10 Dream Meanings for Frequent, Extraordinary Dreams

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We all dream. For thousands of years, wise men and scientists have offered a variety of theories to explain the phenomena of dreaming. Even more importantly, researchers are finding the meaning in what we dream.

Dream interpretation gives us a glimpse into ourselves. Our unconscious mind is constantly sending us information. If we pay attention, we can learn to decipher the messages.

Here are some dream meanings that give us insight and direction.

1. Flying
The most obvious meaning of all “flying” dreams is a longing for freedom. This dream comes when we are facing a challenge. It directs you to rise above your fears and worries. You can “fly” away from all known obstacles. To truly fly, one must let go and rise above the physical world.

2. Falling
Falling and flying represent perhaps the most common dreams in every culture. Flight is a symbol of empowerment. When we fall, we lose control completely. So when we succeed (rise to great heights) we are still in danger of plummeting to earth,

When a flying dream is followed by a falling dream, this indicates that our fears are “pulling us down.” The message is to let go of that fear, and nothing can hold you back.

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3. Being Chased/Running Away
We often feel threatened, even in our dreams. A dream of running away or being chased symbolizes that real world issues are overwhelming us. And we are trying to avoid or running away from those problems. It’s important that the dreamer gets clear and focuses in on what issues are “chasing” them.

4. Aliens/Demons/Monsters
Each person has their individual demons! When we dream of aliens, monsters or demons, they represent emotions. Usually emotions or feelings that are suppressed or hidden. The key to defeating these hidden “demons” is to face them.

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5. Clothes/Nudity
What a person wears or doesn’t wear suggests how they reveal themselves to other people. In dreams, what’s on the exterior is the key to what’s on the inside.

Wearing beautiful clothing symbolizes well-being and success. Wearing a shabby old outfit indicates that you feel all worn out or ruined.

When there is nudity in a dream, it has multiple meanings. When you are naked, you are transparent and authentic. At the same time, you are vulnerable. When you flaunt your nudity, there are sexual connotations.

These dreams are primarily about appearances and perceptions.

6. Windows/Doors/Mirrors
You can look out of a window or portal. You can open a door to transition from one place to another. These dreams are about views and transitions. The window shows you how situations and events unfold.

The more windows your dream house has, the more open and vulnerable you are. Very few windows means isolation.

Mirrors reflect everything back to you. You can’t see anything but your image.

If the door or window are stuck and can’t be opened, it’s a sign that you lack power.

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7. Death
We all fear our mortality. When you dream of death, it may not be a literal premonition (although it can be). If it has literal connotations rather than symbolism, there will usually be a person’s name or face. Death dreams are making you aware of major life changes. Each ending is followed by a new beginning. Death and rebirth or renewal are ultimately a sign of hope.

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8. Killing/Murder
Just because you dream of murder doesn’t mean you are a violent person. There are typically two possible meanings: 1) You have unresolved anger. It is revealing to you that you feel like “killing off” some part of yourself.

2) It can also symbolize hostility directed towards another person.

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9. Money
If you are dreaming of money in any form, it is about “value.” This can include material things, self-worth, other people, a specific place or home. Everyone values something different.

When someone experiences dreams of exchanging money, it is a foretelling of the belief that positive changes are coming into your life. Something is getting ready to “pay off.”

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10. Sex
Dreaming about sex? This is usually a not-so-hidden desire for intimacy and, yes, sex.

It can also mean that you are going through an awakening or an increase in your consciousness.

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The more you become conscious of the meanings of your dreams, the better. Every dream is open to personal interpretation. What is going on in your life determines the subtle meanings.

If you are intentional and focused, your dreams will become lucid. You can even learn to direct your dreams.


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