How To Keep a Psychic Journal

how to keep a psychic journal

You have strange dreams that often come true. You see shadows flitting just out of view. You hear whispering voices, or you get feelings that can’t easily be dismissed. And you just ‘know’ stuff. You might be in the process of becoming a fully-fledged psychic. The process of growing into, and accepting your psychic self is scary and disconcerting. One of the ways you can get it into perspective and learn as you go is to keep a psychic journal.

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Why Keep a Psychic Journal?

Some of the benefits of keeping a psychic journal are:

  • You have somewhere to express your doubts, fears and triumphs.
  • It’s easier to remember something when you write it down.
  • You gain clarity by writing things down that you are unsure of.
  • When you look back on your records later, you will receive many ‘a-ha’ moments.
  • You can keep track of your psychic and spiritual development – see how far you’ve come.
  • You will have a personal resource that you can return to again and again.
  • Keeping a journal will become a joyful life-long habit.
  • Your psychic journal will help you become the person you want to be.
  • It will become your best friend and constant companion.

How To Start a Psychic Journal

Choose a nice sturdy journal which is divided into at least five sections. Make sure the paper is to your liking and the lines are the right width for your handwriting. Don’t worry about the cover, you can always decorate or embellish it later. Consider one that allows you to remove and add extra pages. Student project notebooks are ideal.

Label the sections: Thoughts and Feelings, Dreams, Experiences, Lessons and Practice, Interesting Things.

  • Thoughts and Feelings

In this section, you’ll keep a record of your personal feelings about your life. Use it as a place to explore how you feel both as a person and as a budding psychic. This section is like a close friend to whom you share your innermost thoughts. This is also a good place to list everything you appreciate and are grateful for: count your blessings. You can work through problems and relationship issues too.

  • Dreams

This section is fairly straightforward. This is your dream journal. Do your best to record you dreams here as soon as you begin to wake each morning. Don’t stop to think, reach for your journal and write down your fleeting memories and impressions of your dreams, even if it’s just a few words. 

  • Experiences

Keep a note of every psychic experience, premonitions, intuitions, sightings, unexplained voices, visual disturbances, auras, coincidences and anything else which seems connected to your psychic self. Even if they are not clear or they seem unrelated to anything. If you go somewhere or meet someone and feel certain vibes, this is where to note it. If you have a strong feeling that you should avoid taking certain action, record it here. This section will prove invaluable when you revisit it in the future. 

  • Lessons and Practice

This is where you’ll plan your goals and record your psychic lessons and spiritual practice. Embark on a voyage of self-discovery by learning how to meditate, perform magic, or to read cards or whatever you are drawn to in your spiritual life. Write down the exercise you are planning to do and then record your experiences, feelings and results afterward. If you do readings or consultations for other people, however casual, write down how it went, how you felt and any feedback provided.

  • Interesting Things

This section is for everything that doesn’t fit into any of the previous categories. You could keep a note of resources: books, websites, videos, podcasts, etc. You might have an idea you want to note down or a place you want to visit. Write down any quotes or inspiring words you come across throughout your day. Another idea is to keep a record of any signs, symbols, repeated numbers or references you notice. They may not seem important, but as time goes on, you’ll be able to pick up how often these things show up, which gives them increased significance; perhaps they hold an insight or message for you. You could miss it all together unless you keep a journal.

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Protecting Your Journal

Before you begin using your journal, give it a psychic blessing. There are several ways you can do this: 

  • You can call upon the Divine Spirit to bless and protect it on your behalf. Simply rest your hand upon the book and say, “I ask thee, Divine One/God/Goddess/All-That-Is/Source/Your choice of deity, to protect my journal and help me to understand the lessons I will learn from it.”
  • You could leave it on a window ledge so it receives a ‘moonlight bath’. Perhaps place a crystal upon it. 
  • You can sleep with it under your pillow to create a strong connection with it.

Or you can do all three.

Electronic Journals

Of course, you don’t need to keep a paper journal. If you feel more comfortable using an app on your phone or software on your laptop, then that’s fine too. It’s really important to make sure whatever you choose, that it’s backed up and you’ll be able to access it forever. Also, don’t forget to password-protect it.

Managing Your Journal

Review your journal at least monthly. Note anything you have overlooked or forgotten to do. Assess how you are doing in regards to your psychic and spiritual goals. Your goals may change and assume more or less importance. New ones may occur to you while old ones can be discarded. In this way you keep track of your progress as a psychic and as an ever-learning, spiritual being.

As soon as you fill one section, purchase a new journal. If you have one that you can insert extra pages into, so much the better. 

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Other Psychic Journaling Ideas

Include small found items in your journal. If yours has a pocket, slip them in there, or glue them in to the appropriate place. You can also glue in photos and images. Draw in your journal, if you like – sometimes drawing an experience will bring it to mind with more clarity than if you simply wrote about it.

If you like to draw an oracle or tarot card every day, you can slip it into a pocket or the elastic that holds the book closed. Be sure to write about what the card means to you, how it manifested during the day and any emotions connected with it.

As you progress and change and develop as a psychic and a spiritual being, you will slowly build up a fascinating library of your experiences and lessons learned. Your journal will be your confidant, your guide and the resource you turn to anytime you need to express yourself.

You may build up such a collection of knowledge, lore and stories that you will have enough material to publish a book that could help others on the same path.

Good luck and happy journaling.

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