How To Make Money as a Psychic

making money as a psychic fayre

We are contacted by many worried readers at Psychic Elements. They’ve discovered their odd experiences means that they have psychic abilities. Many have no idea where to turn or what to do with their gifts. We tell them that it’s possible to use them, to do good and that they can help people with their psychic skills. Yet, we also know you have to live. You cannot simply give up your day job or your precious leisure time in order to give your psychic skills away for free. So how to make money as a psychic… here are some ideas on how to create a thriving psychic reading practice . Firstly, what attributes do you need to earn money as a psychic?

Skills and Attributes Required to Be a Professional Psychic

  • Confidence. You have to be confident in your ability to deliver information ‘on demand’. If you only have the odd psychic dream and otherwise live a ‘normal’ life, you probably aren't at the required standard to be a professional. You may be able to work on your skills and develop your psychic abilities.
  • Communication. You must be able to talk to people in a direct, yet sensitive manner. If you freeze up at the idea of speaking to strangers, a life as a professional psychic may not be for you. Having said that, it’s possible to give written readings, but again, you must have an excellent standard of communication skills. The good news is, that you can work on those.
  • Honesty. You must always be open and honest. If you can’t answer a question, you must say so.

making money as a psychic

1. Reading for a Psychic Network

If you like the idea of regular work and having someone else take care of the bookings and sending you regular payments, you may find working for a psychic network is right for you. It’s a way to hone and develop our skills without having to worry about the business side of things. If you are an undiscovered and talented psychic, then Psychic Elements would love to hear from you.

2. Psychic Fayres

Psychic fayres have mixed blessings for new psychics. You can do very well, if the fayre is well organized and popular with the public. Your first one will be a sort of baptism of fire, but once you’ve done it, you’ll feel more confident about the next. 

You pay a table fee up front, and then you get to charge what you like. Be careful of undercutting other working psychics or you’ll incur their wrath. Check what the cheapest and highest rates are and pick somewhere in the middle. 

Advantages of Psychic Fayres:

  • You get to keep all your earnings. 
  • Advertising is taken care of. 
  • Potential for you to attract private clients by handing out your business card.

Disadvantages of Psychic Fayres: 

  • Having to work a badly organized event – happens less and less, after all organizers need to succeed at their business too.
  • The occasional bad atmosphere – most psychics are lovely, but there can be a little bitchiness and competitiveness. 
  • Traveling the necessary distances. If you live in a large city, this isn’t a problem.

Psychic Parties

These are a little like Tupperware parties – remember them? You book a date with the host, turn up and read for individuals. You keep the money, help to build your reputation and, hopefully, obtain a new batch of private clients. You’ll also book your next party with one of the guests.

When booking a party, remember to ask how many people will be there – you might want to limit the number, depending on how long or short your readings tend to be. Make sure you will have a private area or room to do the readings. Give the host a price for the number of readings you’ll be doing. Remember to factor in your travel costs.

Pet Psychic

This is a growing area for psychic work. You can advertise at various pet events, rent a stall at a show, or do parties as described above. Clients are happy to find out what is going on with their kitty or pooch and will pay to know.

making money as a psychic online

Online Readings

The world’s your oyster now we have so many ways to communicate directly with clients. You might consider setting up a website. It’s easy to get someone to do that for you nowadays by using Fivrr or some other job site.

Make sure your website is as professional as you are, keep your blog up-to-date and work the social media scene in order to promote your business. Many psychics have a busy Facebook page, where they interact, answer simple questions and generally have a great relationship with their potential clients. It’s a way of gaining trust, and trust is important when you are a psychic starting a business.

Running Psychic Classes and Workshops

Once you’ve become established as a psychic reader, you might consider stepping it up a level and becoming a teacher. There are many ways to approach this:

  • Creating an online study-at-your-own-pace course. For this you would create videos and PDF files. Your clients will pay up front and then access the materials via a password-protected web page. It is helpful if you make yourself available at a private Facebook page set up specifically for course participants. 
  • One-to-one training. You would expect to charge a high fee to deliver this type of training. There are several ways to set this up, depending on your own preferences. You might train someone in-person, online, via email, on the phone – whatever suits you best.
  • Running a workshop. These are a lot of fun. Hire a venue, or have a room set aside at your home. Advertise and book the desired number of clients. Devise a schedule with talks given by you (or jointly with another psychic), some fun interactive exercises, questions and answers, demonstrations and, of course, a delicious lunch. Always offer follow-up sessions in any format you like. 

Whatever way you decide to pursue a career as a professional psychic, do it with integrity and joy. Remember you are helping people and therefore, making a difference in their lives. What are you waiting for?

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