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Automatic Writing

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Automatic writing is a form of mediumship where information from other realms are channeled through the living by means of writing, drawing or in some cases, Ouji boards. It is called 'automatic' because this activity occurs outside the conscious control of the person receiving the information.

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Automatic writing has drawn interest, scientific research and controversy. In the late 1800’s psychometrists included the wives of the rich and famous of the day, as well as individuals who made a name for themselves as mediums employing automatic writing. The type of information channeled includes esoteric teachings, fiction, mathematics, music, song lyrics, poetry, erotica and art.

History of Automatic Writing

The middle to late 1800's the spiritualist movement made all forms of mediumship popular. Some of the famous people who employed automatic writing include the wife of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who communicated with the spirits of the deceased through automatic writing. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle later wrote, in his book New Revelations that automatic writing occurs either by the writer's subconscious or by external spirits operating through the writer. George Hyde-Lees, the wife of William Butler Yeats, also claimed that she could write automatically. The poet Robert Desnos claimed he was among the most gifted in automatic writing.


As the 19th century transitioned into the 20th, automatic writing moved away from connecting with the spirits of the recently deceased to contacting others sources on different etheric planes. Modern mediums that employed automatic writing include Jane Roberts who channel the The Seth Materials, Helen Schucman who helped to channel The Course in Miracles. Though Neale Donald Walsch claimed his book series Conversations with God is not channeled work the very nature of the material belies this claim.

How Does Automatic Writing Work?
The person engaged in automatic writing is usually in a state of altered consciousness. The altered state that facilitates the transmission of information from alternate realms. This state is like a hypnotic trance or dreaming. There is some debate as to from where and who this information is derived. Skeptics will tell you that the words written on the page come from the psychic's own mind, perhaps from buried memories. However, skeptics, despite their claims, have been unable to prove this in the vast majority of cases. Researcher Ivan Stevenson notes that some channels in the trance state produce work that is beyond their individual intellectual capacities.




Some claim that the information comes from discarnate entities, while others, the Universal Mind. Ian Stevenson, in his research paper, notes that certain channeled information appeared to be written in the style and with the knowledge base of the discarnate entity, not the channel.


As discarnate entity Zael tells us, all channels are different. Their levels of acuity are different because they contact different sources and different planes. Some may tap into the non-physical, and others into the physical. As such, readings from channel to channel can vary greatly in content and scope. It is important to keep in mind that no source has a totally omnificent view of the physical plane, and that information will be imparted from the viewpoint of the entity or guide that imparts information to the channel.

The channel usually spends some time in meditation before attempting a reading, though those with more experience may slip into the prepared state faster than the less experienced. The channel may greet their guide and ask for permission to start the reading. From there the channel records the information imparted by the source. Some channels describe feeling heaviness in their arms as if someone controlling their movement. The channel will greet their guide and ask their guide to help with the questions at hand, and the session begins.

A Sample Automatic Writing Reading

The following is an example of an actual automatic writing session printed with the permission of the client and the channel. Specific details of the reading were changed to protect the privacy of the client.

Let's begin. My client wants to know the best way to improve her non-existent love life. What's up with that?

Answer: Your client is very interesting in that she knows the answer and is shy to admit that she just hasn't seen anything worthwhile. If she truly wanted to date or remarry she needs to go onto international dating sites. Then she'd have more opportunities to find a relationship to her liking. Her criteria are different from other people in that she’s a "Jim Kirk" type girl with overleaves of wealth, experience, and education. She doesn't care so much about physical attributes because she can "train" them herself and she will. However, material in her present location is pretty thin. Even Florida would better. Strangely, one of the best places would be Kentucky. Surprisingly there are lots of old souls with wealth—those attributes don't always travel together—and varied experiences that would be interesting to her. Her present location, not so likely.

Is An Automatic Writing Reading Right for You?

At times we all have the need to seek answers that we cannot readily gain on our own. It can be comforting to know that there are other levels of existence, and that those on those levels are happy to impart the knowledge they have. Questions about personal growth, or the why of certain events in our lives are often handled best by those that channel through automatic writing. These kinds of answers may make an automatic writing reading the best choice for you.

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Stevenson, Ian (October 1978) Some comments on automatic writing, The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, Vol. 72, October 1978

Reading with Zael August 20, 2014 used by permission of the channel and the client.

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