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Vision boards are pretty cool things to do when preparing for the New Year. Some consider them to be more powerful than mere resolutions. If you are thinking of making a board to help you focus and manifest your dreams over the coming year, why not create a beautiful angelic vision board?

Making an Angelic Vision Board

Angelic Vision Board


  • A board or surface. A double page spread in a journal would be fine if you want to keep your vision board private. A cheap artist’s canvas or canvas board would work well. Failing that, a strong piece of card would suffice.
  • Suitable images including an angel picture (see below.
  • Printed out text (see below.
  • PVA glue, glue stick, or tape dispenser.
  • Scissors.

Step 1. 

Spend some time thinking about what you want to bring into your life next year. Not only material things but spiritual goals also. For instance, you might want to travel to an exotic destination, however, it would be cool to feel empowered and strong while you are abroad. 

Perhaps your goal is to be more creative – so think about how you would like to express your creativity. Maybe through art or writing fiction, poetry, cooking, gardening, photography, designing, blogging, fashion, music, textiles… whatever seems to call to you.

Maybe you want to improve existing relationships, manifest a new one, find new friends, join a group, become more sociable generally?

If your goal is to release old patterns of thought, what kind of thoughts do you want to replace them with? Positivity, anticipation, appreciation, joy, inspiration. 

Write a list of words to describe the things you are reaching for.

Angelic Vision Board words

Step 2.

Collect images that reflect your dreams for the year. You may well want a new car or a home, but also think of the reasons why you want those things. You want your new vehicle to represent freedom and to express your personality. Your new home might be your bolt-hole, security and spiritual retreat. Or it might mean a bright family home and a place to gather your friends together. Find photos that accurately represent what your new home would mean to you. Add in photos of people you love, if you want.

You could think about bringing color into your life by changing up your wardrobe or decorating your home. Collect images in those colors that make your heart sing.

Angelic Vision Board words and images

Step 3.

Read through the list of words you made previously and either gather images to represent those things or cut out the words from magazines. Even better, create the text yourself by using pens for the lettering. 

Step 4.

Choose a word for the year – a word that is important to you. This will be your focus word. It should be inspiring and uplifting and achievable. Here are some suggestions:


Of course, you can incorporate any number of words into your angelic vision board, but just have one main one which you designate your focus word. This word will be your personal mantra. You could also write it on a card and keep it in your purse. Say it to yourself as often as you can remember. Switchwords are also perfect for an angelic vision board.

Step 5.

As this is an angelic vision board, you will need an angel image to represent your personal angel. If you know the name of your angel that’s great, but if you don’t, not to worry. Just reach for the feeling of what angel energy means for you and find an image to match. If your angelic vision board is only for your eyes, you can print out any suitable image from the internet. However, if you are going to share it on social media, then do make sure that the image is legal-to-use, otherwise you may be in breach of copyright. Wikimedia has many Public Domain images that you are free to use. And, don’t forget, you could always draw, crayon or paint your own image.

Step 6.

Place your images and text in a pleasing way with your angel image in the center or near the top middle with your focus word in clear view. Don’t stick them down at this point, just have fun moving them around to find the best arrangement. Leave it for a while and come back later to make your final adjustments.

Step 7.

Stick it all down. This is the real fun part. Allow yourself to feel like a child, immerse yourself in the creative experience. As you stick down each image and word, connect with it. Draw it into your heart chakra. Visualize these goals, dreams and aspirations as if they had already manifested. Know that they are yours already. 

Step 8.

Embellish your angelic vision board in any way you like. Or not at all. You might add a touch of magical glitter, or a ribbon. Perhaps you’d like to frame it. It’s your creation, so do what you like to personalize it even more.

Step 9.

Let the whole thing dry properly and hang or place it wherever you can see it often. 

Step 10.

Create a short ritual – it need only be 30 seconds long – where you gaze at the board, thank your angel for the coming blessings and repeat your focus word several times. 

That’s it, you’ve created your personal manifestation map – your angelic vision board for the year.

Angelic Vision Board completed

Here is my angelic vision board. I’ve used the Archangel Gabriel as my central image. Gabriel is the messenger who connects humans to the Divine. He is the angel who opens the doors of opportunity and is ready to help you when you reach a turning point in your life. My word of the year is ‘connect’. 

I’ve also incorporated scans of tarot cards: Temperance to represent my goal of finding balance next year, and also the four tarot aces to represent feeling, clarity, inspiration and abundance. My family photographs are my mother and grandson – I'm using them to represent all my family. My places are my favorite beach in the whole world – I'd love to go back there next summer, and the woods where I walk every day – I just want more of that.

To find out more about the angels:

Who are the Archangels
Guardian Angels

Gabriel By Giotto, Public Domain, Link

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