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Astral Projection Technique & OBEs

Astral projection techniques

Astral projection occurs when your consciousness separates from your physical body. It can happen spontaneously, especially when the body is undergoing some physical trauma such as an operation or when being attacked. Alternatively, it can happen when someone is super-relaxed. Those who have had an OBE (out of body experience) report floating over their body, being able to direct their consciousness anywhere they choose, and remembering details that they could not have seen during wakefulness.

It’s possible to deliberately separate consciousness from body by using an astral projection technique, but usually this takes a lot pf practice. Some people spend years trying to achieve an out-of-body experience whereas others find it quite natural.

Astral projection dangers

The body is in a sleep state; very still and breathing gently. The consciousness is awake so the traveler is aware of his or her body and their surroundings The body enters a mild paralysis – this is normal and happens all the time. The traveler may experience tingling, buzzing, vibration, voices and fear as they realize they cannot move. At this point some experience the frightening state of sleep paralysis which passes quickly, so they physically wake and can move normally. Others will progress through the transition from body to spirit and find that they are able to direct their consciousness wherever they wish.

Astral Travel Experiences

The consensus among experienced astral travelers is that it takes practice and effort to consciously direct the awareness to leave the body. Many don’t make it past the initial separation. Reddit user, Viper284 describes their experience of gently moving around the house, then floating outside until they reached a place that looked a little like a beach. There were other beings floating around. After exploring a little Viper284 returned easily to their body.

Another Reddit user, ravenously_red, has had many astral projection adventures. He talks about being instantly be aware of any direction – whereas physically, a person would have to turn around – to move wherever he wants to. He mentions traveling once to another dimension where he gazed at a beautiful white building. There was no-one there and he didn’t feel the urge to enter the building. He felt his heart beginning to beat faster and was instantly back in his body.

The feeling of leaving your body – the point of departure, if you like – has been described in various ways. Some people float easily, others have to almost fight their way out; a sensation of something snapping loose and then feeling free. Others mention that there are ‘entities’ around them offering to help and talking among themselves. The consensus seems to be that as soon as you start to feel panicked, you return instantly.

Dangers of Astral Projection

Some people warn of the dangers of leaving your body. They talk of demons, bad spirits and the general ‘dregs of humanity’ that hang around in the lower dimensions. These nasties can attach themselves to an unwary traveler causing their life to go wrong. After reading several accounts, it almost seems that whatever you expect to meet while astral traveling actually shows up. Therefore, if you are expecting demons, demons is what you will get. 

There are ways to protect yourself, firstly by making sure your physical body is in a safe place and unlikely to be disturbed. Placing protective herbs and crystals around the room seems to keep unwanted entities at bay. There is some opinion that these measures are simply to reassure yourself; that there is nothing to be afraid of except your own imagination. Your strongest spiritual weapon is unconditional love. Filling your consciousness with light and a feeling of love means that nothing bad can happen to you.

Nevertheless, during travel, it’s wise to hold the intention that you only encounter beings that are pure of spirit – just to be on the safe side.

Astral Projection Technique

Before embarking on any attempt at astral travel, make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing, remove jewelry and anything else that might distract you when you feel it. Darken the room, but not completely. Hold the intention that you will remember all that you experience during your practice session.

The most widely used astral projection technique is to lie comfortably, preferably on a bed. You should be on your back, arms at your side. Close your eyes and breathe gently. The important thing is not to move. You are effectively tricking your consciousness into believing that your body is asleep. Allow your mind to relax, without falling asleep. You may begin to experience a light buzzing in your body – this is the first stage. If you wish to continue, then simply go with the experience. It happens differently for different people.

This buzzing accompanied by a tingling sensation is as far as most people get; because it feels disconcerting they mentally shake themselves and come fully back to wakefulness. Those who wish to continue, train themselves to be aware of the stages when entering the required physical state. 

astral projection

Mentally, fill your mind with positive energy or love. Vibrations will be pulsing through you at this point. You can remain at this stage and practice controlling the vibrations, moving them up and down your body. When you have become comfortable with this – and bear in mind that it will take several sessions to get to this point – you can progress to the next stage.

While at the vibrational stage, try lifting your arm. If your physical arm moves, then you are not at the right stage for leaving the body. If you see a ghostly form of your own limb, then you will know that you are ready. Try moving the other arm and lift your legs. Then lower them back so that your ‘two bodies’ merge once more. You have experienced partial separation. For now, bring yourself back to wakefulness or allow yourself to drift off to normal sleep. When you next practice, you will be ready to experience astral projection.

When you are prepared, take it to the next level. You can either mentally feel yourself get lighter and lighter so you can float out of your body, or you can roll yourself sideways and out. Choose whichever feels right to you. 

This technique of preparing for astral travel is called The Monroe Technique after Robert Monroe, and was detailed in his 1971 book, “Journeys Out of the Body”.

Sweet dreams and happy travels.

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