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About Cartomancy

What is cartomancy and what are cartomancy readings all about? Well, cartomancy is all about the art of prophecy or clairvoyance in using playing cards. Utilizing playing cards through prophetic teachings has been a part of various cultures for millennia or more. Just like the Tarot, there is a shroud of mystery surrounding the exact beginnings or origins of their practice and followers of belief.

What is known is that playing cards were used in ancient India for where packs of cards were divided by 10 different suits. Each of the suits was related to an incarnation of Vishnu, the Hindu god. There is speculation that use of playing cards for prophetic teachings originally began in Egypt during the time of ancient Pharaohs and that they may have been created by an old historic Egyptian that was a magician by the name of Hermes Trismegistus.

The complete truth surrounding their origins is somewhat of a mystery, but we do know that most certainly by the time of the Middle Ages, these cards were vastly popular and spread about throughout Europe. We also know that their function in the role of an oracle of divination and prophetic teachings would have predated their association around playing and gambling.

So it seems that man on earth has been looking to fate and the gods for assistance and mediation with our personal dilemma for time over the ages and living in the present day makes no difference, modern man still seeks help with their daily lives.

As you can see, using cards to aid in the solution for our problems surrounding our daily lives is just as predominant as it was in the historical times of the Middle Ages. So for help with the resolution of your life's concerns, be it large or small, consult with Psychic Elements' psychics and get your cartomancy reading today.


Forms of the practice of cartomancy first appeared in Europe around the 14th century. These practitioners are referred to as card readers, readers or cartomancers. Tarot can also be utilized in cartomancy.

The use of cartomancy using standard playing cards became most popular as a means of card readings or fortune-telling readings during the 18th through the 20th centuries. From English speaking countries, cartomancy readings used a typical American deck of bridge or poker playing cards. This consists of a 52-card or four-suit set, which is usually, enhanced with jokers and even the blank card that is part of the many packaged card decks.

A 32-card piquet playing-card deck was and is used in France, most commonly in the Cartomancy Readings, however the card deck consisting of 52 cards is also used regularly. A piquet deck of cards may be a card deck made up of 52 cards removing the 2s through the 6s. This leaves in the deck the 7s through the 10s, also the face cards and the aces in the deck.

One of the most popular methods of cartomancy utilizing a typical playing deck of cards is called the "Wheel of Fortune". The card reader takes away cards at random and aligns importance to them all based on the order in which they were selected. By interpretation on the many cards will vary by location or region, but the most common items of significance for future readings include the following:

Card Significance in cartomancy:
  • 'King of Hearts – A man 35+, with sandy, dark blond, or light brown hair, with brown, blue or hazel eyes. Most likely a family member or other loved one. Paternal and family-oriented.
  • King of Diamonds – A man 35+, with red or light blond hair with blue, green or gray eyes, Usually a wealthy man in an authority position.
  • King of Clubs – A man 35+, with medium or dark brown hair, with brown, blue or hazel eyes. Usually a married businessman (possibly "business" could have a sensual, rather than a commercial, interpretation.)
  • King of Spades – A man 35+, with dark brown to black hair, and dark brown eyes. Probably a widower or divorced man, or a man from a foreign country. Ambitious and powerful, can be arrogant and deceptive.
  • Queen of Hearts – A woman 18+, with sandy, dark blond, or light brown hair, with brown, blue or hazel eyes. Likely a family member or other loved one. Maternal and family-oriented.
  • Queen of Diamonds – A woman 18+, with red or light blond hair with blue, green or gray eyes, Usually a wealthy woman in an authority position.
  • Queen of Clubs – A woman 18+, with medium or dark brown hair, with brown, blue or hazel eyes. Most likely a businesswoman or social butterfly.
  • Queen of Spades – A woman 18+, with dark brown to black hair, and dark brown eyes. Likely a widow or divorced woman, or a woman from a foreign country. Ambitious and intelligent, can be cold, calculating, or spiteful.'
Key card meanings for cartomancy:

Below is a deck of cards with sample meanings behind the art of cartomancy. Take a gander and have a little fun read over their interpretations.

'Ace of Hearts – The Homemaker – Card of Your Home Historically, this card is Home Card. It may represent a desire for affection or love. It may also represent the beginning of a new relationship. It may indicate good news coming from/to a family member or friend. It may also show the ending of a dispute. It may show the establishment of a home with a partner or by marriage.

2 of Hearts – The Companion – Card of Love and Family Typically from history, this card emphasizes on home and familiar people. The card means a union of hearts in relationships, with closest friends, family, spouses or children. It could that there is a need to spend time with someone you love.

3 of Hearts – The Player – Card of Affection This card can mean indecision in love and affection. There can be two or even more love interests at the same time. This indecision can lead to either more fun or fear. It might indicate a lack of commitment. There is a concern that someone can be experiencing an obsessive behavior. Exercise caution when this card appears, especially in love.

4 of Hearts – The Protector – Card of Commitment The card is all about feeling protected and secured in love, marriage, and/or family. This card is a strong indicator of commitment or marriage. The card offers a positive influence for a happy family and social life. The foundation of love is solid when this card appears.

5 of Hearts – The Separator – Card of Separation This card represents changes in home, family, or love. There may be a chance for a divorce, break-up or separation. It could also represent changes in a home, such as family member leaving the home, remodeling or moving to a new location. It could be as simple as a family member going off to college or a trip. In relationships, there can be a need to worry over indiscretions. Also, plans can be broken during this time.

6 of Hearts – The Negotiator – Card of Harmony This card represents bringing tranquility and harmony in everyday situations. The card suggests compromising and a willing to help others. When this card shows up, a new relationship might begin. The time has come to overcome obstacles and make good progress towards goals. People may decide to confide in you. Be warned of untrustworthy people who want to take advantage of your good heart.

7 of Hearts – The Fly-by-Night – Card of Doubt This card represents challenges in relationships and love. This is a time to reflect on how others see you. This is a card of disappointment, usually because a friend or partner breaks promises or plans. Someone is being undependable or unreliable, which results in being let down. An inconstant friend can prove to be an enemy.

8 of Hearts – The Social Butterfly – Card of Socializing This card represents fun by attending parties or social events. It can bring about a success or a passionate relationship in a business venture. You might encounter a charming or alluring person who sweeps you off your feet; in business, a celebration of a promotion. It could be some king of ceremony you will be attending. This card may give you the ability to get your way.

9 of Hearts – The Wisher – Card of Wishes This card might signal the ending of a relationship. It may also represent helping others. It can represent a giving of love in a selfless manner. It usually means wishing for a perfect spouse, deepening love or the desire to have a child.

10 of Hearts – The Partier – Card of a Gathering This card represents a marriage, party or a social occasion. Typically, it represents good news. When this card shows up, expect a large gathering of people.

Jack of Hearts – The Lover – Card of Cupid The card represents a confidant, best friend or a lover. If the Queen of Hearts is present, it may represent a couple. This card can represent you, someone you know, or someone you will meet.

Queen of Hearts – Goddess of Love – Card of Devotion This card might represent a romantic fantasy, a passionate lover, a pregnant woman or a devoted mother. This card can be an indicator of marriage.

King of Hearts – The Saint – Card of Holiness This card represents an influential man, someone who has the power or ability to do something good. It might represent a man who is a loving father, the conception or birth of a child, the perfect lover, or partner. He is very passionate and romantic. He is emotional and affectionate, but is given to rash judgments'.

These are cartomancy meanings just for the card suit of hearts. There are also interpretations for each of the four suits in a deck of cards. So, also included are clubs, diamonds and spades.

Cartomancy and Love Divination

This practice of fortune telling will direct you about the disposition of the one you love and care about. Call on our online psychics by clicking on "psychics" on the tool bar of Psychic Elements website. Once you've selected a psychic for your Cartomancy Reading, the utilization of the deck by this guide will begin. You will want to think about the person you are interested in and our psychic will begin to lie out the cards. The cards are generally laid out in rows of 6, then in rows of 5, then 4, 3, and lastly 2 cards. As the psychics guide you through this reading you will want to continue to think about the person you want the reading for.

This is one of the more popular prophetic vehicles. Cartomancy resembles some similarities to tarot as it utilizes cards so that you can see the pertaining lessons and topics on the same subject of your questions, thus assisting you with illumination of your particular path toward spiritual knowledge. Each cartomancy deck consists of 52 cards.









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