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Am I Psychic or Crazy? 16 Signs of Psychic Gifts

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Things have been happening around you that you can’t explain. You’ve been having these crazy weird dreams and then parts of them come true. You get odd feelings abut people and later you found out you were right to be wary. You've been Googling "Am I psychic?" Sometimes you think you are going crazy – the truth is you are probably waking up to your psychic powers.

First, a personal story. When I was very young, there was a children’s entertainer on TV. He was very popular and, as he grew older, he changed the direction of his career to become a more general presenter. The problem was that I could never stand to look at him. He creeped me out. His voice was horribly whispery. There was just something about him that made me feel sick. He wasn’t the only one who had that effect… there were several others. It’s why I gave up watching TV – back in those days there were only three channels on British television so it was hard to avoid people that gave me a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. It turns out that each one of those men have now been convicted of sexual offenses against children or vulnerable people. How did I know that there was something wrong? Truth is, I didn’t consciously know, but my intuition did.

For sure, you have had similar experiences. Every human being has psychic ability to some extent. Read through our checklist and, if you can relate to one or more of these signs then you have the potential to develop your psychic skills. Stop asking, “Am I psychic?” You know you are. And, no, you are not crazy.

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So Am I Psychic? 16 Signs You Have Psychic Gifts

  1. Dreams that come true or that you can relate to real life events. If you have vivid dreams, write down as much detail as you can remember.
  2. Premonitions and warnings. They may come in a dream or via random, day dreaming thoughts or meditation. Again write them down – there may come a time when the information will help.
  3. Many occurrences of déjà vu. Not just now and then, but often – once a week or more. You experience it in conversations, when you go places and when in certain circumstances. These are less likely to be jogging memories of your past, but instead are recalling ‘memories of the future’.
  4. Unexplainable discomfort when in the company of a particular person. Pay attention to your instincts and remove yourself from the situation as soon as you can.
  5. Feeling a strong connection to someone – as if you have a telepathic bond. Usually they feel it too. A telepathic connection is not necessarily a sign that you have met your soul mate, so don’t blindly leap in to a relationship.
  6. When someone you know is ill, you have a strong desire to place your hands on them. This is a sign that you are able to channel healing energy. You can use this for good by studying Reiki or other healing practices.
  7. You feel the history of a place. When you walk into an old building perhaps, or even when outdoors, you begin to feel a little disoriented and woozy. You may find thoughts or visions of the past running through your mind. If this happens, it’s a good idea to write down your impressions straight away or record them on your phone. Later you can do some research about past events that might have happened there.
  8. You pick up and object and you experience the emotions of its previous owner. This is psychometry.
  9. You hear voices. This is a tough one. You need to distinguish between your own thoughts and a psychic source. You may be clairaudient. If the voice/s are instructing you to do something to harm yourself or another, seek help from a medical professional.
  10. You feel yourself opening to energetic sources. This may be physical as in a tingling in the third eye area, or tingling and warmth moving through your body, or it may be a strong emotional sensation during meditation or upon waking. This is energy that you can use – perhaps in healing or magical practices.
  11. There’s a strong feeling that you need to make a connection, to find your tribe. Often people will explore various religions, particularly earth-based ones, such as wicca or paganism. You may feel drawn to disciplines like magic, tarot or astrologyam i psychic tarot.
  12. Auras become visible. You can tell just by looking whether someone is healthy, positive, enthusiastic, or ill, depressed and negative.
  13. You feel a presence in a room, home or following you about. Often this presence is comforting – this is likely your spirit guide making contact. Sometimes the presence is scary, so you need to learn how to deal with it. Contact a reputable psychic for advice.
  14. You pick up on other people’s emotions. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. This can begin at any time during your life. You are becoming empathic. Learn how to manage this gift by gradual self-training, otherwise it can interfere with you having a normal life.
  15. You begin experiencing psychic phenomena after a traumatic event, such as an accident, or near-death episode. Occasionally a trauma like this unlocks psychic abilities or brings them to the forefront of your awareness.
  16. Your life goes through a major shift. You may find that all kinds of upheavals occur – you might lose your best friend and find a new one. Your personal relationship goes into meltdown. You feel a strong urge to give up your job. Money comes and goes in odd patterns. You can’t put your finger on why all this is happening. You may feel liberated and exhilarated or you may feel as everything is against you. This is all to do with the movement and circulation of psychic energy. Hang on in there, all will calm down soon. Make sure to be aware of anyone or anything that is trying to get your attention.

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So now you realize that you aren’t crazy, but are awakening to your psychic potential, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to hide in a corner, or will you make the most of your new gifts and talents?

I  Learned I’m Psychic; What Now?

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0 Responses

  1. I am hoping you can help me I have searched every where for answers. I've seen pastors , priests, rabbis and doctors. You see I read what's above and yes that's all me  but there's more. So here it goes I'm very sick doctors don't have answers for they say I should be laying in a hospital bed or dead.  They don't know how I can still do the things that I do. Here is thaws wrong with me I have amnesia, lupus, and two other autoimmune disorders, tumors in the brain and through out the body my iron was 35 dropped down to 25 in two weeks I'm told that if it drops 10 more I will go into a coma, I just found out I have cancer in my lymph nodes of my neck, and there is a 95% chance I have bone cancer, fibromyalgia and other health problems. Now here is what I have seen and things that have happened to me so help me this is all true I feel everyone's emotions all the time , I can be awake and see things happen before they happen , most all my dreams has come to pass , I know numbers before they fall , I know when people are lying by looking them in the eyes. I can feel animals I know when they are hurting or what they want. I know by the wind the smell from it when something is going to happen , I can tell by wild life , when I'm sleeping I know I'm asleep I see myself like I'm out of my body yes I know that's crazy. I tell myself that I'm dreaming while I'm asleep. Here's the weirdest thing. Me and my husband was sleeping and something was trying to get on the bed it had the strength of my little dog trying to get up I reached for her she was not there so I moved over then it was a harder push on the side of the bed my husband got up looked around both girl dogs was in their crates door shut we didn't know what was trying to get on the bed . Next night we was sleeping and something was on me it was moving up my legs I felt its hands I screamed and was kicking my legs my husband said it looked like something flew out the window. There is so much more if someone could just talk to me help me figure all this out.

    Comment edited by Psychic Elements staff writer.

  2. Might be worth you speaking to a psychic, Susan. They may be able to pinpoint the source of these disturbances.

  3. Hello, I went into psychosis last year after seeing a hypnotist to quit cigarettes and then not too long after stopping smoking weed. I started to hear voices of people I knew telling me I opened up my mind too much by taking off my filter which was weed. The voices told me I was physic and was communicating with these people through telepathy and dreams. I kept hearing my ex a lot and I had a dream that I would be a successful artist if I never spoke again and let him speak for me since we had a “psychic connection” I also was contacted by the spirit of my first love and “found out” that he really killed himself instead of it being an accidental overdose. And he was trying to take me to “heaven” with him and after letting too many “demons” into the spirit world I kept hearing voices telling me to kill myself which is why everyone wanted me to stop talking because I believed everything I said was a curse and kept being reminded that words are permanent. Am I crazy or could I be psychic? This period of my life was terrifying. I was in the “spirit world” and was no longer in touch with reality for month. I got diagnosed as schizoaffective but it just felt too real. But no one is straight up with me. I’ve had a lot of things I predicted come true and have had “shared” dreams as well. It’s just very confusing and if i actually have some kind of ability I would like to learn how to control it because I’m deeply afraid I’ll hear the voices again and it’ll take over. I also had some visual hallucinations. I have never heard voices before I “got sick” and they eventually went away after several months. I just need some guidance and advice because I truly believe I tapped into something that may have always been present. 

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