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Thousands of years ago in ancient China, Feng Shui philosophy developed. Many of those who practice it today say that it is proved by modern physics. Feng Shui is the practice of arranging and directing energy in the natural environment.

Qi or Chi (life force) energy is within us and surrounds us in every area. The goal is to optimize the flow of the chi energy. It also eliminates Sha Chi (attacking energy) and Si Chi (draining energy).

To make good Feng Shui, you need to have the right flow of good chi. This creates harmony, health, and success. This positive flow can be directed through decorating and arranging things in the places where we spend our time.

Feng Shui has become very popular in interior design and even landscaping.  Arranging furniture, clearing clutter, and colors are all vital elements in Feng Shui. The Westernized version of Feng Shui is still a powerful tool to manifest positive change in our surroundings.

Feng Shui is based on Chinese energy theory  (forms of chi, yin, yang), the five feng shui elements (colors), and the four celestial animals and Chinese Astrology.

But you don’t have to be a Feng Shui practitioner to decorate for the holidays. Stay with the basics. Keep it simple. In any living or work space, you can use Feng Shui.

As the holidays approach, many people are feeling the seasonal stress. Feng Shui is a great way to amplify the calm, joyful and harmonious energy flow.

Here're four tips and tricks to get your “chi” pointed in a merry direction.

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Holiday Tip # 1: Balance winter colors.

In order to balance the winter season in your home, you need to emphasize the Feng Shui colors. The winter element is fire.

You need to use red, magenta, strong yellow, orange gold and purple to “warm up” the natural environment. But keep it balanced. Too much red may cause strong emotions. Or worse yet, holiday energy burn out.

Different shades and hues of color shift the energy levels.

Every color represents one of the five natural elements. Emphasize the fire element during the holidays. Combine it with cool and gentle colors like white, light blue, and silver (Water and Metal Element colors).

Decorate your hearth with red and gold lights. Put a fire in the fireplace. And don’t forget to light the candles.

An energetic balance of color works to balance our energy.

This can be a season of stress, depression and low energy. You want to arrange the energy flow to give your space joy and energy.

Using color will help you to avoid the depression and stress. It should also keep your energy flowing strong, so you don’t experience a low after Christmas as the New Year begins. It’s a good idea to keep the candles burning and the decorations up until at least the 5th of January.

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Holiday Tip # 2: Be mindful of your Christmas Tree placement.

Chi energy is a life force that flows through all living environments. When the chi energy is obstructed, it could lead to restlessness, money problems and relationship issues. You want to make sure you locate your Christmas tree in an area that doesn’t block the chi flow.

The Christmas clutter of gifts and wrapping and holiday stuff may start to pile up. Try to keep it organized. By keeping things neat and clear, you open up your home to positive chi.

You don’t want your tree placed where it can block the movement of the good chi.

Certain Feng Shui (Bagua) areas are designated as places to enhance elemental energy. These are the areas where you need to focus certain decorations and colors.

Your tree is the Wood element. It should be located in an area where its energy can amplify the flow within your house. It is best used in the East Bagua area. This is where health and family are strongest. It should also be fine in the South or Southeast where money, abundance, fame, and celebration are highlighted.

If you can find just the right Feng Shui area, you get to start the holidays with a burst of harmonious good cheer energy.

But even if you can’t fit your tree into the perfect Bagua area, you can shift the energy with how you decorate it.

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Holiday Tip # 3: Decorate your tree with Feng Shui.

All the decorations in your house can be based on the Feng Shui principle. So even if you can’t find space for your tree in the South or Southeast, you can highlight different colors in your ornaments and decorations.

Bagua Area                    Element Decoration Colors

North                                Black, blue, gray, white (Water and Metal elements)

Northeast                          Red, yellow, earth tones (Fire and Earth elements)

Southwest                        Use Fire and Earth Element colors here

West                                Silver, copper, gray, earth tones (Earth and Metal elements)

Northwest                         Use Earth and Metal colors here

Center                              Use Fire and Earth colors here

Use the Bagua colors in these areas whether you have a tree or not.

As you direct the flow of perfectly balanced chi, it doesn’t matter what holiday you are celebrating.

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Holiday Tip # 4: Use essential oils and fragrances to stimulate the energy.

Feng Shui recommends using candles to lift the energy. Aromas heighten the mood.

Burning candles and using essential oils is recommended year round. But during the holidays, it helps to create just the right energy flow. There is nothing like opening the door to the scent of cinnamon and spice. It welcomes the visitor and lifts the Christmas spirit.

You can use a diffuser or slow burner for essential oils.

You want to enjoy the scents that work best for you. For a Feng Shui Christmas, consider peppermint, warm cinnamon, clove, sweet tangerine or lemon. You can mix the scents to create just the right mood.

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Christmas Feng Shui will help minimize your stress, boost your positive energy and promote a joyful and balanced flow of good chi in your home.

When the New Year is here and you are packing up and organizing your Christmas clutter, take a deep breath. The energy should be charged with hope for the year ahead. The uncluttering of Christmas stuff is actually the process of letting go of the past to make way for a bright future.

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