Children with Psychic Powers

Children with Psychic Powers 2

Kids are pretty awesome, aren’t they? And have you noticed how many are born with, what appears to be, extraordinary powers of perception? We’re hearing more and more about children making predictions, talking about past lives and talking to spirits. Do you suspect your child has sixth sense? What’s the best way to raise children with psychic powers?

Children with Psychic Powers
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Children of the New Age

The old ways of raising children just aren’t working any more. Kids seem to have such a well-developed sense of self and don’t hesitate to point out what is really going on. For example, one small girl, let’s call her Maia, calmly informed her mother that ‘daddy is kissing a new mama’. It was true, her husband was having an affair with a woman from his office, yet there was no way her daughter could have known about it. When asked, she said she dreamed it.

People who suspect they themselves may be psychic often have children who, beyond doubt have some sort of paranormal superpowers. Raising such children presents a whole new set of challenges for today’s parents.

Keep an Open Mind and a Loving Heart

Communication and cuddles are the best things you can use to support your psychic child. They need to know that you believe them and support them. Never dismiss their dreams, stories or accounts as childish, or stupid, or imaginary. It’s so easy to shrig off your child’s pronouncements as the products of an over-active imagination. It’s real to them and they may well be on the nail. At the same time, don’t make a big deal of their gifts. To your child, what they are experience is normal; your acceptance of their psychic abilities will keep it that way. If you freak out, you will also freak out your child.

Two Children With Psychic Powers in a Haunted House

The Billington family in the UK consists of Pam, Daron and three children, two of whom are psychic. Jadon and Lucy report talking to spirits, angels and seeing ghosts. The third and oldest child, Emily says she doesn’t see or hear anything ‘spooky’, and the idea that her siblings hear and see things doesn’t bother her, but she is quite happy she doesn’t experience the paranormal. Mom, Pam had first hand evidence that spirits inhabit their home when she requested Jadon to ask if there was really someone in the room with them to tug at her pants leg. She astounded when she felt something prodding her leg and saw the hem of her pants flutter. Now she says she often feels something, or someone, touching her. She was once poked in the eye by an unseen presence. The family moved home (not because of the hauntings), and their ghosts went with them. Tey even acquired a few more, including an American couple, who identified themselves as Sam and Simon Crease. 

Pam says she’s not religious, or ever had any spiritual beliefs until now, but has accepted there is more to life than we can see. She says it reassures her that we don’t just die and end. She added, “I love having spirits in the house, I think it’s great.” Her husband, Daron was brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness and, although at first, he had difficulty believing what his children see and hear, he has finally been convinced that spirits are real.

Pam and Daron are good examples of how to deal with children with psychic powers. Although they were disbelieving at the start, they were sensible enough not to dismiss or ridicule their children. As a result, they live in harmony—together with their extended family of spirits, ghosts and angels.

She Talks to My Deceased Father

Karen told us about her five year old daughter, who says she had a visit from Karen’s father. He had recently passed away. Her daughter described how Grampy floated into her room, and chatted with her while she played with her toys. Karen, who says she was previously ‘neutral’ in her opinion of the paranormal, said that she found a great deal of comfort in knowing her dad is watching over his granddaughter.

He Describes His ‘Other Mom’

At the age of three and a half, James began to speak of his ‘other Mom’. He described her appearance and the home where he said he lived ‘before’. He couldn’t remember if he had another father. James’ mom, Kaitlyn, was extremely disconcerted when he started talking about his past life, but eventually came to the understanding that he was speaking truthfully. James told his mother how sad he was when ‘other Mom’ died when she 'kept coughing'. As James got older, his recollections of his past life began to fade. Kaitlyn says she is glad she listened to James and that he felt good about sharing his past life experiences, but she is glad that the memories are slipping away.

Children with Paranormal owers
Photo by Nathan Bingle on Unsplash

She Tells Us What Her Baby Brother Wants

Janelle was amused when her daughter, Katy, insisted that her unborn sibling was a boy. She was astounded when Katy predicted the baby would be born two weeks early and even told her the precise date. Janelle says that Katy has an uncanny ability to communicate with baby Edward. When Edward cries, Katy always knows what he wants, “He wants you to cuddle him, Mommy.” And… “He wants you to read to him.” Whatever Katy suggests always seems to settle Edward. Janelle hopes that her children remain connected in this way, and that Edward is also able to communicate with Katy. He can’t talk yet, so Janelle is eagerly waiting to see what happens.

Coping with Psychic Children

Is Your Child Psychic?

We’d love to hear your experiences of raising a psychic child. What challenges have you faced? What coping strategies did you develop? Please let us know.

Featured photo by Jake Hawkes on Unsplash


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