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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is a phone reading just as effective as being face-to-face with a psychic?

    There are many advantages in receiving a phone reading from a psychic. Although many first-time users worry that the reading won’t be as effective as being in person, in reality, a phone reading typically generates just the opposite result. Here are a few advantages in receiving a phone reading from a psychic.

    Unlike a face-to-face reading with a psychic, a reading over the phone brings more “pure” energy into the conversation. Unlike being in the same room, a psychic is unable to pick up on distractions during a reading. For example, a person’s gestures or facial expressions may create a distraction during a face-to-face reading.

    In addition, both you and your psychic are in your own environments, which leads to a greater comfort and openness during your reading.

  • Is there an age requirement for using Psychic Elements?

    You must be at least 18 years of age in order to purchase and schedule a psychic reading.

  • How do I purchase a psychic reading?
    There are a few different ways to purchase a reading from Psychic Elements:

    New Customers (web): Click one of the orange GET A READING NOW  or CALL NOW buttons you may see throughout the website. If you know the psychic you wish to read with, choose them in the psychic search section or click on them and then follow the steps.

    Existing Customers (web): SIGN IN to the website in the top right hand corner of our website with your registered email address and password. Select either a package from the My Account page or select your psychic first from the Psychics Page.

    Call Customer Care: Customer Care can help you if you're a new customer or an existing customer. Call 888-777-1393 Monday to Friday 10am to 10pm Pacific and Saturday to Sunday 11am to 8pm Pacific.

  • Are there any package deals or discounts?

    Yes we do! If you've never used Psychic Elements before, new customers can purchase their minutes at the low rate of $1 per minute, which is up to 85% off the regular rates depending on which psychic you choose. We also have other specials for existing customers, so there is  always a way to get a great deal on your purchase.

  • Will I lose my introductory minutes if I don’t use them on the first call?

    You will not lose any of your remaining introductory minutes. Any introductory or promotional minutes you purchase are good forever and will stay on your account until you use them.

  • What type of payments do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

  • How will a charge look on my credit card statement?

    Charges on your credit card statement will appear as 


  • Can I add to my account while on a call with a psychic?

    When your call runs out of minutes, you will have the option to stay on the line and purchase more time. It's best to add your time prior to your call so you aren't distracted and pulled out of the moment during your reading.

  • How much does a reading cost?

     For our first time customers, most advisors can be scheduled for the low price of $1/min for the first 20-minutes. Regular rates are between $3.50-$5.00 per minute depending on the psychic and their popularity. We have lots of promotions and specials, so the best way to get the best prices is to sign up for our mailing list in the bottom right hand corner of the website.

  • Am I able to use a friend or family’s card in order to schedule a reading?
    Psychic Elements is only permitted to accept cards that are registered in your name.
  • What is the average length of a psychic reading?

    Of course, a reading’s length depends upon how many questions you have for the psychic. However, on average, we recommend that you block off about 20-30 minutes for your psychic reading.

  • How do I choose which psychic I would like to speak with?

    There are lots of ways to choose your psychic. A lot of people simply go by feel, choosing a psychic by their picture, and others use the psychic search filter to find a psychic who fits their needs based on subject, reading style, ability or tools.  Another useful way to find the right psychic is by calling our Customer Care-- they're experts on our psychics and can lead you to the right one.

  • How can I speak with a psychic?

    If you are over 18 with a valid credit card in your name, you can sign up for our service and receive an introductory rate of just $1 per minute. All readings require a telephone number that does not require an extension to be entered. All calls are also outbound, so we need to be able to call you.

    Via Phone

    You may call our friendly Customer Care team at 888-777-1393 and we will be more than happy to assist you in connecting you with a great psychic.

    Via Web

    Simply select a psychic on the Our Psychics page or click on a psychic you may see elsewhere.

    Click CALL NOW

    Confirm your callback and wait for the call! It usually takes 1-3 minutes for the system to dial. When you get the call from us, enter your 4 digit pin number when prompted.