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Are You an Adult Indigo?

adult indigo

A few years ago there was a lot of talk and words written about ‘Indigo children’. It seemed as though we could categorize ‘difficult kids’ as Indigos and that somehow provided an explanation. I never really took that on board. Not at the time. I thought that calling oneself or one’s child as an Indigo was just a way to feel special. Then I gave birth to my third child. And she was definitely difficult. So I began to research the Indigo phenomena. Yet she didn’t fit the descriptions of Indigos. So I assumed that she actually was simply a difficult baby/toddler. Recently, I began to understand that she is a Crystal child. So what did that make me? Not for one second had I given any thought to the idea I might be an Indigo. So I looked a little deeper. Maybe I am an Indigo. What about you? Are you an adult Indigo?

adult indigo

What Are Star Children?

Before we look at the characteristics of an adult Indigo, I want to explain what ‘star children’ are.

Not all children are star children and it is important to know that being or having a star child does not set them apart. They are no more special than any other child. It’s also possible that non-star children have an even more important role to play in the evolution of the planet. 

Star children apparently began with the arrival in the late fifties of the Indigos. Yet, it doesn’t seem logical that it started there. Why would it? Maybe there have always been children born to be pioneers, facilitators and teachers. Those who had the ability to shine a light on possibilities, injustice and new ways of looking at the world. But, anyway, the coming of the Indigos made us sit up and pay attention to star children.

These star children are, as mentioned, pioneers. Each generation star children are different and bring something new to the human race. Right now, we have a wave of Rainbow children just beginning to arrive. Rainbow children are above and beyond what we think of as a gender divide. The Crystals began the movement toward a society where gender isn’t important. That sexual love doesn’t begin and end with the opposite gender. Now the Rainbows are taking it to a whole new level. Gender neutral, gender fluid and refusing to be identified and categorized by names, clothes and any other gender dividing label.

Star children come to teach the population, to lead by example, to fight, push and make radical changes happen. Things we accept as normal today, would have been viewed as pretty freaky a hundred years ago. Humankind is changing fast.

This means that, what we consider to be the first wave, the Indigos are now grown up. In their 30s, 40s and even 50s. 

Characteristics of Indigos in Childhood

Indigo children:

  • Were usually born into a dysfunctional family or challenging situations.
  • Often born to hippie parents.
  • Didn’t understand why others don’t see the world as they do, i.e. connected.
  • Had a deep interest in ‘weird’: paranormal and psychic phenomena.
  • Felt spiritually apart.
  • Needed to question, “Why?”
  • Rebelled in school, ignored instruction, skipped homework, flunked out.
  • Were drawn toward unusual cultural influences. They didn’t follow the crowd as far as things such as musical tastes, books, hobbies etc.
  • Were often (mis)diagnosed with ADD and ADD.

adult indigo meditation

Characteristics of Adult Indigos

Indigo adults:

  • Are attracted to ancient and historical places.
  • Feel that there is ‘more to life’ than we physically see and experience.
  • Have unusual opinions.
  • Question everything.
  • Have a deep-seated distrust of authority, especially when those in authority display lower levels of intelligence.
  • Are subject to depression and related mental problems.
  • Are creative and artistic.
  • Have discovered their spiritual path.
  • Have learned they can continue help to change the world.
  • Cannot bear to be told what to do.
  • Know their limitations. And still ignore them.
  • Prefer to work alone unless fighting for a cause.
  • May get angry and have anger control issues.
  • Hate the idea of a Big Brother society.
  • Have a strong intuition, and an awareness of their sub-conscious attempting to communicate via physical feeling.
  • Are observant.
  • May express themselves sexually, or might completely withdraw from sexual activity. 
  • Need to feel that life has meaning and purpose.
  • Are irritated by faceless bureaucrats.
  • Are comfortable with technology.
  • Love animals.
  • Get on well with small children.
  • Are impatient with people who don’t say what they mean or don’t get to the point.
  • Know what someone will say before they say it.
  • Give birth to Crystal children.

If you can identify with the majority of those traits, it’s highly likely you are an Indigo adult.

adult indigo reiki

Your Role as an Adult Indigo

You might be wondering what you can do with this information? What can you do as an adult Indigo to benefit humankind? To make the world a better place? After all, it appears to be imploding at the moment. 

This apparent chaos is necessary in order to bring forth massive global change. Indigos might be attempting to prevent these changes by fighting for the world they grew up in. Instead they should be directing their efforts towards changing the systems:

Education: Gone are the times where sitting at a desk was considered fair preparation for a long, boring working life. Indigos are ideally placed to overturn the system and encourage educators to adopt a different approach. At the moment, only Steiner, Waldorf and Montessori have adopted child-led strategies. The increase in home-schooling is another sign that adult Indigos reject the standard systems. Home-schooling, of course is ideal for Crystal and Rainbow children who will never do well in the confinements of a traditional school.

Health: Indigos are aware of the mind-body connection and know that emotions and thoughts have an effect on our well-being. Many are healers and are able to teach others how to maintain maximum health purely by such modalities as meditation, Reiki, relaxation and by changing attitudes and outlook.

Work: Many adult Indigos are entrepreneurs. Having experienced the mind-numbing boredom of working for a corporate entity, they turned their attention to creating their perfect work situation. Usually that means working for themselves. 

As you can see, there are many opportunities for an adult Indigo to continue the work they began. Every small change, every victory, every child saved from a life of dullness and boredom goes toward changing the world and preparing for the wonders yet to come.

The Systems Busters: The way of the Indigo Warrior

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