

Pause, breathe and give thanks and appreciation for the strength of the walls that protect you, and for the solid ground that supports and keeps those floors and walls solid and safe. Relax and feel any leftover negativity drain away down through the ground. Finish by saying:

“As I speak these words, so must it be.”

That’s it, you’re done. Blow out the candle. Grab a snack to dispel the visualization and to bring yourself back to normal. Repeat this ritual once or twice a year; more often if you feel the need.

Stay safe, positive and protected.

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