4 Energy Healing Methods

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Energy healing, sometimes called spiritual healing, is a process of moving or directing energy in order to cause a physical or emotional problem to begin repairing itself. While we don’t recommend you substitute it for professional medical attention, you can use energy healing to help recovery take place faster. 

Unseen and unperceived energy is all around and flowing through us constantly. Using energy for healing is simply a way of focusing and strengthening it like a laser beam on to the problem. It may be a physical injury, an ongoing dis-ease, unexplained aches and pains or an emotional trauma. 

Think about a time when someone took care of you. Perhaps your mother, or a kind nurse, or even a friend. Remember how comfortable you felt as they focused their love and attention upon you. This was just as much about their healing energy as it was the physical care you received. 

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Self-administered Energy Healing

Energy and spiritual healing is very popular these days, and there is something beautiful about having someone giving their time and attention to you. However, not everyone has access to an energy healer, or indeed can afford the fee. Yet, you can give yourself all the benefits of an energy healing. You don’t need ‘magic hands’, or any special tools, or an expensive massage table. You can do it right here and now.

Giving yourself an energy healing treatment is a way of reassuring yourself that you are loved by the universe. Self-administered healing reminds the body that it is designed to heal itself – it’s the most natural thing in the world. 

The key is to find a method that works for you. Here are four self-administered energy healing methods for you to try.

Energy Healing Treatments You Can Give to Yourself

The Love Bath

Sit quietly and breathe steadily. Rest your hands in a comfortable position and uncross your legs. Release tension and relax. Close your eyes.

Now imagine that there is a light beaming down on you from above. Make it whatever color you prefer, pink, violet, pale blue, golden, anything you like. Know that this light is nothing but pure love. In your mind bring it down all around you. Feel yourself enveloped in pure love energy. Let it permeate your body, flowing through you. Allow yourself to smile, even give yourself a big hug. Stay in the moment for as long as you wish. Then allow the light to fade, but know that the love of the universe stays with you.

The Love Bath method is ideal to use when you are tired, or feeling ill with ailments such as colds and flu. It’s a general all-over, mood lifter and well-being enhancer. And it need only take a few minutes. You can also use this one at bedtime to promote a deep restorative sleep.

energy healing sun bath

The Sun Bath

Choose a day when the sun is warm enough to be comfortable, but not too hot to burn. A sun bath takes about 10 minutes, and if you think you might fall asleep during this healing treatment, set an alarm. Remove your shoes and sit or lie in full sunshine. Use eye protection if necessary. Starting with your head, become aware of the sun’s warmth. Lift your face slightly, and again feel the sun’s warm energy. Feel the light and heat bathe your body and washing away pain and tension. Bring the healing light energy into your body flooding every cell. Imagine each cell appreciating and responding to the light. Visualize negative ‘used’ energy seeping into the ground, either out of your body or through your feet.

Our ancestors knew of the sun’s healing power yet we shun it today, because of the misconception that sun exposure is bad. In short doses, it’s extremely beneficial both at a physical and an energetic level.

If possible, take a sun bath two or three times a week during spring, summer and early fall.

The Golden Ball of Healing Energy

This is a great method of self-healing if you have a specific condition you want to work on. It uses directed energy to target an area of the body. 

Sit quietly and comfortably for a few minutes. If you like you can start with a love bath, as detailed above. When you are ready, rub your palms together in circular motions for around 30 seconds.

Then hold your hands, facing each other, about a foot/30 centimeters apart. Very slowly, with small movements press and release exactly as if you were holding a balloon between them. You should feel a little resistance as if you are actually holding a balloon. Now imagine that the balloon is a ball of malleable golden energy. Play with it, make it smaller, then let it grow bigger. After a minute or two, direct the golden ball to the area of your body you want healed. Gently guide the energy to the spot and visualize it seeping in to the right place. Feel the warmth as it begins to spread right through your body. Repeat once or twice daily. You should notice a marked improvement as healing takes place.

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Angel Therapy Exercise

You don’t have to believe in angels to benefit from this short angel therapy exercise. Simply suspend your disbelief and give it a try. Sit or lie comfortably, relax your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, torso, legs and feet. Allow your body to feel as if it is melting into the chair or bed. Breathe out deliberately and steadily. 

When you feel ready, speak these words, “I call upon my angel to relieve my pain and heal this condition of *lower back pain (*or whatever your illness/injury is).”

Keep breathing steadily and remain relaxed. Visualize a light caressing and enveloping you as the angel does its work. Feel the love of the universe pour through your heart, body and mind. Imagine your aura expanding to take in the energy of the angel as the healing process takes place. 

Let this process take place for as long as you can. Again, this is another good exercise to do at bedtime. Imagine the angel taking you into a deep and gentle slumber.

More angel energy healing suggestions here: Angel Healing

After any of these methods (unless you go to sleep), make sure you are grounded – stamp your feet a little, have something to eat and drink to bring you back to ‘reality’.

Get well soon.


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