Angel Healing

Angel healing

Angel healing is not just about recovering from illness or relief from a long-term condition, it’s also about healing the mind and spirit. When your psyche is soothed, content and eager for life, then healing can take place easily. The problem is, in this ultra-busy environment most of us live in that delicious state of serenity is hard to reach.

This is where asking the angels for assistance can smooth the way forward, promote healing of mind and body and provide a comfort blanket that protects you throughout life. There’s nothing you can’t achieve when you call on the angels.

Angel healing statue

But I Don’t Believe in Angels

It can be a stretch to bring yourself to believe in angels, especially when our idea of what they are is reinforced by popular images of beautiful people with huge feathery wings and golden halos. The truth is, we don’t know what angels look like, or whether they have a form at all. Many people who have undergone Near Death Experiences (NDEs) have reported traveling with what they describe as a 'non-physical entity', in other words, an angel. The angel guided them through levels of strata, taking them closer to some kind of supreme intelligence, eventually returning them to earth and back to their bodies. Many discovered that their life-threatening condition had completely abated.

It is useful to think of angels as concentrated, focused forms of energy. You can’t see them and you can’t always be sure they are there, but they are. All you have to do is ask.

Ask an Angel to Bring Positive Energy

Requesting help from the angels is the key to obtaining assistance. A short daily prayer or angelic mantra can open the way for your angels to bring you positive energy which leads to an all-round improvement in your life. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to believe.

A general request might go like this:

I call upon my angels to guide me, help me and protect me today. Thank you.

As you speak these words, visualize yourself being surrounded by light and love. Your angel envelops and comforts you. Now you know that anything is possible.

Request an Angel Healing

You may be feeling a little down, tired or under the weather. When you wake up, send a message to your angels that you need your spirits lifted.

Try this before you get out of bed:

Dear angels, wrap me in your positive energy and help me to face the day ahead. Thank you.

Or, if you are suffering from a chronic illness, you can ask for incremental angel healing:

I call upon my angels to help me reach a better place in my healing. Send energy to heal my body. Thank you.

Look for evidence throughout your day. Perhaps, walking upstairs felt easier, or maybe you accidentally landed up on a website that offers pertinent advice regarding your condition. Simply paying attention to these minor daily happenings will show you how much your angels want to help.

Diana Cooper suggests that you practice communicating with your angel or angels telepathically. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Make talking to your angels part of your daily life.

Angel healing

The Protective Power of Angels

One of the most important activities of angels is to keep humans safe. However, if the soul has a prior agreement to experience death, loss or disability, an angel cannot break it. They can, however, protect most people from accidents and illness.

Your designated guardian angel is around you at all times. Yet, often they can’t intervene because you haven't asked them to, or you are resistant to the idea of angels.

You can request angel protection for yourself or anyone else. Try this:

I call upon my guardian angel to protect my loved ones, myself and our home from negative energy and events. May you always be with us wherever we go. Thank you.

You will notice that each angel prayer ends with a ‘thank you’. As you speak or think the words, ‘thank you’, put meaning into it. Gratitude and appreciation works miracles, and angels respond to love because they are made of the pure love which permeates the universe.

Angel Crystals

There are several types of angel crystals that you can place in your home or your purse. They are not necessary, but they  enhance and magnify positive angel energy and facilitate healing. Not only that, they act as a reminder to call on your angels every day. Here are three of our favorite angel stones.

The first is angelite or blue anhydrite. It is a soft blue-gray color and is connected with the realm of communication and the throat chakra. It makes a lot of sense to keep this crystal near you as it enables the channels of angelic communication to remain open.

Serephinite is a green, striated stone, also called green chlorate. It is a feminine crystal and is associated with powerful healing energy and also as a channel to connect with the higher realms of angels.

angel healing celestine

Celestite, or alternatively celestine or sicilianite, is a beautiful crystal, usually pale blue or lilac color. It is an ideal meditative stone and is said to help connect a person to their guardian angel. Holding celestite in your hand while you meditate can facilitate a divine connection.

All three of these stones have healing properties, so when used in conjunction with a request for angel healing, can promote very strong positive energy.

Communication with Angels

Remember, you have to invite angels into your life. They respect your free will, so won’t interfere unless you ask them to. Spend a little time getting to know your angel. Do some research and perhaps a meditation to discover your personal guardian angel. Send them your love and they will envelop you in theirs.

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