How to Survive as a Highly Sensitive Person

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Those of us who are tuned in or sensitive (or typically called a highly sensitive person) may feel the effects of our environments quite acutely, whether it’s the full moon, shifts in the planetary energies that surround us, or angry drivers in rush hour traffic.  All this input can cause us to wind up feeling blue, overwhelmed and just off kilter. If that applies to you, I wanted to offer up a few of my favorite tools for shifting your perspective and getting back to feeling positive, healthy and refreshed. 

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Move your body.  Go for a walk or run, do some yoga, or dance.  Exercise releases endorphins into your bloodstream, which will immediately give your outlook a boost.

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Feel the feet in your shoes and the breath in your lungs.  Get present. Breathe. Get into the NOW.  The very best way I know of taking care of all the future moments is to take care of the one you're living in now; and sometimes that means gently bringing yourself back to where you’re at.

Ask yourself if whatever you’re stressing about will matter in five years.  Will it?  We are all faced with big decisions and life events like deciding to marry, purchasing a house, moving, becoming a parent and final exams; changes that can all be quite stressful.  However,  much of our time is spent stressing about things that won’t matter next week, much less in five years from now.  So – cut yourself some slack if you’ve made a mistake at work or feel like feeding your child macaroni and cheese for the third time this week makes you a less-than-ideal parent.  We’re ALL doing our best – and so, my dear, are you.

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Write or draw about it.  Often the act of organizing your thoughts in the form of a journal entry or a drawing that symbolizes the situation can help you gain insight.  I love the cathartic release of being able to express what’s bugging me – and often solutions come to me when paragraphs begin to take shape on the page.  At the very least, you’ll get it off your chest, at best you’ll be inspired with some solutions.

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Find some gratitude for what you DO have, right now.  This one is a never fail for me.  Let’s face it, here in the United States, Canada, and Europe we’re not faced with serious survival issues.  Chances are if you’re reading this you have a computer, a smartphone, enough money to pay for internet access, and that’s enough to be grateful for right there!

We’re not walking around without shoes, safe drinking water or facial burns because we’ve refused a marriage proposal.   Look around you – what are you grateful for right now?  Your child’s beautiful face?  That delicious cup of coffee in your hand?  A warm bath with candles and a good book?  A binge-worthy series on Netflix that you can get caught up on?  You get the idea. And if you’re like me, you have much to be grateful for.  Gifts are everywhere, make sure you’re keeping your gift goggles firmly on your face and focused on what’s real.  Find the blessing in your current situation.  

Literally change your view 180 degrees.  Bend over and stare at the ceiling from that vantage point.  Get on the floor with a child or a pet and look up, or under the sofa (Note:  do not stress if you see dust bunnies! Bonus if you find loose change!)  The world looks pretty different from down there, doesn’t it?  

Climb a hill and look down at how peaceful the vista is – doesn’t matter HOW you do it, as long as you *DO IT*.  My hero Einstein says that you can’t change a problem with the same thinking that created the problem, and in my humble opinion, truer words were never spoken.  Change your vantage point.  (This may also cover the move your body category too – very efficient!!)

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Seek input from a trusted guide or outside source – a friend, sibling, significant other, or you can call me for a psychic reading.  Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can bring in a new piece of information that completely changes how you view a situation.  With my special set of “eyes,” we can deconstruct, heal and transform whatever challenge you might have on your plate.   Give me a call, I’d love to hear from you.

Whatever you do, be gentle with yourself and know that you're divinely guided to welcome in all the opportunities and experiences that will unfold for your highest good.  Have faith that what you are dreaming about is en route.  Write it down. See it having already happened. Affirm that it is YOURS.  Now.  Vision it, dream it, write it, speak it, paint it, sing it, summon it. You create the reality you live in.  Every thought you think, every feeling you feel, and every word you say has an impact on your life.  It’s ALL happening.  Be careful what you wish for.

I’m here for you – and I'm with you on the journey.  I look forward to connecting with you.

In love and service,

Dove is a tremendously talented reader who will leave you speechless. She can use Tarot or her natural gifts, and she is blessed with powerful guides who can communicate with yours. If you’re looking to read about love, career, or even your life’s purpose, Dove is able to help you. Read more about her on her profile!
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