15 Tips How to Deal with Uncertainty

Dealing with uncertainty

After the upheavals experienced across the world in 2016, it is very likely that they will continue into 2017. Many people are feeling uncertain about the future – and that causes anxiety. There are methods and techniques that you can use to quiet your sense of unease and deal with uncertainty. Some are practical, others require inner work. Don’t let uncertainty rule your life.

Dealing with uncertainty the road ahead

  1. Let go of the ‘how’s. This requires you to have faith in the positive benevolence of the universe. When setting a goal or refining expectations, let the details take care of themselves. Define what it is you want and then take one small step toward it. Don’t look beyond the next step. Turn uncertainty into “Surprise me, Universe.”
  2. Wean yourself off the news habit. Our addiction to news, to needing to know what is happening everywhere is fuel for anxiety. Yes, there are bad things happening, but unless you can affect them personally, there isn’t much you can do, so why let all that negativity settle on you? 
  3. Challenge yourself. Deal with uncertainty by seeing it as a challenge, a test of your courage and determination. Not many people can see what is around the next corner – for that you need to speak to one of our psychics – so be present in the here and now, and take on each obstacle as a challenge. Our best memories are created as a result of overcoming a crisis. 
  4. Create sureties. While you can’t control what is happening in the wider world, you can control the small things in life. For example, Mark Zuckerberg is renowned for wearing the same t-shirts every day. This takes away those, “What shall I wear?” anxieties. While we’re not suggesting that you wear the same thing every day, you can create equivalent less-stress days by building sureties. Small routines that anchor you in the present and take away the need for constant decision making about unimportant details. Free up your mind for the important things.
  5. Prepare for the unexpected. Some people thrive living on the edge of security. Others are terrified by it. You can mitigate some uncertainty by preparations. Have some savings to offset unexpected home or car repairs. Keep a small stash of long-life food to get you through winter snowstorms. Always plan two routes to wherever you are traveling. Back up all your data – all the time. You get the idea.Dealing with uncertainty accident
  6. Embrace change. Life changes all the time, but usually in a gradual fashion. Sometimes, though, it can change in an instant. An accident, a political upheaval, an unexpected diagnosis, a natural disaster can happen to any of us at any time. It’s difficult at the time, but when the fragments finally fall to the ground, you must gather your resources and take the first step to embracing change and doing all you can to rebuild what you have lost. Many people speak of how a seemingly negative event changed their lives for the better.
  7. Practice a simple breathing meditation daily. It is shown by study after study that people who meditate feel better and less fearful than those who don’t. Sit still in a comfortable position. Relax your shoulders and then the rest of your body. Breathe in slowly and deeply through the nose. Then exhale through the mouth, taking twice as long to expel the air. Count if you like. Four beats breathing in, eight breathing out. Adjust to your own comfort. Remain in this position, breathing slowly for ten minutes. Do not worry about achieving no-thought. Allow thoughts to enter your mind and gently let them go. 
  8. Join a group. Being with people, reaching out and connecting to others is a basic human need. The exchange of energy will lift your vibration and allay feelings of uncertainty. This worked well during wartime – people thrived on that “We’re all in the same boat,” spirit. 
  9. Talk to someone. Find someone with good listening skills – perhaps a counselor, therapist, a good friend, an on line forum, or one of our empathic psychics. Pour out your anxieties. They may not be able to completely relieve you of uncertainty but you will feel lighter and freer after unburdening yourself.
  10. Ask for reassurance. Instead of worrying if you will lose your job, simply ask your boss. Tell him or her that you are worried about cutbacks and could he set your mind at ease. The worst thing that he could respond with is that, no, he can’t guarantee your job. In that case, you can start making plans and looking for alternatives. You’ve bought yourself some time.
  11. Offset uncertainty by making provision. For example, if things are looking bad at work, work out if you could accept fewer hours and arrange a job share with a colleague. If enough people do this, it may prevent your company from going bust. You will be giving management a chance to realign the business and take it back into profit.Dealing with uncertainty whats around the corner
  12. Consider downsizing. If you are worried and uncertain about your financial circumstances, think about downsizing. Move to a smaller, less expensive home. Change your car for something older and cheaper to run. Stick to a budget. It’s surprising how many people resist this course of action until the last possible minute, and then realize that they feel better and more secure once they’ve done it.
  13. Become friends with uncertainty. There is no way anyone can eliminate uncertainty all together. In fact, it is possible that some people become obsessed with trying to overcome it. Fear of uncertainty – and notice, it’s ‘fear of uncertainty’ not fear of the thing itself – drives obsessive compulsive behavior. So learn how to enjoy the not-knowing, life would be so dull without it. Anticipate good things and know you can easily cope with the bad. 
  14. Deal with uncertainty on your own terms. When entering into a situation take stock of what you already know, mitigate possible negatives to a sensible degree and prepare to wing it through to the conclusion. Expect to succeed. However, use failure or partial failure as motivation to do better next time. 
  15. Trust your gut. Your inner guidance will help you deal with uncertainty all through your life. Make it an imperative to learn how to tune in to your intuition. It is your most reliable and valuable life skill.

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